To get the most out of your CZ 527 bolt action rifle you want the toughness and reliability of the best possible scope base and mounts. On this page we list and review 6 of the best scope bases recommended for use on the CZ 527 rifle.

The CZ 527 is a hunting rifle based on a .223-length action, making it the smallest of CZ’s centerfire line. Using the Mauser action on a smaller scale, the CZ 527 has no sights and includes a 16mm dovetail for mounting your optics.

There are a number of good quality scope mounts as well as bases that will enable you to secure a scope properly.

One of the problems when mounting a scope on the CZ 527 is the interference it may cause the bolt action. This is the case if the mount is too low and can also be a problem when using scopes with large objective lenses.

Manufacturers of scope mounts have largely taken this into consideration and offer CZ 527-specific mounts in either medium or high options.

Listed below is a selection of scope bases hunters recommend. We have added a list of the main features of each base as well as the company’s MSRP.

Further down the page is a more detailed review of each base.

Comparison List of Scope Bases Suitable for the CZ 527

Make / Model



Fits objective lens size 24-52mm

Fits 1 inch tube

Height of 0.425” (med)


Fits 1” tube
Fits objective lens size up to 40mm


Ring Height: Medium or High
Ring Diameter: 1 Inch


7000 series alloy
Ring Diameter: 1 inch
Height: 0.525”


6061 aluminum

Height: 0.330"


7075 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Matte black hardcoat finish
Length: 5.094”
Height: 0.539”


Description of CZ 527 Scope Bases

Now that we have been able to browse through the scope bases considered to be most suited for the rifle model we will take a look at a more detailed overview of each.

Each of these brief scope base reviews aims to provide you with extra information about the base that is not otherwise immediately apparent in the summary list such as special unique features. It should also help you in working out which would prove to offer you the greatest value in terms of its usefulness.

Warne Maxima CZ 14B1LM Matte Rings

These scope rings are designed to fit the 16mm 527 integral dovetail.

They are solid steel rings and vertically split with a design that will handle the recoil of the CZ 527 as well as the bulk of large or heavy scopes.

They will attach to the rifle’s dovetail and are guaranteed return to zero so they may be detached and reattached with no loss of zero.

The rings are designed with a recoil pin to engage the ring with the receiver dovetail.

They securely mount around scope using 4 Torx style T-15 socket cap screws.

Find out more about all of the products from the company by visiting the Warne Scope Mounts website.

Burris CZ-Style Scope Rings

These CZ-Style scope rings have been specifically designed to match the CZ receiver.

The rings fit the 527 short action receiver and will house a rifle scope tube that is 1 inch in diameter.

They have been created with an eye on precision so that the top and bottom hemispheres match each other exactly. They promise strength to go with a firm fit.

You can expect the medium rings to provide enough bolt clearance for a scope with an objective lens up to 40mm to fit comfortably.

Find out more about all of the products from the company by visiting the Burris Optics website.

Leupold CZ 527 1 Inch Scope Mounts

These Leupold rings mounts are forged and machined from solid steel so they provide great strength and integrity.

The design of the mount fits the dovetail of the CZ 527. They are durable and will hold zero very well even after numerous rounds.

Due to the interference caused by the rifle’s bolt the CZ 527 requires a scope mount that provides plenty of clearance.

If you’re using a scope with an objective lens larger than 40mm you are most likely going to need the high mounts

The high mount measures 0.56” from base to tube bottom while the medium mount measures 0.40”.

Find out more about all products from the company by visiting the Leupold website.

Talley CZ Centerfire 527 Scope Rings

The Talley scope rings are made from 7000 series alloy and are precision CNC machined. They are lightweight yet strong to provide rigid consistency to ensure shooting repeatability.

The specialized ring design ensures that they fit neatly into the dovetail setup of the CZ 527. The ring join has been located at the top to ensure they are as streamlined as possible.

This provides significant strength without adding the weight that comes from steel rings.

The rings weigh around 4oz giving them a tremendous strength to weight ratio.

The rings have a height from the base to the bottom of the ring of 0.525” to provide clearance from the bolt throw. They are available with a ring diameter of 1 inch.

Find out more about all of the products from the company by visiting the Talley Manufacturing website.

DI Products CZ 527 Picatinny Mount

Here is a scope base for the CZ527 that many hunters have appreciated. It acts as an adapter to convert from the dovetail mount and provides an added benefit of raising the height.

The beauty of this Picatinny rail is that once installed over the 16mm dovetail you will be free to use any scope rings that are compatible with the Picatinny mount system.

It simply slides onto the dovetail receivers and is then held in place with 6 supplied set screws.

Made from 6061 aluminum, it extends around 2 slots past the front of the receiver for better mounting of long eye relief scopes.

Mounting the rail into place adds around 0.330” to the height of the action. This will also prove helpful when you consider one of the main problems with scoping the CZ 527 is the interference from the bolt action.

Find out more about the products from the company by visiting the Diversified Innovative Products website.

EGW HD CZ 527 Picatinny Scope Mount

This is a Picatinny Rail that has been designed to specifically fit the 16mm dovetail of the CZ 527 receiver.

The rail is a one piece Picatinny rail Machined From solid 7075 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum and given a matte black hardcoat finish.

It is 5.094” in length and provides 0.539” in height from the top of the receiver to the top of the Picatinny.

Once installed using the Torx #6-32 screws provided the rail will be compatible with any Picatinny or Weaver style rings. This platform will also provide added height that will help to clear the bolt which can be impeded by low mounts.

The company recommends using a drip of blue Loctite when installing the rail.

Find out more about the products from the company by visiting the EGW website.

The CZ receiver is unique in that it consists of a dovetail mount and requires specialist scope mounts. This is exacerbated by the size of the bolt and its tendency to be interfered by the scope if it is not mounted high enough.

Ensuring the most accurate shot possible could be as simple as adding a bipod to your CZ 527..

The accuracy of the 527 is superb, rivalling that of the finest varmint rifles.

It is a stalking rifle that is light and neat and when you set it up with an appropriate scope mount you will be doing everything you can to maximize your shooting accuracy.

It will also be very important to choose an appropriately suitable rifle scope too.


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