The two main styles of bow releases are handheld releases (back tension, thumb releases) and wrist releases (caliper, finger trigger)

There are two types of caliper releases for you bow, single caliper and dual caliper releases. They both provide you with a mechanical means of releasing your bow string in a consistent way.

Whether you choose a single or dual caliper release is largely a matter of personal preference and may come down to the type of bow you shoot.

In this guide we will examine the range of single caliper bow releases that are currently available on the market today. We will describe all of the features of each bow release to give you the opportunity to decide which one will suit you best.

But first, let’s understand what we’re talking about a little better…

What Is A Single Caliper Bow Release?

Caliper releases feature jaws that open and close to hold on to and then release the bowstring after being attached to a D-loop which is affixed to the string.

A single caliper release has one moving arm that releases the D-loop when the trigger is activated. Some people prefer to use a single caliper release because it provides them with greater control which translates to better consistency at the point of release.

The fact that there is a single moving part in the process means that there is a better chance that the bowstring will be released in the same way every time.

Listed below is a selection of single caliper releases that are currently available from the major bow release makers. They have been listed in order of recommended retail price from the lowest price up to the most expensive and we have highlighted the notable features of each.

Comparison List of Single Caliper Finger Trigger Bow Releases

Make / Model



  • Rope connector system
  • Roller sear trigger design
  • Leather buckle strap
  • $44.99

  • Foldback buckle strap
  • Adjustable trigger travel
  • Customizable length adjustment

  • $69.99

  • 360-degree rotating caliper head
  • 360-degree swiveling arm
  • Up to 1” length adjust
  • Trigger travel adjustment
  • Leather buckle strap
  • $69.99

  • Cam-lock fold back connecting strap
  • Stainless steel single jaw
  • Forward knurled trigger design
  • Adjustable trigger travel

  • $79.99

  • Roller Trigger System
  • Cam-lock fold back connector
  • Stainless steel single jaw
  • Adjustable trigger travel
  • $89.99

  • Infinite adjust connector strap
  • Slide-In buckle strap
  • 360 degree head rotation
  • $89.99

  • Micro adjust trigger tension
  • Forward trigger design
  • Micro adjust rigid bar
  • Folds back when not in use

  • $129.99

  • Integrated grip and trigger combo
  • Grip pivots at full draw
  • Able to draw and hold more pounds
  • $129.99

  • Nickel-plated brass body
  • Trigger travel adjustment
  • Double sear internal firing mechanism
  • Choice of hard or soft connections

  • $159.99

    Description of Single Caliper Finger Trigger Releases

    Now that we have had a chance to take a brief side-by-side look at a range of single caliper bow releases we will take a more detailed look at each model. Below is a short review of each release along with product specifications and listed features.

    Read through the details of each to get a better understanding of what it is that differentiates each product.

    Scott Quick-Shot

    The Quick-Shot bow release has been designed to provide a wrist release that is accurate and reliable for a reasonable price.

    It performs the release function by a single jaw caliper that features the company’s signature Roller Sear design. This means that the trigger activation process is performed in a smooth, crisp action that promotes the reliability that comes from a repeatable process.

    The connector system is made from nylon rope and this makes it simple to adjust. It also means that the adjustments can be made to whatever length you require. It can be easily tucked out of the way when it is not in use between shots.

    The wrist strap is made from soft leather and the closure is by means of a buckle.

    The release has been designed to suit youth archers and any archer starting out in the sport. But it will also serve the more experienced bow hunter too.


    • Infinitely adjustable
    • Will fit almost any hand/wrist size
    • Comfortable
    • Very reasonably priced


    • There is no adjustment available on the trigger

    Tru-Fire Bulldog Foldback

    The Bulldog bow release has been created to provide a smooth and reliable release with a single jaw caliper release system which will grip any D-loop to assist with consistency at the shot. This is assisted by the ability of the base of the release to rotate to minimize torque on the D-loop.

    The body of the release is made from anodized, machined aluminum. The jaw is Teflon coated steel to help ensure the smoothness of the release process. The strap is a buckle strap furnished with an inner lining for greater comfort and it has been designed with a foldback feature so the release can be folded out of the way when it is not in use.

    The length of the release can be released so that it will fit the dimensions of most shooters. This is done by loosening the adjust set screws, rotating the length adjust tube which will lengthen or shorten the release and then tightening the screws back up.

    The trigger travel can also be adjusted through the turn of a single screw making it possible to fully customize it to suit most needs.


    • Wrist strap is very comfortable
    • Smooth trigger pull
    • Foldback feature keeps the release close at hand at all times


    • Foldback can be found to be stiff when first operated

    Fletcher Spot-On

    The Spot-On bow release has been designed to give the archer multiple adjustment features so that it may be customized to suit the individual shooting needs.

    The single caliper head can rotate around 360-degrees courtesy of a durable ball joint. This ability to rotate eliminates torque which helps to improve accuracy.

    The solid arm also swivels through 360 degrees. It can also be locked into one of four positions, effectively making it a foldback release that can be moved out of the way for manual hand-based tasks when not in use.

    The leather buckle strap is suitable for both left and right-handed shooters and it can be adjusted by up to 1” so that it can be custom-fitted to the wrist.

    Fine tuning of the trigger is also possible with a simple trigger travel process.

    The release has a slim profile that, once attached to the wrist, will barely be noticed as you climb into your treestand, load another arrow to the bow or perform any other small tasks. It is crisp and reliable and has been proven to provide archers with a reliable mechanical release process.


    • Both caliper head and arm swivel through 360 degrees
    • Ability to fold the arm back out of the way when not in use
    • Comfortable slim leather buckle strap


    • Difficult to find in stores

    Scott Wildcat 2

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    The Wildcat 2 is a new and improved version of the original Wildcat bow release. It features a forward trigger design that uses the Scott Roller Sear which is considered to be a reliable method of release activation.

    The forward design means that draw length is maximized thus allowing you to get the greatest bow speed possible from your bow.

    The single caliper release has an ergonomic head that ensures both comfort and performance. It uses a new cam-lock fold back connecting strap so that the hands can be cleared for close work.

    As is the aim of a single caliper release, fewer moving parts means that it will perform more reliably than some other types. It will operate well in adverse weather conditions and the activation will remain crisp and smooth shot after shot.


    • Forward trigger design
    • Fold-back connecting strap
    • Found to be a very comfortable release


    • Strap size may not suit larger framed hunters

    Check out the video review of the Wildcat 2 which was conducted by Lancaster Archery

    Scott Recon

    The Recon enhances the capabilities of earlier versions of the caliper release typified by the automatically-closing jaws by adding the Roller Trigger system and the cam-lock fold-back connector.

    The release provides shooters with a smooth and comfortable single-caliper style of release that also provides plenty of adjustability so that it may be customized to your specific style.

    The stainless steel auto-closing jaw makes the activation process very smooth. The curved trigger design gives the shooter feel and helps with properly placing the finger.

    After the trigger has been activated it uses the Roller Trigger System so that it returns smoothly back into place.

    The trigger travel is fully adjustable and the solid swivel connector has a 5-hole spiral length adjustment.

    Full details about how to adjust the trigger travel and the length of the release are available in this PDF document.


    • Can be used by either right or left-handed shooters
    • Slim profile


    • Not suited to people with large hands
    • Reports of loose screws and / or trigger pins

    The following video provides a comprehensive review of the Scott Recon by Archery Supplies:

    Cobra Premier Single Caliper

    The Premier Single Caliper Infinite Adjust release has been created as a simple to use, comfortable wrist release that gives you the versatility of length adjustment to whatever size you need.

    The so-called infinite adjust of the release comes from the nylon connector strap that can be quickly and easily lengthened or shortened so that the trigger is perfectly positioned against the finger.

    The single caliper head has been precision machined and is capable of rotating through 360 degrees. The ergonomic trigger is also fully adjustable and can be placed into whatever location you require.

    The buckle wrist strap is tough and durable on the outside but is equipped with a Neoprene interior to ensure that it is comfortable for long-term wear. It is also extremely easy to adjust thanks to the brand new Slide-In Buckle design.


    • Infinite adjust connector strap
    • 360 degree head rotation
    • Quick sliding buckle on the wrist strap


    • Price is higher than some of the comparable releases

    The following review of the release comes from Lancaster Archery:

    Spot Hogg Tuff Guy

    The Tuff Guy release is a new single caliper release that was introduced for the 2020 season. The range from Spot Hogg is acknowledged as among the best in terms of quality of components and adjustment features.

    The release head features a single jaw that fully secures the release to the string loop. According to the Spot Hogg literature, the trigger of the release promotes greater accuracy due to the zero creep, no travel design.

    The trigger tension is micro adjustable across a wide range so you can set it to be as light or as heavy as you like which meets the needs of all types of trigger fans. When activated the trigger will open the jaw in a smooth, crisp process that will result in a torque-free release.

    The wrist strap is available as either a Buckle or a Boa strap and the rigid connector is able to micro adjusted to allow you to custom fit it to your specific hand size.

    The release also features a fold-back function that allows it to be securely locked back and out of the way of the hand when it is not in use.

    It must be noted that the release is only compatible with bows that have D-loops.


    • Great level of adjustability
    • The shape and adjustment of the trigger ensures a smooth and comfortable feel
    • High quality components


    • Higher cost release

    The following video review of the release comes from Peterson’s Bowhunting:

    Spot Hogg Keeton

    The Keeton is a unique single caliper wrist strap release because as well as the index trigger style it also comes with an integrated grip. This grip allows the archer to draw and hold for longer without expending too much energy.

    When the release length has been properly adjusted it is possible to have the weight distributed over the wrist, arm and shoulder. This means it is possible to hold more steadily and will help shooters who suffer from pre-existing shoulder injuries.

    The grip will pivot when the bow has been taken back to full draw. This will help align the finger with the trigger.

    The result of all of these factors is greater accuracy due to reduced fatigue and, ultimately, greater shooting enjoyment.

    The ease with which the bow string can be drawn back due to this release and the quality components that Spot Hogg uses to build it makes this a great bow release for anyone who has had trouble pulling heavy weights in the past.


    • Able to pull more pounds more easily
    • Outstanding for people suffering arm/shoulder injuries


    • Click of the trigger considered to be loud for whitetail hunting
    • Can take some time to get used to the design

    Take a look at the video review of the Keeton presented by Randy Ulmer:

    TRU Ball eXecute

    The eXecute features independent tension and travel adjustment which will allow the trigger adjustment to range from ultra-light to ultra-heavy.

    The trigger can also be locked to prevent any unintended movement.

    The head of the release is the first to have been made with brass and nickel-plated coating. The extra weight makes gives it a better feeling in the hand and the nickel-plated coating is designed to resist corrosion.

    These new finishes have been created and used so that the release lasts longer without deteriorating and this helps to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the release.

    The release is available in either the Tornado connection or the web-strap connection version. The Tornado Connection has a large buckle strap closure while the web-strap can be found with either the buckle or Velco strap.


    • Crisp trigger with no creep
    • Wide range of trigger travel adjustment
    • Solid construction
    • Brass and nickel coated head makes it very durable


    • Jaw must be flicked to open it again after the shot
    • Strap adjustment must be done with an Allen wrench

    Take a look at the video review of the eXecute made available by TRU Ball Archery:

    Reasons For Using A Single Caliper Bow Release

    Someone new to archery who is looking to use a bow release for the first time may be a little confused about why there are single caliper and double caliper bow releases. Each mechanism type offers the shooter a little difference in the way the release takes place and some believe there is an effect on accuracy.

    Here are some of the reasons archers cite for using a single caliper over a double caliper.

    Durability. Because there is only one moving part in the caliper head there is less opportunity for component failure. The single moving jaw is more reliable with the string moving off the stationary platform.

    Smooth release. The single jaw will always operate the same way every time. A double caliper may have the problem of the jaws opening at slightly different times and this affects the release making it less smooth.

    Hook-like. Essentially, a single caliper release is a hook release mechanism with a static jaw that captures the D-loop as you draw the bow. This is a very secure method of drawing the bow and will help in drawing high poundage bows more easily. Fans of hook releases should greatly appreciate the addition of the secure enclosure that eliminates the possibility of a misfire.

    Consistency. Shooters who use the single caliper bow releases find that the activation of the jaw is more consistent and the static jaw acts as a guide as the string loop leaves the release.

    Climactic Conditions. A single caliper release will continue to perform well in the worst weather conditions.

    Both styles of release operate very well and in many cases it comes down to a matter of what feels most comfortable in your hand.

    If your bow has been set up for your preferred release and you have spent enough time on the practice range using it, then it is recommended that you stick with what you are used to.

    This is particularly true if your results in the past have been good.

    Will Using A Single Caliper Release Affect Your Shooting Results?

    No matter what type of new device you buy and start using, there will be a learning period involved. It’s unrealistic to believe that you are going to get the best results with it from the very first use.

    Your new single caliper bow release is most likely going to be the same. It will take some time to understand exactly how the release performs and how it will best fit your frame.

    That’s where spending time of the practice range is vital.

    That way, you can ensure that if there is a change to your shooting results, the change will be for the better.

    A really good article that delves into differences experienced when changing from a double caliper to a single caliper release can be found in the article titled How Much Do Release Aids Impact Arrow Flight at

    While handheld bow releases are gaining popularity among hunters, the wrist style of bow release is still the most popular style being used. The strap that attaches it to the wrist ensures that it is always within reach.

    The trigger style of mechanism is a natural means of activating the release because it feels so similar to a rifle trigger.

    The fact that the weight of the draw can be taken on by the wrist and the arm makes it easier to hold at full draw.

    Archers who are new to the sport and are looking for a way to increase their consistency which, in turn, increases their enjoyment of the sport will benefit from investing in a good quality wrist release. For a lot of archers, this means giving strong consideration to a single caliper bow release as their release of choice.


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