One of the things you learn when using a single pin slider sight is that you have more time to take your shot than you think. The number of times an animal will move before you've had a chance to dial your yardage indicator to the exact yardage is actually quite low.

Bow hunters are turning in increasing numbers to single pin bow sights. The ease with which the slider bow sights can be quickly adjusted makes them especially sought after.

Finding a good quality single pin slider sight has become a much easier task in recent times.

This is due to the high quality of products that are being produced by manufacturers.

Ultimately, the best single pin bow sight for one person will differ for another.

There are a lot of factors that bow hunters regard as important and the sights out there today have been designed to cater for some but not all needs.

Choose the aspect that you think is important and base your selection on that. The bottom line is, they're all good enough to improve your shooting accuracy.

Our List of the Best Single Pin Slider Bow Sights

On this page we have identified some of the best single pin slider bow sights available today. We will take a look at the features of some of the most highly regarded single pin slider bow sights that have been produced to cater to bow hunters who are turning to the more adjustable option in increasing numbers.

Make / Model

Pin Size

Size (in.)


.010 or .019


$209.99 - $269.99

.010, .019 or .029









.010 or .019












$329.99 -

Factors That Make A Good Single Pin Bow Sight

You should be looking for quality materials used in its construction, its ability to deliver a high degree of accuracy, it should be easy to use and adjust and it should be cost effective.

With so many high quality sight manufacturers producing some very reliable single pin sights these days it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that will serve your needs.

Here are some of the more important features you should be looking for when you buy one:

Quality Fiber Optics

It doesn’t really matter if you’ve got a multi-pin sight or a single pin sight. The ability of the fibers to produce a sharp and highly visible point is key.

The sight you buy must enable you to clearly find the dot that has been lined up with the target no matter what the lighting conditions.

Whether you’re hunting in bright sunshine in the middle of the day or at dusk when the lighting is poor, you will rely on your bow sight to produce a highly visible field of vision.


The quality of the materials used in the construction of the sight is going to prove to be the most important feature that ensures you use the same sight for a long period of time.

Not only should you consider the strength of the mount and the housing but also pin that protects the fiber optic.


As with every piece of hunting equipment, the weight is going to play an important role.

The sight is mounted on the bow so that is going to alter the weight of the bow and that includes its balance. This makes it important to get as much practice as possible after you've bought it.

You may find the heavier sights help to improve the noise suppression of the bow.


There are a number of added features that you should look for with your sight. Things such as a level bubble, a rheostat light, the quality of the sight tapes and the amount of adjustment you can make.

A basic bow sight will offer a limited amount of adjustability, say, a single axis only.

The more versatile sights that are suitable for greater accuracy over longer distances will provide you with second and third axis adjustability and are definitely worth considering.

Ease of Use

Large and easy to access adjustment knobs or wheels are always of benefit when you need to make a quick adjustment in the field.

Similarly, the ability to easily read the sight tape and get a clear and accurate reading on the distance that has been dialled in is super important.

There are some bow sight makes and models that excel in simplifying the process of adjusting and preparing to shoot. They should be the sights you target.


For a lot of people the price of the sight is going to play a big role in deciding which one to buy.

The most durable and solidly built sights with the greatest number of features are going to inevitably cost more but not everyone can afford them.

Also, if you are new to the sport it makes sense to buy a good quality low-priced model that will allow you to learn the ins and outs of making the most of your sight.

As you become more proficient you can then step up to the more expensive models.

Details of Single Pin Slider Sights

The brief comparison list above provides some of the basic specifications about each of the bow sights that may be considered among the best value for money on the market.

We will now take a more in-depth look at each bow sight, listing their features as well as what you can expect if you were to purchase one.

HHA Tetra LT Bow Sight

The Tetra LT is a lightweight and compact slider sight that has been designed to be suitable to both bow hunters and 3D shooters alike. It uses the proven design of the popular original Tetra but has been cut down to suit the needs of bow hunters who shoot from blinds or overgrown positions.

It is simple to use and easy to set up with the patented RDS Sight Tape Technology that provides you with 20-80 yard readings that ensure accuracy.

The sight is available with pin sizes of .010” or .019” and a choice of scope aperture size of either 1.625” or 1.8”. You can also buy the sight as a left handed or right handed sight.

Once you have ranged the target and know the distance you will be shooting the quick slider will have you keyed into your correct range in no time, ready to shoot.

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Bow Sight

Here is a single pin sight that gets rave reviews from hunters everywhere due to the ease of use, the durable nature of the construction and the overall reliability it offers.

The Tommy Hogg is a fine single pin bow sight that boasts significant vertical travel and is capable of micro adjustments both vertically and horizontally. The sight is available in the one pin configuration as simply the single pin or, if you prefer, as a double pin.

This is a solidly built bow sight that is constructed with 6061 aluminum for the entire outer casing.

The sight uses the company’s new MRT (Multi-Ring Technology) that helps to pinpoint the target more accurately by improving the peep to sight alignment.

It has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment so that you can be absolutely sure the sight is level with the bow. It features no tool micro adjustment of windage and elevation.

It will remain rock solidly in place of the bow thanks to the hard mount with which it is attached.

The Tommy Hogg has been one of the most trusted and well-received single pin hunting sights available and with the inclusion of the MRT housing as well as the tremendous level of fine adjustment available it continues to sit near the top of the tree.

Black Gold Ascent Whitetail Bow Sight

The Ascent Whitetail is built with the features of the original Ascent Verdict sight but has been pared down into a more compact and lightweight unit.

The sight housing is made from machined aluminum to make it extremely durable and to ensure that the pins are properly protected.

Pin adjustment can be done quickly and easily with a splined vertical drive gear that moves smoothly and silently. It is simple to operate with the SureGrip knob.

It features precision first and second axis adjustability and the shell is a high performance PhotoChromatic one that adjusts color quickly to suit the conditions.

The sight uses the company’s SkyCoil system to gather light to ensure the pin brightness is maximized for all conditions.

The sight also comes with 54 sight tapes so that all preferences are catered to.

Fuse Flywheel Single Pin Slider Bow Sight

The Flywheel sight has been designed to give the hunter a quick and simple way to lock on to the exact distance you want to shoot to the target.

This sight uses a super smooth adjustment wheel that will allow you to adjust to the target while out in the field and will enable you to lock onto the target with accuracy.

The sight housing is made from machined aluminum so it is extremely durable and provides great pin protection. The pin uses .019 diameter fiber and can be adjusted using the Quick-Adjust Slider.

The sight offers 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment so that you can dial in with confidence no matter what the surrounding terrain might be.

It also comes with pre-printed sight tapes that cover 48 common hunting bow set ups.

One of the nice things about the sight is that it can be easily added to with a 2X or 4X lens which is available separately from Black Gold. These lenses will improve the target visibility to an even greater extent.

Axcel AccHunter Bow Sight

The AccuHunter bow sight has been introduced as a single pin slider sight that features the company’s AV Hunter scope.

This gives you a sight housing of 1-3/4” and is comprised of the Firepin pin which uses a new wrapping method to maximize the light to offer the brightest possible fiber optic pin.

The slider feature means that setting the distance is a very quick, silent and simple process and once you are happy with your setting you can utilize the individual elevation and windage locks.

The sight also features an adjustable 20 yard dead stop.

The sight has a solid mounting bracket as well as an elevation bar.

This ensures the sight remains firmly in place through the rough and tumble of rugged landscape.

The sight is also available as the AccHunter Plus which includes further options such as a Crosshair insert, Rheostat cover and Torque Ring indicator.

We have also included the full PDF AccuHunter Instructions to download. Just click here.

Copper John Mark IV Bow Sight

The Mark IV single pin sight is a solidly built sight that features all metal aluminum construction of both the frame and the pin guard.

The fiber size is .019” in diameter and it is protected by the company’s IronClad Fiber design. It also helps to pinpoint the target with the MicroDot Technology that will zero in to a specific point without any fear of obstruction within the sight window.

The outside diameter of the pin guard measures 1.95” providing an internal diameter of 1.45”.

The sight adjustment is very simple to perform and it is possible to order the sight with micro adjustment in both 2nd and 3rd axis.

This is a single pin slider that performs all of the functions that you would hope to get from a quality hunting bow sight. It does so at a price that is very hard to beat when compare against similar types. It has an MSRP of only $119.95.

Find out more about all of the sights that are available in the company’s range by visiting the Copper John website.

Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Sight

The Drive Slider has been created with a range of features that are designed to assist the hunter in both adjustment and visibility.

The sight is equipped with nylon bushings that ensure the adjustment is made smoothly and silently with no metal to metal contact.

There have been a number of reports that the adjustment itself is quite stiff.

The fiber optic pin is a large .029” to provide you with extreme brightness for greater visibility in all conditions. The indicator tape is high-vis Glo Ring and the sharp indicator pin makes it possible to adjust to precise measurements.

It is also possible to make windage and elevation adjustments that may be made to the sight with the use of an Allen wrench.

This should be considered a good entry level slider sight that has been created with all of the features a hunter might need and released at a very affordable price point.

Axcel Accutouch Carbon Pro Sight

The Accutouch bow sights have been designed with the introduction of new technology that it calls Accu-Click.

This concept effectively allows the single pin slider sight to function as a multi-pin sight.

The Accu-Click allows you to pre-set different distances such as 20 yards, 30 yards etc. Then, you can pick the distance you need and click straight to that setting. The rear facing sight scale is easily visible with the sight pointer standing out very clearly.

As well as being able to smoothly slide to whatever distance you choose it is also possible to adjust for 2nd and 3rd axis with a windage lock that will stop the windage knob from turning when it is locked.

There is the option of using either the X-31 scope that measures 1-3/8” or the AV41 scope that measures 1-3/4”. These scopes can have either .019” or 0.010” fiber optic ring pins that are available in blue, red or yellow.

This is an incredibly versatile site that provides you with your choice of how you would like to set it up. Extra features such as a level, Rheostat, torque indicator and Crosshair insert.

What Is a Single Pin Bow Sight?

A single pin bow sight is also sometimes referred to as a moveable pin bow sight. It is different to a fixed pin sight because it is very easy to adjust it to cover the range you are targeting.

As the name suggests, the sight contains only one pin that is positioned either vertically or horizontally depending on the manufacturer. In the better bow sights this single pin can be quickly and easily adjusted to the exact yardage.

Because there is only one pin in the sight housing you have a greater field of vision with fewer pins creating blind spots. It also means you don’t run the risk of using the wrong pin.

How To Sight In a Single Pin Bow Sight

The process of sighting in a single pin sight is quite straightforward but it should be done carefully and methodically to ensure that it is done accurately.

Before playing around with your sight, measure off distances to the target at 20 yards, 30 yards, 40 yards, 50 yards and 60 yards making a mark on the ground at each one.

Start with the dial set right at the top of the tape as far as it will go. This top mark will be the 20 yard marker and is the first point that you sight in. When you have shot 3 or more arrows at the 20 yard point and have dialled in for accuracy make a pencil mark on the tape at that spot

When the 20 yard mark has been set, dial it down and, again, at the 30 yard mark shoot at least 3 arrows until you are satisfied with the accuracy and make another mark at that point.

Repeat the process again at the 60 yard mark.

When you’ve gone through the entire process you will have a mark at the 20 yard point and at the 60 yard point.

Take your sight tapes and find the one where the 20 yard and 60 yard lines match up with the markings on the sight for those distances. Stick this tape onto the sight and this will ensure that every distance displayed on the tape will be spot on.

To confirm that you’ve sighted in properly, go back and shoot some arrows at the 40 and 50 yard marks.

The entire process is very nicely illustrated in the following video.

Single Pin Bow Sight Advantages and Disadvantages

As with all pieces of equipment there are pros and cons attached to using single pin bow sights. Some of them may seem irrelevant to your style of shooting while others are going to sound all too familiar.


  • Clear Sight Picture
  • You’re sure of always using the correct pin
  • You can dial in to the exact yardage for greater precision
  • Increased field of view
  • Faster target acquisition
  • No requirement to “jump the pin gap”
  • More adjustable
  • Straight forward centering of the pin in your peep

Let's examine these pros in a little more detail.

Adjust to Exact Distance

Many people are more accustomed to the multi-pin fixed sights with 3-pin sights historically proving to be the most popular. But with a single pin sight you have the opportunity to quickly adjust your pin to the exact distance you’re targeting.

With today’s slider sights, the adjustment process is very simple. Of course, the method of moving the pin varies from one brand to the next but, overall, it comes down to the same thing.

With the use of your sight tape and your rangefinder, you can quickly find the range and move your pin to find the exact distance, giving you a sight set-up that is perfect for your given situation.

Clear Sight Picture

A single pin in your frame gives you a nice clear and unobstructed view of the target. With only the single pin sitting in front of you there is nothing to distract or impede your view of the target.

The fewer number of pins in the sight is particularly important when the deer is on the move.

Aligning the pin in the middle of the sight housing is a very important part of the setting up process because it will give you plenty of room to adjust in any direction.

Single Pin Means Simple Process

The simpler the process is during the shot sequence the more consistent your shooting is going to be. Using a single pin sight simplifies the shot process because you have less to have to worry about.

The sight window is clear and uncluttered and this helps to clear the mind too.

When you have a good routine for finding the range, setting the pin and then drawing and shooting you will find that the use of a single pin sight will play a big part in your hunting success and enjoyment.


There have not been as many cons cited when using single pin bow sights and they chiefly refer to the adjustment side of the device.

  • You’re under pressure to make quick yardage changes if the target moves
  • More movement required to adjust the yardage
  • Can take longer to get to the point where you have fully drawn the bow

Why Use a Single Pin Bow Sight?

Newcomers might be wondering why they would want to use a moveable pin sight compared to a fixed pin sight.

The more pins you have the greater the risk of confusion and choosing the wrong pin in the heat of the moment. A single pin sight simplifies things enormously.

As bow hunters become more proficient at their craft and get an intimate understanding of determining distance the benefit of dialling in the exact yardage on a sight becomes clear.

A single pin bow sight provides a clear field of view and the sole pin enables you to pinpoint your target to provide greater accuracy.

With practice, the process of adjusting the sight to a new distance becomes second nature. More and more hunters are coming to realize that single pin sights give them greater flexibility and a chance to adapt with a changing situation.

Setting the Distance to Start From

When you set out into the field you will most likely have your sight set at a specific distance. The question is: what distance is the most efficient to start from?

Surveys have been conducted asking whitetail hunters what the distance was of their successful shots and the vast majority fell within the 15 to 25 yard range.

With quite a few hunters extending to the 35 yard range, it makes sense to sight your bow in at the 25 yard mark.

This means it will only require a small adjustment if the deer is closer or further away. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

Ultimately it will come down to the amount of practice you put in with your single pin sight on your preferred bow set up. The more you go through the process the quicker it will become second nature.

Familiarizing yourself with holding over or under a set distance in practice will result in your becoming extremely comfortable when the target moves off your ranged distance.

If you are new to bow hunting or to 1-pin sights and are looking for a bargain to start off with you might like to check out the examination of Budget Single Pin Bow Sights.


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