Deer urine has long been one of the weapons in the deer hunter’s arsenal to lure bucks into shooting range. The method of use has always been to pull a small bottle of smelly urine and sprinkle it on the ground and surrounding plants. Sometimes you were even able to do it without getting it on yourself.

Although the use of natural deer urine has long been a tactic, the spread of disease among animals has resulted in the banning of the practice in some states. For this reason there is now an increasing reliance on the use of synthetic deer urine instead.

Hunters prefer the real thing over the synthetic, of that there is little doubt, and this means that it is up to manufacturers to produce synthetic urine products that work. One of the main complaints we read with customers who have used synthetic deer urine is the poor results that are experienced when using it.

Synthetic deer scents come in handy in places where natural deer urine has been banned due to fears of spreading chronic wasting disease (CWD). The synthetic version also lasts longer than natural scents because manmade scents do not break down like real deer urine does when it is exposed to the air.

Browse through the selection of some of the best and most easily accessible synthetic deer urine scents that may be used to lure in a buck at different times of the year. Further down the page is a more detailed description and short review of each type of scent.

Comparison List of Types of Synthetic Deer Urine Scents

Detailed Descriptions of Synthetic Deer Urine Scents

We have had a chance to do a direct comparison between the various top brands of synthetic deer urine products that are readily available to hunters. To get a better feel for each of the products discussed above along with the special features of each we have provided a more detailed explanation below with a short synthetic deer urine review of each product.

Wildlife Research Estrus Synthetic Scent

Wildlife Research is one of the largest and most successful companies in the deer lure market and this product is one of the ones that has proven successful year in and year out. You use it the same way you would with a natural estrus scent. It should be used with drag lines and on scent wicks hunt near your stand. The scent has been created so that it smells like fresh doe urine and has been built so that it provides a strong and consistent smell.

This scent is available in a 1 Fluid Ounce bottle and because it is a synthetic product you can expect it to last a long time with a little going a long way.

Code Blue Synthetic Buck Scent

The scent of an intruding buck is mimicked by this product. According to the company explanation the formulation is able to deliver a potent and realistic scent by using advanced DNA technology. It sends an intruder signal to territorial bucks and they are lured out in a bid to defend their territory.

The scent is able to be used on scent trails or mock scrapes. It comes in a pump-spray applicator to make it very easy to apply. As well as a buck scent, the company also has a doe estrus and synthetic doe scent available in the same size bottles.

Buck Bomb Synthetic Doe In Estrus Scent

This is a doe-in-heat scent that is completely synthetic and is designed to be used in woods where the use of natural deer urine is not legal. It can be used to lure bucks to the stand for the pre-rut through to the breeding period.

The scent is designed to be used on scent trails as well as in mock scrapes and will work just as effectively if applied to a decoy. It comes in a spray can so that it is very easy to apply and direct exactly where you want it to go. You have the choice of either spraying it in short bursts or, by locking the valve, can set it to spray continuously until empty to create a large and potent cloud of scent.

Buck Fever BF Pre/Post Rut

The Buck Fever synthetic deer urine has been created to be used all year round and will be useful in scent marking trails, scrapes and vegetation.

The formula is a long-lasting synthetic recipe that will continue to be effective over an extended period of time. It is reactivated by moisture to continue to remain useful even after others have faded.

As the company explains on their website, by marking a scrape with this scent, it encourages bucks and does to over-mark the area with their own scent. This means that one application can result in the creation of a spot that grows naturally over time.

Tink's #69 Doe-In-Rut Buck Lure

This particular synthetic buck attractant has been created by Tink’s as a direct replica of its own #69 Natural Buck Lure. The aim is to create a product that is just as effective in luring buck’s through the doe estrus scent so that is may be used in regions where natural deer urine is illegal.

The product is designed for use during the pre-rut and rut period when bucks are most active in seeking out does.

Buck Fever Rut Synthetic Deer Urine

The Buck Fever Rut synthetic buck urine is designed for use in scrapes, on scent trails or around the stand. You should be using it just prior to, during or just after the rut and you can expect that when it has been used regularly you will find that it will encourage scent over-marking.

The recommended way that this scent should be used is to start applying it to your planned hunting area before the season starts. This will attract bucks to the area and it will train them to start over-marking with their own scent because it will seem as though an intruder has moved into the area. The Buck Fever scent is long lasting so it won’t have to be replenished particularly often and it is also reactivated by moisture which should keep it effective for a long time.

It is available in three different container sizes depending on how long you intend to be using for: 4oz, 8oz or 1 gallon bottles and are also available in packages as part of a complete synthetic lure system.

Code Blue Synthetic Doe Scent

Just as they have done with the creation of the Synthetic Buck Scent, Code Blue has created a doe urine that makes the local bucks believe that there is a doe in the area.

This is a completely synthetic doe urine formula that mimics the scent of a female deer. The aim is to calm does and bucks during the season when it is used as a cover scent.

The Doe Scent comes in a 4 oz pump spray bottle to make it easy to apply.

Does It Work?

This appears to be where a lot of difference of opinion and difference of experience comes into play. Among the many customer reviews that have been posted about the different makes and models of synthetic deer urine, results vary wildly. Some people have had very positive experiences with them while others have found that not only does the urine not lure in deer but it may even spook them and keep them away.

To get a better understanding about the effectiveness of synthetic deer urine as an attractant it may be useful to quote a few customer reviews. These reviews offer both criticisms and high praise for the various brands available. It appears that even the best synthetic deer attractant such as the Code Blue Synthetic Buck Scent or the Buck Bomb Doe In Estrus Scent has mixed results. Some people have reported immediate success after deploying the scent, others haven't noticed much change in the deer behaviour while at least one person has attributed the scent to deer leaving the area.

Ultimately, the use of synthetic deer scent is a low-cost investment that may produce good results and, at worst, will leave you in the same situation you were in before using it. It may depend on the time of year that it is used, the deer that inhabit your local area or the way in which it is applied that will be critical to the results that you get with it.


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