Get the most out every practice session by using the best possible target for your high speed crossbow. High visibility, high density and high durability are just some of the features to look for.

The target you use for the crossbow is going to have to be able to withstand high-speed bolts. We’re talking speed of 450 fps and higher and that means they are going to have to have some stopping power.

There is a fairly wide selection of crossbow targets designed specifically for the higher impact arrows.

Some are designed for field points only, others for a combination of points or broadheads. So take note of which is which to ensure you get the right one.

We will cover the range of different target types - bag targets, foam block targets or 3D targets. Everyone has a preference when it comes to the shape and size they prefer to shoot at.

Directly below is a quick comparison list of targets best suited for use with crossbows along with a few relevant details so they can be given a side-by-side once over.

Further down the page is a brief review of each of the targets along with details about how you can buy one for a decent price.

List of Targets Suitable For High Speed Crossbows

Make / Model








21” x 12” x 21”




19” x 19” x 19”





16” x 16”

20” x 20”




27” x 44”




19” x 19” x 19”





15” x 15” x 15”





18” x 18” x 14”




11” x 11" x 11"





13” x 16” x 13”



Description of High Speed Crossbow Targets

Having had a chance to browse through some of the most suitable crossbow targets available we will take a look at a more detailed overview of each.

Below is a short review of each target describing the features and reasons why you might want to use it.

It should also help you in working out which would prove to offer you the greatest value in terms of its effectiveness.

Field Logic Hurricane H21 Crossbow Bag Target

The significant notable feature highlighted by the company when it comes to the Hurricane Target is its high visibility shooting “eyes”.

The bright orange centers ensure that they will show up extremely well in any conditions.

On the front side of the bag are 4 small targets and on the rear is a deer outline with vitals displayed.

The vitals are offset compared to the front of the target in order to spread the potential impact of the arrows and prolonging the life of the bag.

The target design is to absorb the impact of high speed crossbow bolts up to 520 fps. The recommendation is to stick with field points when using this target.

You have the option of simply laying the target on the ground or using the reinforced rings to string it up to a more accessible height.

Find out more about the company and all products in its range by visiting the Feradyne Outdoors website.

Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS Field Point Archery Target

This is an ideal target bag for use with high powered crossbows as well as compound bows. It is a high quality 450 fps crossbow target that will provide a good lifespan.

The design specifically is for use with field points and is light enough to position wherever you need it.

The internal material is a nucleus center core that is effective at stopping arrows without fear of pass-throughs.

Importantly, it is also very easy to extract the arrows from the target.

There are four shooting sides to the target with a midsection of a deer with vitals highlighted, six bullseyes, a dartboard and 9 pool balls to provide you with plenty of aiming options.

The target is 100% weatherproof and can be stored outside permanently.

But with the E-Z Tote carrying handle and the fact that it is quite lightweight, it would be no effort to pick it up and place it undercover when not in use.

This should help to prolong the life and, at the very least, save the colors from fading.

Find out more about the company and the entire product range by visiting the Morrell Targets website.

Block Infinity Crossbow Target

The Infinity design is based around the concepts of durability and stopping power.

In fact, the Infinity Crossbow target’s internal layering system is capable of stopping bolts at up to 520 fps. High energy, high power indeed.

It uses a high-density layered-foam inner core system encased in an exterior foam wall which is key to providing outstanding stopping power.

All six sides of target are usable with varied target types to keep it versatile in appearance.

Each of the target faces feature an offset array of targets in order to prolong the target’s life.

There are two versions of the Infinity Crossbow Target, either the 16, which measures 16” x 16” or the 20 measuring 20” x 20”.

Another big plus for this target is that will take both field points and broadheads.

Find out more about the company and products available by visiting the Feradyne website.

Real Wild 3D Big Buck Target

There are a couple of features about this target that should sit it towards the top in your reckoning.

Firstly, it is a lifelike 3D target scaled to replicate a 200-pound whitetail deer. Secondly, the replaceable core section can stop arrows up to 500 fps.

If you’re practicing for whitetail hunting a good quality 3D target brings more realism to the process and this one is high quality.

It is suited for use with both field tips and broadheads and the core design will give up the arrows for easy removal when comes time to get them out of the target.

The replaceable mid-section gives you a low-cost replacement process when your target starts to wear out.

Find out more about the company and the products available by visiting the Big Shot Targets website.

Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-450 Plus Target

This is another field points only target approved for crossbows as well as compound bows.

It is a densely packed bag target with 94 layers that are capable of stopping arrows and bolts at speeds up to 450 fps.

The strength and durability of the target comes from the company’s Internal Frame System technology that provides it with a good support system.

It is a freestanding target that will sit firmly on the ground and will withstand the shock and energy of any arrows fired into it without tipping over.

There are target designs on 4 sides, each of which provide a different array to shoot at.

And it weighs 36 lbs, enough to promise a strong target, light enough to pick up and move when required.

Find out more about the company and the entire product range by visiting the Morrell Targets website.

Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target

We move on to one of the most distinctive looking targets available as well as being one of the most popular and successful designs.

The target is ideal for crossbow shooting and will suit people who like to practice with their broadheads to more closely replicate real-life hunting conditions.

It doesn’t offer a wide range of target choices, but it does offer a lot of target faces.

It is made with so-called “self-healing” foam giving it an incredibly long life. The added sides means it will take a lot of arrows before it begins to degrade.

No matter whether you’re using expandable broadheads, fixed heads or field points, the target will take the arrows and then allow easy removal.

It is lightweight and movable from place to place without a lot of effort.

Find out more about the company and all of the products in its range by visiting the Rinehart website.        

SpyderWeb ST 18XL Crossbow Target

Another very heavy duty crossbow target, the SpyderWeb ST will stop super-fast arrows with incredible efficiency.

The exterior cover of the target boldly states “No Speed Limit” and that is essentially what you get with target with an average arrow penetration of 6-8 inches.

The target facing is made from a revolutionary woven Spylar material and as long as you ensure it is left standing upright, you can leave it outdoors without fear of weather damage.

The big selling feature of the SpyderWeb is its willingness to give up the arrows when you come to pull them out. Little to no effort is required, no matter how powerfully they hit.

It’s one of the more expensive block-style targets but its performance and longevity suggests it’s worth every cent.

Find out more about the company and the range of products available by visiting the SpyderWeb Targets website.

GlenDel Crossbow Buck 3D Target

This is a large 3D archery target with a significant insert-shooting surface to provide the hunter with the most realistic hunting practice possible.

The total height of the target is 56” and the height at the shoulders is an impressive 34”. The size of the insert measures 11” x 11” x 11”.

There is great density of the internal structure of the target provided by fusing the layers to the internal target wall. This gives the target a longer life as well as creating significant stopping power.

It is the stopping power that makes this an ideal target for high speed crossbows.

The target can be used with bow field points and broadheads and when the insert wears out it can be replaced with a new one.

Find out more about the company and the products available by visiting the Feradyne website.

BIGShot Titan 16 Broadhead Target

A little extra though has gone into the creation of the BIGShot Titan 16 target when it comes to things like the shape and shooting faces offered.

The target has a tapered design so that when it sits flat on the ground the face is perpendicular to the shooting plane making it more likely the arrows will strike head on.

It’s a densely packed block-style target that uses Elasto-Flex foam to give it the type of stopping power suited to crossbow use.

The compact size and relatively light weight (11.5 lbs) means it is quite portable and its tapered shape means it will store well.

There are 5 target surfaces to shoot at providing a good spread of surface area for a more prolonged target life.

The fact that both field points and broadheads can be used adds to its versatility and usefulness.

Find out more about the company and all products available by visiting the BIGShot Targets website.

Target Density When Considering Crossbows

High-powered crossbows means high speed bolts hitting targets with enormous force.

The essential prerequisite for a crossbow target is high density.

The higher the quoted FPS (feet per second) associated with a target, the greater its density.

Failure to buy a high-density target for crossbow practice will lead to rapid destruction of the target and a high chance that bolts will start to pass straight through.

This is not only an incredibly dangerous scenario but it can also become a very expensive one too.

Ease of Bolt Retrieval

Target density will also have an impact on how easy it is to pull the bolt from the target.

Shooting a lot of arrows means pulling a lot of arrows from targets.

A target that grabs tight to the arrow can really ruin your practice session.

Who wants to expend unnecessary energy and waste heaps of time struggling to pull arrows from a target?

Some target manufacturers claim that their targets promote easy arrow removal but you can’t always be sure this will be the case.

To make things easier it might be a good idea to have a bottle of Scorpion Venom Arrow Release Fluid on hand to lubricate the arrow.

Failing that, you might consider the extra pulling power that a handy tool such as the Double D’s Magnum Grip Arrow Puller will give you. It is said to remove any arrow or bolt shot from any compound bow or crossbow and will work in any weather conditions.

It would certainly make short work of pulling bolts free of a foam block without any of the huff and puff.

Crossbow Target Maintenance

The more you use your target the further it will wear out.

It’s inevitable.

You shoot bolts at eye-watering speeds at a hunk of foam covered in plastic and it is going to eventually cut it to pieces.

You can slow the process down by taking good care of your target.

Regularly rotating the target to offer a little used side will help. It will ensure the damage to the target spreads over a larger area prolonging its lifespan.

Another way to slow the decline of your target is to protect it from the weather.

Even the targets advertised as weatherproof are going to get affected by the sun and the rain. Constant direct sunlight will fade the cover and moisture will inevitably get inside and cause damage to the foam.

Bringing your target inside after each use will help to extend its life. 

Can You Use A Crossbow Target With A Compound Bow?

Yes, you absolutely can use the targets rated for crossbow speed bolts with a compound bow.

The arrows will hit the target at a slower velocity than if fired from a crossbow, but all this means is that they will cause less damage to the target. As a result, you have a longer-lasting target.

A suggested downside could be that it may be more difficult to remove the arrows from the target.

Due to the density of a designated crossbow target the thicker arrow shafts may become more firmly embedded into the target.

An answer may be to use arrow release fluid or an arrow puller.

In Conclusion

The selection of high speed crossbow targets is quite extensive. But remember, no matter how much they cost, how well they stop a bolt and how densely packed they are when you buy them, they’re not going to last forever.

Whether you practice with field tips or broadheads your shooting prowess is going to improve if you practice frequently.

Any archery target built to withstand high speed crossbows are going to play a significant role in your improvement.


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