As hunters we are incredibly mindful of the gear we use on hunts, yet the value of hunting pants is frequently underappreciated.  

Although hunting pants are great for staying warm and concealing your outline, a high-quality pair of pants will offer much needed protection against briars and thorns while walking through underbrush. For this reason, upland hunters typically appreciate and recognize the importance of specialized thorn proof hunting pants. 

There is a wide selection of hunting pants in this guide which will provide ample protection against thorns and briars while also being comfortable to move in.

So, whether you are relaxing at home or need pants for upland hunting, keep a pair of these pants close.

We have provided a comparison list of leading hunting pants with the method of protection provided and the fabric composition provided plus the manufacturer’s recommended selling price to give you an indication of what you can expect to pay for each item.

Comparison List of Thorn Proof Hunting Pants

Make / Model

Thorn Protection




Cotton Exterior

98% Cotton, 2% Spandex Canvas


Nylon Facings

75% Cotton 25% Nylon


Cordura Nylon Facings

100% Cotton


Briar Resistant Overlay

100% Cotton Canvas

$69.99 -

Nylon and Cordura Exterior

Nylon and Cordura


Cloth Overlays

Waxed Cotton


Toughshell Fabric



Description of Abrasion Resistant Hunting Pants

Having recognized thorn/briar resistant hunting pants offered by manufacturers, we will now offer a more detailed description of each product.

This will consist of a short review of each product and an identification of key features.

This examination should support you in determining which pants will be most valuable for upland hunting and/or hunting in brush with thorns or briars.  

Carhartt Flex Rigby Double-Front Pants

Although Carhartt pants are regarded as work pants and are generally marketed as such, they are useful outdoor clothing and particularly effective brush pants. 

While the pants are great for relaxing at work and home, they are also suitable pants for upland hunting and foraging because they offer effortless mobility thanks to the rugged flex stretch technology and the comfortable gusseted crotch which allows the pants to bend and stretch with your movement. 

Movement comes easy in these pants thanks to the rugged flex stretch technology 

They are a relaxed fit, leaving ample space for your thighs and keeping your backside loose and free. These pants sit at your waist, but typically run a little small (consider this when determining size). 

The pockets are well designed and thought out. They feature a designated cell phone pocket, a utility pocket, a reinforced front slash pockets, and a secure zipper pocket on the back 

The pants feature a double front with a cleanout opening which holds kneepads, granting greater protection. Footwear is not limited because the pants are designed with a straight leg opening which fits over many different types of boots.

These pants are built with robust fabrics which hold up quite well in brush, however in heavy thorn/briar filled terrain, the pants may not be able to resist and withstand the barbs due to a lack of thickness.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Carhartt website.

Gamehide 12T Heavy Duty Briar Proof Upland Pants

The 12Ts are briar resistant pants designed to provide excellent comfort and performance in extreme conditions and are especially suitable for upland hunting. 

The pants feature scratch-resistant nylon lens to protect your legs from abrasions expected from briars and thorns while upland hunting. 

All the facings of the pants are coated with 1000 denier nylon fabric for water resistance. This noticeably helps when walking in wet grass and brush. 

12T pants generally feel quite cool and fine to continue hunting on warmer days.

These pants have a heavy-duty hook “D” ring which can accommodate leashes, key rings, and other potentially useful items. Additionally, these pants have two front slash pockets and a back pocket to secure important items such as keys, phone, etc. 

These pants include a reinforced seat and crotch. They are also made from durable fabrics, but they typically run a little tight/small at the waist, meaning you may need to wear a size larger than your true size 

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Gamehide website.

Cabela’s Upland Traditions Pants

Upland Traditions are currently better than ever to wear for upland hunting due to the addition of more features which can enhance performance. 

These pants are made with 100% tightly woven cotton (Traditions Twill) to resist and protect your skin from punctures, scuffs and abrasions resulting from briars/thorns and clinging vegetation.

These pants feature 330-denier Cordura Ambush nylon facing which increases the briar and thorn resistance of the pants. 

Although the pants are tough and resist clingy vegetation, they provide terrific breathability which makes them a comfortable pair of pants to wear on mild/warm, early-season hunting days. 

Some other handy features of these pants are hand pockets, two button-flap rear pockets, integrated belt loops and suspender buttons.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Cabela's website.

Browning Upland Pheasant Forever Pants

The Pheasant Forever pants are considered one of the most briar resistant pants on the market relative to their price. As the name implies, they are well suited for upland hunting.

These pants are made from 100% woven cotton canvas and have a comfortable, durable, lightweight work pant style fit. 

Browning recognizes that thorns and briars are most likely to puncture your skin from underbrush below your waist and this is noticeable with the implementation of nylon overlays from the thigh of the pantlegs down. The overlays inconsequentially impact the bulk or weight of the pants. The smooth surface of the overlays allows wearers to slip through heavy brush.

These pants feature deep front pockets, flap rear pockets, and a zipper fly. The pants are also emblazoned with a Pheasants Forever embroidery. 

Other important details of these pants are that they provide adequate water-resistance and they generally run a little small.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Browning website.

Dan’s Brush Buster Briar Proof Pants

The Brush Buster pants are comfortable fitting puncture resistant pants which have proven to be good for wading through brush and briars.

These pants are made with 420 denier nylon and 1000 denier cordura overlays. On the front of the pants, the overlays protect the mid-thigh and below while at the back, the knee line and below is protected.  

Wetting the pants is barely an issue with these pants thanks to the water-resistance of the materials.

Leg zippers exist with these pants. These are helpful for getting some airflow to your lower legs and keeping cool throughout the day.

Other features include a zipper fly and four deep pockets and rivets on the stress points. 

When ordering these pants, you must select your waist size and inseam length. The pants do not stretch due to the neoprene used in the design and can generally run small at the waist. 

Additionally, these pants can wear around the hems at the bottom of the pants which may mean you should order two inches shorter than your regular inseam length.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Dan’s Hunting Gear website.

Filson Shelter Cloth Brush Pants

On the higher end of the thorn proof pant market are Filson’s Shelter Cloth Pants. These brush pants are exceptionally comfortable and versatile from day 1 of their use, requiring no period to break the pants in. 

These pants offer superior protection in fields and underbrush while also having the ability to remain tough and durable for multiple hunting seasons. The pants are created with flat felled seams, double-needle construction and stress points have bar tacking to improve the durability of the pants.  

The pants are made with medium-weight dry finish Shelter Cloth (9 ounces) and an overlay of oil finish Shelter Cloth (11 ounces) on areas expected to endure high-wear. These cloths are magnificent at repelling water and resisting abrasions while also offering good breathability for your legs. 

These pants feature 2 rear pockets (with flap closures), 2 front slash pockets, a wash pocket on right front waistband, a fly zipper, suspender buttons and belt loops. Additionally, the pants have straight leg cuts which can accommodate the usage of most types of boots.

It is important to note that these pants are not machine washable, they should be wiped or brushed clean with a damp rag. The pants will also require rewaxing in order to maximize water resistance. The manufacturers also recommend avoiding prolonged contact between Filson oils and light-colored fabrics (to prevent transfer of oils). 

Filson also recommends that you allow for moderate shrinking of the pants.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Filson website.

Orvis Toughshell Waterproof Upland Pants

Toughshell Upland Pants are phenomenal in relation to overall protection, mobility, and comfort. With this design, Orvis has not only focused on thorn and briar resistance, but also made a major breakthrough in protection against extreme weather conditions. 

This is a two-layered system design which is waterproof (not merely water-resistant) and offers ample breathability, maintaining a dry interior and exterior, even during vigorous exercising. The pants also provide protection against heavy winds, while remaining lightweight.

Intuitively, the shell is an incredibly tough design with rugged puncture and tear-resistant fabric deterring briars and thorns from catching onto the pants. Additional reinforcement is laid over the front of legs, back of lower legs, and cuffs. Unsurprisingly, the shell can withstand and tolerate many hunting seasons/years of punishment.

The pants have a loose and roomy fit which allows for layering when the conditions necessitate it. Waterproof zippers exist on rear pocket, side pockets, side vents, cuffs, and the fly. 

The pants also feature a gusseted crotch with a double snap at the waist, articulated knees to help with mobility, a brushed tricot interior for warmth, and ankle zippers to easily put the pants on-and-off. The pants are machine washable too.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Orvis website.

Advantages of Wearing Puncture Resistant Pants

Though upland hunting or brush pants provide great thorn and briar resistance, there are various benefits of wearing these pants.

  • Mobility. High-quality upland pants allow for incredibly free movement which will become crucial when walking considerable distances. These pants typically offer fits which are appropriate for fields and upland hunting. Essentially, they create available space in strategic areas and stress points allowing for more effortless and free movement.  

  • Water-Resistance and Breathability. Due to the activities performed in these pants, the focus on staying dry, cool, and comfortable on wet and warm days is generally greater than the focus of other types of pants.

  • Features. With brush pants you are more likely to have access to helpful features such as deep pockets, gusseted (and reinforced) crotch, reinforced seat, etc.

A Final Word

Thorn resistant pants should significantly enhance your overall comfort while wading and trekking through fields and underbrush. 

The enhanced comfort supplied generally reflects the careful consideration which goes into upland/brush pant designs. That is, the manufacturers of these pants create pants which ease movement, remain cool and dry, and obviously resist punctures from thorns and briars better than many other types of pants. 

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