There has been a fast and significant improvement in the technology surrounding tree stands over the years.

From the days of the permanent stands consisting of an enclosed platform reached by climbing a ladder to the more modern climbing tree stands and lightest weight hang-on stands the hunter can now raise himself up into a dominant vantage point in a tree.

For those who have bought a hang-on tree stand, there is one more hurdle to jump. You’ve got to get the stand up into position.

Then you have to put on your full body safety harness, attach it to the tree to climb up and down when you take your place to hunt.

To do this, one of your options is to use a set of climbing sticks for tree stand and saddle hunting.

Climbing sticks can be attached to the trunk of your chosen tree and will enable you to climb the tree with relative ease.

From here you can haul up your equipment and pack.

They should be lightweight but sturdy. They will hold your weight and will remain solidly in place.

The available options are quite extensive. Like just about every other piece of equipment, you will need careful consideration weighing up the pros and cons of each one.

Featured below is a comparison table that presents a selection of some of the most popular climbing sticks available on the market today. The table should help you determine which are the best climbing sticks for bow hunting in your particular circumstance.

We have provided a few basic specifications about each one as well as the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Further down the page is a more extensive review of each product along with any features that might help make a particular climbing stick stand out from the others.

Comparison List of Tree Stand Climbing Sticks

Make / Model




24" x 1

2.2 lbs


32" x 4

10.0 lbs


17" x 4



30" x 3

8.7 lbs


32" x 3

13.8 lbs


32" x 3

9.0 lbs


34" x 4

12.8 lbs


32" x 3

12.0 lbs


20 ft

17 lbs


20 ft

20 lbs


17" x 1

24 oz


20" x 1

2 lbs


20 ft

35 lbs



4 lbs


20 ft

23.1 lbs


25 ft

20 lbs


20 ft

33 lbs


Descriptions of Tree Stand Climbing Sticks

Now that we have had a chance to take a brief side-by-side look at a range of climbing sticks we will take a more detailed look at each model. Below is a short review of each one along with product specifications and listed features plus any noted strengths and weaknesses.

Read through the details of each of the climbing sticks reviews below to get a better understanding of what it is that differentiates each product as well as which one might best meet your needs.

Hunting Beast Climbing Stick

The Hunting Beast Gear climbing sticks are very portable sticks that have been built to be both sturdy and lightweight. They provide a firm and reliable climbing support thanks to the deep biting teeth and Versa strap that attaches it to any tree.

Each stick measures 24 inches in length each and consists of the aluminum step plus a fastening strap that will allow it to be secured to the tree. There is a distance of 22” between each step meaning you won’t be stretching unnaturally as you climb.

The steps themselves are 9” in width, double sided and angled for comfortable footing and are grooved to provide more secure grip. The feet will bite into the tree bark to prevent any chance of slipping.

These sticks are sold as single sticks giving you the ability to create a tree climbing ladder that is as long as you need it to be.

Each stick weighs only 2.2 pounds making them among the lightest tree stand climbing sticks available.

It is also possible to get Mini Beast Climbing Sticks which measure 20” in length for a step to step length of only 18”.

Find out more about the products from the company by visiting the Hunting Beast Gear website.

Trophyline Mini Sticks Climbing Sticks

The Trophyline Mini Sticks are single step sticks created by Novix Outdoors. They are designed to provide the saddle hunter with an effective means to scale any size of suitable tree.

The steps are reversible to suit whatever preferred foot climbing order you have.

The sticks measure 17” in length with a 15” step to step distance.

In other words, they are compact, simple to install and will provide access to heights approaching 20 feet, particularly if you include an aider between each stick.

It uses a central tube which is a single piece and the brackets pivot to adjust to all types of unusual tree contours. It comes with a cinch belt and the sticks fit on any tree diameter from 4 – 22”.

They come in packs of 4 sticks. The entire package weighs 5.8lbs and each individual stick weighs 1.4lbs.

The weight limit of these sticks is 350lbs which should cover just about all hunters quite comfortably.

For more information about the company and the products available visit the Trophyline website.

Lone Wolf 4 Piece Climbing Sticks

These climbing sticks are a set of 4 sticks, each of which is 32" in height. They can be used together to reach a height that should get you up to 20 feet up the tree. Each stick consists of 3 steps that are 15 inches apart, a distance that should provide you with a comfortable climb.

The sticks can be attached to the trunk of any tree with a diameter of between 4 and 22 inches.They are attached using the Versa-Button strap that will hold each stick securely in place. The sticks have the capacity to carry a maximum weight of up to 350 pounds.

These climbing  sticks are designed to fit snugly together when they are not in use so it is quite easy to carry them without too much trouble. They are designed to be used in conjunction with the Lone Wolf hang-on tree stand models, the Assault and the Alpha.

Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks

The Helium climbing sticks have been designed to the lightest and most portable climbing sticks on the market.

They have also been designed in a way that is particularly safe due to the dual steps design that enables you to stand comfortably at each step height rather than the alternating step design of some other brands.

The steps are also designed with traction-grabbing ridges so that your feet will not be able to slip off.

The Helium sticks are constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and their light weight is due to the cutouts down their length. Each 30 inch stick weighs only 2.9 pounds.

Stealth features are built in with the Versa button Silent Strap design and silent lock suction cups that holds them together tightly for transport.

Greater stability on the tree comes from the TreeDigger teeth that bite firmly into the bark. They have a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

These are very sturdy and stable climbing sticks that are sold in packs of 3, although it is also possible to pick up extra single sticks if required.

Find out more about the products from the company by visiting the Hawk Hunting website.

Hawk Traction SS Climbing Sticks

As the name suggests, these treestand sticks provide your feet with a maximum of grip through the raised teeth that feature on each step. These teeth grip solidly to the boots so that your footing is assured as you ascend or descend.

The sticks are supplied in packs of 3. Each stick measures 32 inches in length and when they are attached to the tree trunk you have the capability of climbing to heights reaching 20 feet from the ground.

The width of the treads are 11.25 inches wide for plenty of foot room and the oval tubing gives you a solid handhold as you climb. Each stick weighs only 4.6 lbs and they can be stacked together to make them easier to carry. 

When safety and functionality are a priority these slip-resistant steps are an ideal way to climb up to your stand.

Muddy Aerolite Climbing Sticks

The Aerolite climbing sticks are available as a pack of 3 sticks, each section is 32 inches in height. When they are put together, assuming you leave an 18 inch gap between each stick, you will have climbing steps that measures 12.5 feet in height.

The 3 sticks are aluminum climbing sticks and can be attached to the tree using the attached Silent Cam buckle strap. The weight of each stick is 3 pounds to give you a total weight of 9 pounds which makes them the lightest climbing sticks on the market today.

The design has been engineered so that it can be packed neatly to fit with the shape of the Muddy fixed position stands.

The Aerolite can be used on trees with a trunk diameter that is at least 9 inches in diameter and they have a maximum weight rating of 350 pounds.

Xtreme Outdoor Products Climbing Sticks

The climbing sticks from XOP are very well designed with the comfort of the hunter in mind. They come in a pack of 4 sticks, each of which measures 34 inches in length. It is possible to position them so that you can reach heights of over 20 feet.

These sticks have been designed with a slight curve to the steps to increase the grip for your feet. The steps are stored flat to the heat treated steel stick and cane be simply swung out and locked into place when the stick has been hung on the tree.

Another feature that has been improved for the latest version of these sticks is the distance from the bracket to the tree which has been increased by an inch. This makes climbing even easier than before.

The sticks come with quick adjust straps to attach them to the tree and the weight rating is 350 pounds. They have also been designed so they can be locked together when it comes time to carry them from place to place.

Muddy The Outfitter Climbing Sticks

The Outfitter climbing sticks are steel construction sections that are 32 inches long and are available singly or in packs of 3. When they are put together as part of the 3-pack they provide a total height of 12.5 feet.

These sticks will work equally well on straight and crooked tree trunks and feature wide steps to make it easier for ascending and descending. The sticks come with 1-1” cam buckle straps to attach to the tree and this fastening system is designed to operate silently.

Each section has a price of $24.99, so the pack of 3 is available for under $75.00 but it is also possible to expand the pack to 4 sticks if you need extra height and you’ll still be paying less than $100.

These sticks are rated to carry up to 300 pounds and they will attach to any tree with a diameter greater than 9 inches.

Millennium M210 Stick Climber

Millennium has produced a range of good quality hang-on treestands so it stands to reason that the sticks made to be used with them are of similar quality.

The M210 consists of five sections that are light weight and are easy to connect. They are easy to carry which ensures they are suitably portable and are designed most specifically to be used with the company’s M100 Lock-On treestand.

These are relatively lightweight tree climbing sticks considering they provide you with 20 feet of good solid steps. Speaking of the steps, they feature an anti-slip coating for added safety. They are made from steel and have been given a powder coated finish. The top step is a dual step as an added security measure.

Further safety features include a “V” Foot ground stabilizer to ensure the sticks are securely in place at the base, cam buckles and straps that will ensure the sticks are held in place and won’t move. If you need to climb higher than the supplied 20 foot length allows, you can purchase additional 4-foot sections separately.

Big Game The Quick Stick Climbing Sticks

The Quick-Stick climbing system has been constructed from welded steel and are particularly sturdy. The design is a fully extended ladder when it has been put in place and, unlike others it assembles into a single length with the bottom in contact with the ground at all times.

This climbing system consists of 5 individual sticks and each section weighs 4 pounds. When you place the sticks up on the tree you will create an alternating step pattern that features steps that measure 10.5 inches wide.

When the sections have been put together the Quick-Stick gives you a climbing system that will extend to 20 feet in length. The sticks are secured to the tree using five one-inch Cam-Buckle straps.

This system has a weight rating of 300 pounds.

Shikar Climbing Sticks

The Shikar climbing sticks by Out On A Limb Manufacturing present extremely lightweight sticks that stack together in a tight, easy to carry bundle.

These sticks are extremely well made and the design provides a great deal of versatility to cater for different body sizes and heights.

The standard step to step length is 17 inches, however the Shikar comes in a variety of sizes to allow for small or large framed hunters. You can also get it in 12”, 14” 20” or 22”.

They’re available as either single step or double step configurations. And with the 90 degree rotating stand-offs they will adapt for any type of tree trunk shape – straight or crooked.

You can also add an optional Scout platform which replaces the top step to provide a place to stand when hunting from a saddle.

Very easy to carry, very light weight and an extremely effective climbing method, these sticks are worth every cent.

Find out more about the company and the products available by visiting the Out On A Limb Manufacturing website.

Hunting Beast Gear Mini Beast Sticks

These are the smaller version of the original Beast Sticks. Their purpose – apart from providing a means of climbing a tree – is to give hunters a lightweight option to enhance mobility.

The Mini Beast Sticks measure 20” in length, 18” between steps. Each stick weighs 2 lbs counting the strap (1.7 lbs without the strap).

The double steps are 9” wide and are fixed position steps that slope upwards to provide better footing to increase their safety and to make climbing easier.

They’re solidly built, made from 6061 aluminum with a Delrin Beast button and Grade 8 bolts.

They stack tightly for easy carrying and lock onto the tree solidly without any noise. For tree stand and saddle hunters these climbing sticks are next level.

Find out more about the company and the products available by visiting the Hunting Beast Gear website.

Hurricane Safety Systems Gravity Forward Climbing Sticks

These climbing sticks are designed so that they don’t actually attach flush with the tree trunk. These are 20 foot gravity forward climbing sticks and they offer the bow hunter something a little different.

As the Gravity Forward name suggests, the system is set up at a precise angle to the tree to make it easier to climb up and down to your tree stand.

The entire design has been put together to make ascending and descending as easy as possible. The distance between the treads has been reduced to 11 inches and the width of the treads has been increased to 12 inches.

This is a four stick system with the bottom set firmly on the ground. The 4 brackets are different lengths that automatically give you the correct angle at which it is installed. When it has been put in place it gives you a 20 foot long ladder.

The steps are C-channelled to provide additional grip for the feet so that you are less inclined to make a misstep.

By attaching the climbing stick at an angle your center of gravity is moved forward which makes climbing easier. It also makes it more comfortable when hanging your tree stand.

Where some people might have a problem with this climbing system is the weight which is quite hefty at 35 pounds. But one thing is for sure, it is solid and it makes climbing and descending a far easier task.

Rivers Edge Grip Stick

The Grip Stick is available as a single climbing stick but they can be used in a set by buying multiple sections. These sections can be used completely independently of the others so, if you need to climb to a height of 20 feet, you would buy 4 Grip Sticks, fewer if you didn’t need as much height.

The steps are designed as double steps at every level measuring 11 inches in width. They have a Tractionite permanent non-slip coating to ensure your footing is secure.

Each section of the Grip Stick is secured to the tree with the use of a silent RamHorn attachment system which allows the straps to hook quickly, efficiently, securely and without noise. It is compatible for use on trees with trunk diameters between 8 and 20 inches and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Guide Gear 20' Climbing Sticks

The Guide Gear climbing sticks are available as packs that are either 20 feet or 25 feet in length. In this case we are looking at the 20 foot length version which consists of five 4-foot sections.

These climbing sticks are constructed from steel and, compared to other products, are quite heavy. They are, however, very durable and sturdy and when they have been placed on the tree will provide a solid climbing frame.

The sticks are designed to be anchored at the bottom by placing the lowest one on the ground. The other sticks then sit on top of the next and are attached to the tree using the supplied nylon belt.

These climbing sticks are clearly way cheaper than any other brand. Many customers have suggested they believe they have received a good product for their money.

Those who have scored it lower have done so complaining that the quality of materials is not up to the expected standard.

It is designed to be able to carry up to 300 lbs.

X-Stand The 25' Stick

This is a climbing stick constructed of steel that comes in 5 sections and provides you with a climbing height of 20 feet. There is an extra 5 feet to a top handle that has been added to allow you to hold on as you step down into your tree stand.

The steps themselves are quite wide, measuring 15 inches across and they have been angled so they face away from the tree for more room for your feet.

They are also serrated edged which will avoid a build-up of mud and debris and will also provide greater grip as you climb.

The step spacing is a comfortable 14 inches between each. It sits far enough away from the tree to comfortably allow your boots access with plenty of space.

The maximum weight capacity for the entire package is 300 pounds.

Muddy The Ascender Climbing Sticks

The Ascender is a climbing system that comprises of 5 sections and enables you to climb to a height of 20 feet when you leave an 18 inch gap between each section. It steel tubing built and each section attaches to the tree trunk using the supplied cam-buckle strap.

Compared to other climbing sticks on the market today, this is one of the heavy options with each section weighing 6.6 lbs. That gives you an overall weight of 33 lbs for the entire pack, a weight that could be quite significant if you were to be carrying it, along with your hang-on stand into position over rough or sloping terrain.

The heavier weight means, though, that it is a solid stand. It has angled steps for better grip by the feet. They measure 11 inches in width and sit out from the tree by 8 inches to provide you with a comfortable climbing option that is pretty straightforward to set up and use.

The Ascender has a maximum weight rating of 300 pounds and can attach to trees with trunks that are at least 9 inches in diameter.

We Say...

A set of climbing sticks is a low environmental impact option for climbing into tree stands

Reasons For Using Climbing Sticks

Low Environmental Impact

One of the nice features of a set of climbing sticks is that they are low impact to the environment. For some people this is a very important consideration and makes a good reason for using them over other climbing systems. The fact that the sticks are attached to the trees using straps means that the trees won't be damaged and they can quickly be removed after use without leaving behind any evidence that they had been there.

Easy to Carry

Quite frankly, your alternative to this type of climbing system is a ladder and, let’s face it, you’re not lugging a ladder through dense undergrowth or up and down hills before you get to your treestand.

The technology used to make climbing sticks continues to improve and this means they are getting lighter and have innovative storage features built in.

This makes it even easier to carry them into position as part of your hunting pack. The ability to create a lightweight climbing system is a big asset to your hunting arsenal.

Basically, the best way to carry climbing sticks is to have them stacked in a compact pile and then lash them to the pack at the back where they will be out of the way.


The use of climbing sticks is a safe option that provides the hunter with an easy to install method using equipment that has few or no moving parts. This means there is less chance that it can fail.

As the technology has improved we have seen more innovative ways to ensure the footing is solid and the grip is secure. We have also seen significant advancements in attaching the sticks to trees.

Simple Installation

Because there are almost no moving parts with the majority of climbing sticks, the process of installing them usually comes down to correctly hooking the accompanying nylon straps and then drawing it tightly around the tree.

It is possible to practice with these sticks at low altitude to confirm that you have set them up correctly and this should give you the confidence to put them in place higher up the tree.

Not all tree stand climbing sticks are made the same. Light or heavy, long or short, cheap or expensive. There are a many factors to consider before you buy one.

What Should You Consider When Buying Tree Stand Climbing Sticks?

There are a few basic considerations that may make a difference as to which climbing sticks you buy. While they generally perform the same task (i.e. get you up a tree to your hang-on treestand) they each have their subtle differences.


By far the most important thing about the climbing sticks you choose is how safe they are. If you’re climbing off the ground there will always be the possibility of a fall and this could be disastrous. Safety precautions, small and large should all play a part in making your choice.

Look for climbing sticks where it sits further out from the tree at the bottom than it does at the top. The feeling of climbing at an angle is far more comfortable than clinging to vertical rungs. The Hurricane Safety Systems Gravity Forward Climbing Sticks are a perfect example of this.

Consider the distance between the steps carefully. You will feel far more comfortable if the steps are reasonably close together. The further apart they are, the more difficult you will find it to climb.

Take a close look at the sticks’ weight rating. You must consider both your weight as well as the weight of the equipment you will be carrying up.


Weight is always a significant consideration to a hunter who is already loaded down with a lot of gear. Chuck a set of climbing sticks into the mix and the weight grows considerably. A good set of climbing sticks might weigh around 10 pounds which is pretty good and if they can be packaged up to be compatible with your tree stand then you will barely notice that they are there.

Climbing height capability

The majority of hunters would like to get around 20 feet high when they sit in their tree stand so the climbing sticks you buy should have the capability to reach that. Depending on how far apart you place each section, most 3-piece sets will get you 20 feet up.


No matter how light the sticks are and no matter how high they will get you, you want to feel safe as you climb and this comes down to how sturdy the sticks are as well as how securely they are attached to the tree.


The convenience of carrying climbing sticks into place comes down to more than simply how light they might be. They need to be bundled into a small enough package that they can be stowed on your pack without having to worry that they will a) get in the way while you walk, or b) randomly slip out because they can’t properly be secured together. If this is an important feature you're after you should specifically be looking for packable climbing sticks such as the Xtreme Outdoor Products Climbing Sticks.


This is always going to be a factor in any purchase and with climbing sticks you have to weigh up the same trade-off of buying an inexpensive model that may not be quite as sturdy or a solid set that costs a little bit more.

With climbing apparatus we are dealing with safety equipment and, as far as I’m concerned, I’d be prepared to pay a little bit more if it meant that it would give me a more reliable and solid way of climbing a tree.

It is more likely that the more expensive climbing sticks will provide you with more years of use and, in the long run, could actually give you better value for money.

Which One To Buy? - It May Be A Question of Light vs Heavy

For some people the choice of which climbing aids to buy might come down to the amount of weight they are willing to carry. We can quickly see that the lightest options available are the Lone Wolf and the Muddy Aerolite Climbing Sticks. It is also hardly surprising that they sit at the top of the comparison list as the highest rated options.

The Case for Light Sticks

It’s a simple case and it’s one that hunters make over and over again from their bow to their optics to their daypack and the clothes that they wear. Every ounce saved is a saving in energy for the hunter and this has an impact on their shooting performance.

If a hunter can rely on a light set of climbing sticks they will then be able to expect to hunt for longer and shoot more accurately.

That being said, some hunters believe the long wait in their tree stand may offset the expenditure of energy that comes with carrying heavier equipment and that leads us to…

The Case for Heavy Sticks

There is most definitely a place for the heavier sticks as well. Some people prefer the factors such as a sense of security while climbing and comfort over the burden of carrying them.

When you take a look at the features of the Hurricane Safety Systems Gravity Forward Climbing System you can see that there are a lot of reasons for buying it just to be able to enjoy the comfortable climbing experience.

Heavy duty climbing sticks will give you a solid base to use, they will be durable and, consequently, long-lasting and they will also give you a greater sense of stability. This is very important for maintaining your confidence as you use them. 

Using Your Climbing Sticks Safely

For the most part, the process of setting up and using climbing sticks and other types of climbing systems is a fairly straightforward process. However, it involves dealing with heights and moving yourself off the ground and this immediately raises safety concerns.

It is vitally important that you read all safety warnings and instructions supplied with your climbing sticks.

When you attach your climbing sticks to the tree you will need to ensure all straps are properly secured and there is no excess movement or chance of slipping. Movement will create an unstable climbing system and can also cause the straps to wear unnecessarily quickly.

We have also provided a detailed guide explaining how to use tree stand climbing sticks.

Are Lightweight Climbing Sticks Safe?

The tendency with a lot of hunting products is to make them as lightweight as possible in the knowledge that there will be a lot of trekking over tough terrain to be done. Not only will the hunter have to carry the tree stand into position but the climbing sticks will also have to be hauled in too.

Given that tree stand safety is a massive consideration there must be some thought to ensuring that the equipment you use is as safe as possible. No doubt, there will be concerns surrounding the lightest climbing sticks available and whether they are up to the task of holding your bodyweight effectively.

With the development of lightweight materials and their use in the construction of climbing equipment, there should be no concerns over them based on their weight.

As an example, the Muddy Aerolite Climbing Stick is one of the lightest available and it is made from aluminium with the attachment strap secured by a robust buckle.

As long as the sticks have been installed correctly as per the mounting instructions and you are wearing your TMA Approved safety harness there should be no trepidation in using them, no matter how light or heavy they are.


The quick and easy way of climbing a tree to hang and then get into your hang-on or permanent tree stand is by using climbing sticks. They are safe to use when properly installed and they are convenient to transport into place.

Many people have enjoyed the convenience and reliability of each of the models that are examined above and have found that they will continue to perform year after year.

Good hunting.


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