Upland hunting can be absolutely exhilarating, but enjoyment from hunting is strongly correlated with using gear suitable for the terrain and conditions expected when hunting upland birds. 

Essentially, the gear you use (or don’t use) can be the determining factor in deciding whether your hunt is successful or not. Upland pants are critical to remaining dry and protected while hiking through the rough outdoors.

Browse through our selection of available upland hunting pants. 

These pants provide great protection against weather (wind-resistance and water-resistance), are well ventilated and breathable, while also being lightweight and abrasion-resistant.

Ultimately, the pants selected in this list are excellent pants for hunting pheasants, grouse, quail, and other upland birds. 

In our comparison table, we have included the weight of the pants, and the technology/fabric applied to effectively protect against abrasions.   

Note that the listed price is the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price which is usually higher than the prices that they can usually be found.

Comparison of Upland Hunting Pants

Make / Model


Thorn / Underbrush Protection


19.4 oz

2-Layer Reinforced Nylon Paneling



330-Denier Nylon Overlays


25.6 oz

Toughshell Fabric


25+ oz

Abrasion Resistant Oil Finish Tin Cloth


10.8 oz / sq yd

Stretch Paneling and Rugged Construction


12 oz

Briar Resistant Overlay

$69.99 -



330-Denier Cordura Ambush Facing


Details of Upland Hunting Pants

Now that we have had the benefit of viewing a selection of upland hunting pants with basic details displayed side by side, possibly helpful features can be easily identified along with the recommended price of each. 

Below is a more detailed description of each product with a short review of each that describes the features of each.

First Lite Sawbuck Brush Pant

First Lite Sawbuck Brush Pants are incredibly comfortable and durable pants, built to keep you mobile while navigating through rough environments.

Crafted with 4-way stretch nylon with double-panel nylon panels and triple-needle reinforced stitching, these pants fit and move similarly to a climbing pant yet remain unbelievably tough. 

The pants have an articulated fit, and built-in stretch for unobstructed mobility and full range of motion. For all-weather capability, the pants are treated with Durable Water Repellent.

The waistband of the pants is rigid and reinforced for greater strength. The pants can accommodate suspenders (not included) and belts thanks to available loops. Additionally, the pants generally run true to size.

The legs of the pants are wide which allows them to fit over boots (or can be tucked into boots). 

There are two front drop-in pockets and two rear drop-in pockets.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the First Lite website.

L.L. Bean Men's Tek Upland Waterproof Briar Pants

As the name implies, L.L. Bean Tek Upland Waterproof Briar Pants are terrific pants for hunters who require protection against abrasions and wish to remain dry while hunting pheasants, quail, and other upland birds.

The pants are built with a (100%) rugged nylon exterior fabric and features innovative TEK 3.0 waterproof fabric which allows moisture to escape while also resisting wind, rain, and snow. This enhanced breathability and durability does not affect the weight of these robust pants. 

High wear areas (namely the pant legs) are overlaid with 330-denier nylon to improve the ability of the pants to withstand terrain filled with briars and thorns, and ultimately protect you and the waterproofing layer from punctures and scratches. 

These pants have built-in articulation for a wide range of motion and feature reinforced cuffs for added durability.

The pants sit low on the waist and are straight from the hips to the thighs for a streamlined look. They are typically a true to size fit, therefore it is recommended that you order your normal size.

The pants are machine washable and dryable and include three waterproof zippered security pockets; two in the front and one in the rear.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the L.L. Bean website.

Orvis ToughShell Waterproof Upland Pants

Toughshell Waterproof Upland Pants from Orvis are built to guarantee superior performance in the thickest and roughest underbrush on your hunts. They are exceptionally comfortable, tough, and easy to move in.

These are pants that you will come to appreciate when the weather becomes cold, wet, windy, and frankly unbearable.

Crafted with nylon, this is a two-layered system design. This double-layer system is waterproof and breathable, ensuring the interior and exterior of the pants remains dry. The pants provide great wind resistance while also remaining lightweight.  

The ToughShell fabric is unsurprisingly tough, rugged, and tear resistant. This fabric is implemented to prevent briars and thorns from getting caught on the pants. The shell can tolerate multiple seasons/years of punishment.

For further protection against abrasions, the pant legs and cuffs are reinforced with overlaying fabric.

The active fit of the pants can accommodate additional layers when the conditions warrant it. The pants have articulated knees and a gusseted crotch for unrestricted movement.

These pants have ankle zipper for easy on/off of boots and a brushed tricot lining for greater warmth and comfort.

The pants are machine washable and include side vents, a rear pocket, and waterproof, zippered side pockets for safely securing items.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Orvis website.

Filson Double Hunting Pants

Filson’s Double Hunting Pants uses a combination of flexible comfort and ultra-tough reinforcement in areas most important. Whether navigating through cattails for pheasants, or thorny cover for quail, these midweight pants will provide ample protection to successfully hunt these birds.

With quality fabrics and a superior design, the pants will keep you out in the field all day and leaves hunters with zero excuses to end their hunts early.

These double layer hunting pants provides protection akin to armor. In these pants, you will be unaffected by water and clingy vegetation. 

These pants are constructed with a tightly woven 11-ounce cotton fabric known as Shelter Cloth which has an oil finish (special paraffin wax) which provides outstanding water and abrasion resistance while also providing ample breathability. 

The leg fronts and lower-rear are reinforced with an additional layer of 15-ounce, tightly woven canvas duck fabric known as Tin Cloth (also treated with special wax) for even greater water resistance and ability to deter heavy underbrush.

The seat is also equipped with the double-layer reinforcement which prevents your backside from getting scuffed or wet when sitting.

The pants have extra room in the thighs and seat for unrestricted range of motion, even with heavy base layers. They also have wide cuts to accommodate many types of boots.

DO NOT WASH OR DRY CLEAN. These pants should be brushed or wiped clean with a damp rag. For maximum water resistance, the pants will require rewaxing.  

The pants are designed with a belt loop waistband, slash hand pockets in the front and flap close pockets in the rear.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Filson website.

Kuhl Rydr Men’s Pants

Kuhl’s clothing is generally intended for rock climbing, skiing, and outdoor active wear. Nevertheless, many upland hunters have found that Kuhl Rydr Pants easily satisfy their hunting needs thanks to the toughness, durability, and overall comfort of the pants.

These pants are made with 98% Combed Cotton and 2% Spandex in a lightly brushed twill. The rugged construction in combination with stretch paneling and scuff guards allow these pants to withstand significantly thick underbrush.

For enhanced freedom of movement, the pants are equipped with an articulated knee design and the pants have a full fit through the thighs, knees, and lower legs. Additionally, the gusseted crotch of the pants re-enforces freedom of motion.

The pockets and cuffs are reinforced for greater durability. The pants are machine washable and includes a pocket intended for phones. After multiple seasons of hunting, you will notice some wear on the pants.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Kuhl website.

Browning Upland Pheasants Forever Pants

Browning’s Upland Pants are recognized as one of the best upland pants relative to their price. Designed to provide superior performance during the hunting of quail, pheasant and other upland birds, these pants are ultra-tough and durable while also being lightweight and comfortable.  

The pants are built from 100% woven cotton canvas and implements a briar resistant overlay to reinforce the fabric and allow hunters to remain unharmed from sharp vegetation.  

Browning acknowledges that thorns and briars are most likely to puncture your skin from underbrush under your waist and consequently apply nylon overlays from the thigh of the pantlegs down. 

The overlays insignificantly affect the bulk and weight of the pants. The smooth surface of the overlays allows wearers to slip through heavy brush.

These pants feature deep front pockets, flap rear pockets, and a zipper fly. The pants are also emblazoned with a Pheasants Forever embroidery. 

These pants provide sufficient water-resistance. In relation to size, the pants generally run a little small.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Browning website.

Cabela's Upland Traditions Pants for Men

Cabela’s Upland Traditions make for great upland pants. These particularly lightweight and reliable pants are tough yet breathable and will no doubt support you in your hunts. 

The pants are crafted with 100% tightly woven cotton which provides excellent protection against punctures, scuffs and abrasions resulting from briars/thorns and clinging vegetation.

These pants feature 330-denier Cordura Ambush nylon facing for even greater briar and thorn resistance. 

Although the pants are tough and resist clingy vegetation, they provide terrific breathability which makes them a comfortable pair of pants to wear on mild/warm, early-season hunting days. 

These pants include hand pockets, two button-flap rear pockets, integrated belt loops, and suspender buttons.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Cabela’s website.

What To Look For When Buying Upland Hunting Pants 

There are several factors which are considered to be essential when purchasing upland hunting pants. 

Particularly effective pants will be quite costly; thus, you should consider your options and determine which factors are personally most vital for your hunts.

Wind and Water Resistance

Upland hunting generally locates you in open fields, meaning you are likely to be exposed to significantly strong winds on your hunts. 

Additionally, you will often be moving through heavy and long vegetation which can hold plenty of water, and consequently soak a large portion of your pants.

Effective upland pants will have tightly woven fabric to prevent air from passing through the pants at speed. Manufacturers also try to limit the bulkiness of the pants for greater wind resistance.

The fabrics used for the exterior of upland pants are usually quite resistant to water, and some are entirely waterproof. Durable Water Repellent treatments are sometimes added for greater resistance to water.


Upland hunting requires a significant amount of walking/hiking. Generally, your legs will become warm and sweaty when walking considerable distances.

Favorable upland hunting pants will include features which improve pant ventilation and allow air to cool your legs. It is often wise to wear upland pants with extra side vents for increased breathability and/or pants with leg zippers for even greater ventilation. 

Another pant feature to consider is fabric/technology which can wick moisture away for quick drying of the pants. A good example of pants which implements moisture wicking technology is the L.L. Bean Upland Pants.  

Another important factor which relates to hiking is the weight of the pants. Upland hunting requires hunters to be mobile and agile therefore you do not want to carry too much weight on your pants.

Abrasion Resistance

As mentioned above, Upland birds are found in thick underbrush which can catch onto your pants, leaving the pants (and possibly your skin) vulnerable to scratches, tears, and scuffs. 

The key protection against briars, thorns, and brush, is the protective layering, which is placed over the exterior of the pants, particularly in the high wear zones. 

The best reinforcement will be strategically placed, have multiple layers, and will have plenty of treatment for superior abrasion resistance. The Filson Double Hunting Pants is a great example of pants with a large focus on protection against briars and thorns. 

However, it is important to note that typically the more protection / reinforcement the pants have, the heavier they will be.

A Final Word

The hunting pants selected for this list provide good breathability, weather protection, and abrasion resistance, making them well suited for effective upland hunting.

They are expected to enhance your overall satisfaction and comfort while wading through fields and underbrush searching for upland birds.

Although these pants are designed to keep you cool on upland hunts, there is nothing stopping you from wearing them as mid-layers for late-season hunts.

If you wish to remain well protected and dry while hunting upland birds, these pants are great for fulfilling your desires.

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