A lot of emphasis is placed on the upper part of the body and the jackets, vests, shirts that you are layering yourself with to keep yourself warm during the cold winter months.

But the bottom half of the body shouldn't be forgotten either, and that's where a top quality pair of insulated hunting pants are crucial for your comfort and hunting success.

The trick with equipping yourself properly is in assessing the conditions into which you are venturing and then wearing clothes that will best suit them.

Hunting pants is an important part of the process and while donning warm and comfortable hunting pants will not necessarily help you shoot more accurately, they will certainly keep you comfortable and, thus, more likely to remain focused on the task at hand.

Just like your insulated hunting jacket, your pants are going to form part of a well thought out layering plan so that they will complement the thermal gear you are wearing underneath.

A good pair of insulated hunting pants should keep the lower half of your body warm and dry and should also offer protection from sharp objects as well as allowing you ease of movement.

The hunting clothing industry continues to develop at a rapid rate and that’s why there are many worthwhile pants to consider. We have put together a selection of some of the most popular winter hunting pants as well as some of the biggest sellers on the market and compared them to help you find the best winter hunting pants in any winter condition. 

Comparison List of Winter Hunting Pants

Make / Model





Realtree Edge
Realtree Xtra
Realtree Original
Lost Camo XD









Mossy Oak Break Up



Approach Camo



Open Country


Descriptions of Winter Hunting Pants

Now that we have had a chance to get an idea of the different makes and models of pants and bibs that are available, as well as the available colors and designs, it is now time to browse through some reviews of each product.

Read through the reviews that have been put together below to understand the features that make each pant distinctive. From this you should be able to get a clear understanding about which one offers the best value for money and provides you with the functionality that you are after.

ScentLok Full Season Taktix Hunting Pants

Features and Specifications

  • Thigh and back pockets zippers
  • Hidden zipper in hand warmer pockets
  • Bottom leg zippers
  • CF inner flap
  • Fully Taped
  • Thinsulate Platinum XST Insulation
  • Kryptek Shield

These pants have been designed to provide a comfortable yet tough barrier to the harsh conditions into which you will be venturing. The microtricot shell features a Neverwet coating to repel water so that you will remain dry in all conditions. The surface is also resistant to abrasions with the panelled surface will ensure a long-lasting life.

The interior of the pants are based around a microfleece lining that serves the dual purpose of trapping in the body’s heat while also wicking away moisture from the skin.

Good movement is assured thanks to the articulated knees along with an inner thigh gusset. There is plenty of storage spots in the garment with eight pockets allowing for all of your gear to be tucked away and easy to access. There are also 18 inch zippers that reach the knees to enable the pants to be put on and off over boots.

The pants are equipped with an opening that will provide harness access.

Of course, being made by ScentLok, the material features odor-fighting Carbon Alloy technology to help you in your quest to remain undetected.

Customer Testimonials

Wore these pants in an early morning bow hunt opening day here in NY, along with my "Early Season" ScentLok zip up jacket. The morning was around 48 F and I had 2 does and a 4 pointer get downwind of me and didn't spook them. There was also an 8 pointer that came in at 40 yards of me, but never got a shooting chance. With these pants keeping me warmer than my boots were able too, it made the misty rainy weather bearable, and I was able to stay scent-free, dry, and warm.


Got these in December , very high quality but small to size . I purchased large and they are a lil tight ! Hoping the stretch a lil ! Usually large are loose on me.


These pants are awesome, super quiet, comfortable and warm. They are for mid season 40 to 60 degrees. I went out in 30 degrees and was still fine with my normal layers . Pockets work well and i love the placement of them. Worth every dollar in my opinion.

Kryptek Vellus Pant

Features and Specifications

  • Neverwet finish repels water and heavy oils
  • Microfleece lining
  • Abrasion-resistant panels increase durability
  • Odor-fighting Carbon Alloy technology
  • Articulated knees and inner-thigh gusset
  • 18" knee-length zippers
  • Eight pockets

The Kryptek Vellus features a 100% polyester fleece that has been reinforced with Thinsulate Platinum XTS Insulation. The significance of this is that the pants can be warm in a wide variety of temperatures and climates and still remain comfortable. It doesn’t matter whether the temperature is 15 degrees or up to 50 degrees.

The pants are waterproof and windproof with the seams taped to keep out the elements. It is also very breathable with its laminated fabric.

The fabric has a great deal of stretch so that it will move with you as you push through difficult terrain. It is also comfortable and, importantly, silent. To top things off, the pants have also had scent control built in so that it can compete as one of the most effective pairs of pants on the market.

Customer Testimonials

I was skeptical at first. It has been so long since I have tried wearing fleece and decided to give the Vellus garments a try.

My initial reaction was how comfortable the fit was. The next reaction was amazement at how quiet it was while doing some vigorous exercised trying to make it make noise! Nothing!

I used in in wet conditions in temps in the 20's and loved its performance! Fleece that is windproof and waterproof?! How can you go wrong!

Great addition to any kit!!


I purchased these pants for bow season in Michigan.  I was able to wear them this weekend for a gun hunt and they are by far the best quality pants I have ever owned.  The fit is perfect I bought a Large. (I wear size 33 pants) I am 6'1 the length is good. They are silent to move in and all the mechanical parts seem very sturdy.  They Are tight enough that I can wear them as a base layer for extreme temps and I can get a base layer under them if needed for cooler temps. I am extremely pleased and would recommend these to anyone that likes to stay warm and quiet.  I have not tested them in rain although I did put them through some windy conditions and they broke the wind great. You will be happy with these.


The pants fit great. They are warm, and the zip up pockets will be extremely useful while hunting this year. Although I wear medium-longs, I decided to order a large and they ended up being too big for me without having to wear a belt. Kryptek does a pretty well job at posting the sizing charts, which I will have to pay more attention to in the future and urge others to do the same


Have had the jacket for three years already and love so decided to get the pants as well. In one day I had a morning on stand that started in the 30s, warmed to the mid 40s, and ended with wind and rain. I stayed warm and dry with just these pants and the jacket, no additional rain gear needed and they’re dead silent as well. What more could you ask for in a hunting garment, get em.

First Lite - Sanctuary Insulated Bib Pant

Features and Specifications

  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear over other layers
  • Actual Weight: 60oz (size large)
  • High back, waist, knees - 100g 37.5 Cocona Insulation
  • Silent construction provides quiet insulation and wind-proofing
  • Moisture resistant DWR exterior repels snow and rain
  • Thigh Cargo Pockets
  • Exclusive 37.5 fabric uses Active Carbon Technology moving perspiration (human signature) to the outside of the garment where it is functionally neutralized
  • Insulated high back with suspenders
  • Proprietary drop seat zipper system for complete thermal regulation and instant call of nature response
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

The Sanctuary is a high quality late winter bib that will provide warmth and protection in the most extreme of conditions. They are well insulated with seven layers of fabric to retain warmth and they feature a DWR exterior that will repel rain or snow.

The material will naturally stretch so that your range of motion will not be hampered. They have 37.5 technology which use patented active particles embedded at the fiber level to capture and release moisture.

It will help to keep out the wind and wearing them will give you the chance to stay longer in your stand without feeling discomfort from the weather.

These pants might primarily be used for tree stand or waterfowl hunting. They have been designed to complement the job done by the Sanctuary Jacket.

Customer Testimonials

So my bibs are awesome, the fit, finish, and design all exude quality. I have sat in the pouring rain, sleet, and snow in a metal hang on open to the elements tree stand and not once has my lower body even thought about getting cold. I intend to buy another pair whenever it is these wear out. The only thing I wish is that from the knees down instead of the stretch quiet material they had a more thorn durable material due to the fact I hunt in some thick junk. I pack the bibs in sometimes but I'd much prefer being able to walk in with legs and butt flap unzipped to release my heat then zip up when I get situated, overall I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again just have to be careful where you walk if you have a thorny area like me. Anyone who wants to stay warm no matter the situation these are your bibs. 


I wear XL for all my pants and had not had issues with fit with my gear to this point. I originally ordered XL thinking it would fit the same.. No such luck, it fit very snug across my abdomen. I returned it and got the next size up and have had no issues since.

I love how easy it is to put on over top my layers even while harnessed in the tree stand.I have spent up to 9 hours in the stand in Late fall in Ontario in sub freezing temps and not had major issues with warmth... The only thing that got cold for me was my feet. I love the amount and location of pockets and even found two very small pockets on the inside on my kidneys, found these the perfect size for a pack of hand warmers adding extra warmth for my long days in the stand.

Yukon Gear Men's Insulated Pants

Features and Specifications

  • Yukon Gear Camo Hunting Pants are fully insulated with WPB (waterproof, breathable) material
  • 240 g (8.5 oz) brushed poly tricot pants
  • Available in camo pattern
  • 2 side pockets, 1 front pocket and 1 rear pocket

These waterproof hunting pants have been made from 240 gram 100% polyester. They are designed to provide you with a warm and waterproof barrier from the outside conditions. They are also breathable to ensure that comfort is assured.

Additional protection from the external conditions comes from tables at the bottom so that the fit is snug to the ankle and no draft can find its way in to chill the lower legs.

The pants have ample pocket storage with two side pockets as well as a rear and a front pocket.

At well under $100 for these pants, you can see that they represent the best value for money winter hunting pants in the range.

Customer Testimonials

I cannot say enough good things about these pants. I've been using them for two hunting seasons now and they have held strong through some pretty nasty stuff. They are a little warm for early archery season when the temps are above 40 ish (especially when walking). I've used them in temps well below freezing with nothing underneath and they are plenty warm. I was duck hunting this weekend in below zero temperatures and all I had on was a thin pair of thermal underwear and these pants and I was very warm.


I duck hunt with a dog which means these pants get pretty wet (when the dog shakes off on your leg) and I can honestly say these pants are pretty well water resistant. I never tried sitting in water or anything like that but it does shed water pretty good.


As far as sizing, I'm 5'10" 180 lbs and usually wear a 32-32 jeans size. I purchased the medium size and they are probably an inch and half too long in the inseam and I need to wear a belt (maybe a half in big in the waist). Overall I think they fit pretty good. I'd rather them be a little too long than too short and need to wear a belt than be too tight.


These are VERY warm, and may be too warm if you are being too active so a bit of caution as to not overheat or sweat too much. The outer material is rather soft, which helps be extremely quiet if you are actively hunting. durable and comfortable construction, i was able to use these the whole hunt, and machine washed with no problems. I would have no problem buying another pair, or even getting these as gifts for friends/family.

Badlands Calor Pants

Features and Specifications

  • Ultra Quiet Water Resistant Softshell Construction
  • Durable And Soft Tricot Lining
  • Heatwave™ Ceramic Print For Additional Warmth
  • 5 Secure Pockets
  • Knee High Boot Zipper
  • Keprotec® Reinforced Knees and Cuffs

This is a quality pair of pants that feature a softshell exterior that will ensure silent movement through the more difficult terrain. It also has Heatwave Technology that is designed to provide extra warmth in cold conditions.

The Tricot lining is a soft inner surface that will prove to be durable while also providing comfort and ease of movement.

Features that most hunters will appreciate include the 5 secure pockets that will enable plenty of small items to be carried as well as the knee high zippers to allow the pants to be removed and put on over boots.

This is a pant that will provide plenty of warmth while sitting and waiting but it is also recommended to use it as part of your layering system for proper effective cold weather conditions. It has been proven by previous customers to be a very durable garment that is most suitable for the hunter who is more likely to sit and wait rather than the spot and stalk hunter.

Customer Testimonials

Ultimately, I wanted an all-around pant that I can wear from early season to late season. So here is my personal opinion on it: 

The Good:

1. The pant is very durable. This pant definitely does not get torn apart when bushwhacking, and getting brush and thorns catching onto it.

2. The pant is very warm. This pant is definitely a great pant if you are planning to sit and wait during the late season when it's cold out. However, you'll need to layer up with base layers if you're hunting anything below freezing temperatures.

3. The pant is quiet. When you rub it against it each other, it's definitely not 100% silent, but it is silent compared to a lot of other clothes.

The Bad:

1. This pant is a lot heavier than I initially thought. When I put this on, I can definitely feel the weight on my hips which, personally, is not something I am a fan of.

2. The fitting is pretty good on this pant. However, I am just not a fan of how wide the lower part of the pant (from the knee to your ankle). I feel like I can fit both of my lower legs into the bottom part of the pant. I prefer an athletic fit, but if you like your pants to be wider around your lower leg then this may be for you.

3. The pant is also stiff. The other pants I wear are a lot thinner and when you walk, the pants move with you. Since this pant is so thick and heavy, I feel like it's restricting and slightly resisting my ability to walk. You can definitely walk just fine with it if you ignore it, but I can only ignore it for so long before it becomes unbearable.

Sitka Coldfront Pants

Features and Specifications

  • Gore-Tex Softshell
  • Micro-fleece grid backer
  • Reinforced seat
  • Zippered thigh pockets
  • ¾ zippered legs for easy on and off

When would you wear these pants? They are billed as late season back-country pants that will provide you with protection against the harshest conditions. There are numerous features built in that are designed to keep you warm and dry in particularly cold temperatures.

The Coldfront pants have a Gore-Tex softshell that is three-layered to make it completely waterproof and windproof giving you significant protection. The Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish will help it resist light rain conditions so that the fabric does not become waterlogged.

The pants have ¾ length zips so they can be put on and taken off very easily in all types of conditions. There are also zippered hip pockets for secure storage that is also easy to access.

Customer Testimonials

I use these & the cold front jacket in December through March in the mountains of northeast oregon while lion hunting. I make sets for an hour at a time in the harshest winter conditions. I've always said that "there is no bad weather, just bad clothing" and this Cold front Sitka gear allows me to spend countless time in the woods when there is no one else out there.


While they're my favorite wet weather pants, they're NOT waterproof at all. They're a little more water resistant than many "micro porous" garments but if the geniuses at Sitka would dampen a piece of carpet and sit on it for two minutes they'd modify the silly "100% waterproof" claim. The pros: They're fairly durable (I'd estimate I've worn them approx. 30 days and they're just starting to wear through in a couple of spots near the cuffs). The full length zippers are the best feature. Very easy on and off over boots. I'd give 'em 3-1/2 to 4 stars if they cost half as much but at their cost, expectations are higher.


Best fitting hunting pants I have worn. They fit good are comfortable and great to hike in. They are a little noisy when walking. The biggest problem I have had is they leaked the first rain storm I was in. I got soaked from the waist down. One of my guides bought a pair also and his leaked as well. I bought the cold front Jacket along with the pants and the jacket has preformed flawless never leaking and keeping me dry in the worst of rain and snow storms. Great pair of pants as long as it doesn't rain or snow.

The winter hunting pants that have been presented on this page are specifically made for men and are designed to be worn in colder weather conditions. They will be suitable as part of a layering system and will prove to be a very effective outer layer.

The inclination may be to head straight to the bigger hunting clothing brand names but this may not be necessary, depending on the type of hunting you are planning on doing.

If your main aim is to remain warm and comfortable in extremely cold temperatures, your best option may be to wear ski pants or back country hiking pants built with significant insulation properties. 

Another option to keep your legs warm is to wear a pair of down insulated hunting pants.

It may be a balancing act of pairing functionality with affordability.

With so many different pieces of equipment that will prove necessary for hunting you may have to find the pants that offer you the best bang for the buck.

We have included a few options above that we feel makes that pairing very suitably. 

For the upper part of the body you could pair these pants with any of the suggestions analysed as part of our investigation into what we consider the Warmest Insulated Hunting Jackets.

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