There are times when it is necessary to sit as high as possible to ensure you’re getting the entire view of the local area. Putting yourself in a tall or, indeed, wide hunting chair sets you up nicely for taking a solid shot at any type of game.

In addition, not everyone comes with the same body shape as the average Joe and those who are larger require a suitably sized hunting chair.

Fortunately, there is a solid range of hunting chairs designed for the big and tall hunters to provide them with a comfortable place to sit for prolonged periods of time.

Listed below is a selection of big and tall chairs that provide the height and comfort requirements that larger hunters are looking for.

We have added a list of the main specifications of each as well as the company’s MSRP. Further down the page is a more detailed review of each chair.

Comparison List of Big and Tall Hunting Chairs for a Hunting Blind

Make / Model






21" x 19"

20 lbs

500 lbs


20" x 17"

8.5 lbs

400 lbs


38" x 20"

13 lbs

800 lbs


24" x 18"

26 lbs

450 lbs


16" x 11"

39 lbs

300 lbs


Description of Big and Tall Hunting Chairs

Having had a chance to browse through the chairs recommended for their added height we will take a look at a more detailed overview of each.

Each of these brief chair reviews aims to provide you with extra information about the scope that is not otherwise immediately apparent in the summary list such as special unique features.

It should also help you in working out which would prove to offer you the greatest value in terms of its effectiveness.

Guide Gear Big Boy Hunting Chair

Product Specifications

  • Seat Dimensions: 21” W x 19” D 
  • Seat Height: 20”
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Capacity: 500 lbs

This is a swivel hunting chair that sits at the head of the field in terms of comfort, functionality and size.

It will swivel a full 360 degrees in total silence giving you the opportunity to take your shot in any direction.

The seat fabric is Dura Mesh which provides a comfortable sling type of seat that breathes to keep the body temperature constant. This material is also suitable for dealing with wet weather.

It has a heavy-duty steel frame that is capable of supporting weight up to 500 lbs and the wide feet means it won’t sink into the ground.

When you’re finished and need to transport it, the chair folds down flat and features an attached carry strap.

Find out more about the company and the products available by visiting the Sportsmans Guide website.

Millennium G100 Swivel Hunting Chair

Product Specifications

  • Seat Dimensions: 20” W x 17” D 
  • Seat Height: 16-19”
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Capacity: 400 lbs

This is a comfortable ground blind chair made by treestand specialists and the result is a quality chair that offers plenty of silent movement within a ground blind.

The frame is constructed from aluminum and the seat fabric is the ComfortMax material that is used in the popular treestand seats. This material makes it comfortable for the hunter through its breathability as well as the give that essentially provides a sling-like support.

It has been pre-drilled so that it can accept the Millennium shooting rest if you wish to add on to it.

It features 360 degrees of swivel and has adjustable legs to compensate for sloping ground. It also folds down into a compact size and weighs only 8.5 lbs making it extremely portable as well. Although it is light in weight it is also very sturdy and has a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs.

The size of the seat measures 20 inches wide by 17 inches deep and the height of the seat adjusts from between 16 inches to 19 inches high.

This is a ground blind seat that is designed to offer the comfort that will allow for hours of continuous use.

Find out more about the company and the full range of products available by visiting the Millennium Treestands website.

ALPS OutdoorZ King Kong Camping Chair

Product Specifications

  • Seat Dimensions: 38” W x 20” D 
  • Seat Height: 18”
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Capacity: 800 lbs

The King Kong is primarily a camping chair but it is a substantial size and would serve the purpose as a solid hunting chair.

Compared to many other hunting style chairs, the King Kong is significantly bigger and boasts a carrying capacity of 800 lbs, which is huge.

This is a classic folding camp chair that quickly collapses into a compact bundle making it easy to carry. However, due to its size and the steel frame that supports it, the weight could be an issue, particularly for hunters who are carrying a lot of gear to their site.

On the plus side, there are cup holders built into each arm support as well as storage pouches on the sides and the back, making this a very handy addition to the blind.

The seat material is a 600D polyester material using the Realtree Edge design.

SmithWorks ComfortQuest Sport Chair

Product Specifications

  • Seat Dimensions: 24” W x 18” D 
  • Seat Height: 18-23”
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Capacity: 450 lbs

The ComfortQuest Sport chair is a swivel chair complete with padded arm rests and the target market is the bigger hunter who is looking for the most comfortable chair possible.

The chair is built from heavy duty reinforced aluminum and has a large sized seat measuring 24” x 18”. The seat itself is padded with a depth of 2” and is covered with a 600D water resistant polyester fabric.

The seat height adjusts from 18” to 30” which should cater to all body sizes and shapes.

The rotate feature operates silently on ball-bearings and can rotate through 360 degrees.

With a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs this sports chair is capable of holding anyone who cares to take it into the field.

The legs are removable for transport and the chair folds to a compact size and packs away into the supplied carry bag.

Find out more about the company and the products available by visiting the SmithWorks website.

Benchmaster Sniper 360 Shooting Chair

Product Specifications

  • Seat Dimensions: 16” W x 11” D 
  • Seat Height: 17-20”
  • Weight: 39 lbs
  • Capacity: 300 lbs

This is another seat designed to give the shooter a combination of quick and silent movability as well as comfort during the slow times.

The seat size provides plenty of room measuring 16 x 11 inches and it comes with arm rests and a foam back to ensure you are sitting comfortably. But the comfort doesn’t stop there because the back of this chair can also recline by up to 50 degrees.

They have given some thought to the bow hunters with the removable arm rests to allow for a full range of necessary movement.

A significant feature of the chair – and it isn’t noticeable to look at it – but the legs are multi-position capable so they can be altered so that the seat is level on uneven terrain.

At 39 lbs, this is not a hunting chair that you’re going to be carrying long distances. As long as your blind is reasonably close to wear you might park your car, it should be possible to bring it in and (I would suggest) leave it there.

The rotation mechanism allows the seat to revolve through a full 360 degrees and it does so smoothly and in complete silence.

Find out more about the company and the products available from the Benchmaster website.

The hunting chairs presented above cater to the larger sized hunters to accommodate either taller bodies that require an extra tall seat or the larger type who would appreciate more width space.

But no matter whether it’s a swivel chair or a simpler folding type, extra room can be found without having to compromise on comfort or safety.

Looking for even more hunting chair options? We have done a comprehensive examination of low-profile hunting chairs for the turkey hunters to consider as well as a run-down of swivel hunting chairs for the hunter in the blind.

As a tall guy you don’t want to find your knees up under your chin because the seat is too close to the ground and with seats that adjust to up to 30” in height there should be no problem in sitting comfortably for hours at a time.

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