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Address: Canton, Ga.

Phone: 678-208-3429


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Black Eagle Arrows is a family owned and operated company that is committed to creating the best possible carbon arrows at the lowest price. 

The precision arrows are used by serious hunters and high-class tournament shooters alike. 

The arrows are consistent in their straightness with many people reporting the tolerances are actually better across a dozen than those stated.

The hunting arrows have been created to suit compound bows, crossbows and traditional bows. Competition arrows have been designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Listed below is a selection of arrows that are considered the featured products of the Black Eagle Arrows range. 

Instinct Traditional

These arrows have been created so that traditional shooters don’t have to use traditional arrows. They are wood-grained carbon arrows and they have been designed in a micro-diameter size that will help to offset the off-center design of recurve and longbow risers. They have a Duracoat wood grain overlay finish.


These hunting arrows have been designed to use the characteristics from both larger 19/64” and smaller 17/64” shafts. The outside diameter is small so that accuracy and penetration is maximized. They feature a straightness tolerance of either .001” or .003” and are available with spine ranging from 200 to 500.


The Vintage arrows were the first in the Black Eagle range to combine the wood grain finish on a carbon shaft. The arrow’s cresting is hand painted and the Duracoat wood grain overlay finish allows refletching and cresting. The straightness tolerance of these arrows is listed as .005”.

Zombie Slayer

These are standard diameter carbon arrows that have been manufactured with the tightest straightness tolerances of .001” or .003”. They are available in a spine range starting at 300 and progressing out to 600. These are serious hunting bows that are designed to make the most of the kinetic energy imparted on them.


These are carbon hunting arrows that have been produced to provide hunters with a small diameter arrow that is available at a value price. It has an inside diameter of only .204” and it has a straightness tolerance of .005” or better. They are advertised as great long-range arrows that won’t be impacted by crosswind drift.

Executioner Crossbow

These crossbow arrows are recognized as being among the best in the world. They come with a brass insert included in the arrow and optimized F.O.C. they have been made as performance arrows. They have been built with enamel so that they are particularly durable and will withstand all types of punishment.

Black Eagle Sizing Chart

We have provided a copy of the Black Eagle Sizing Chart for compound bows and recurve bows. It assumes a 100 grain point is being used. To get a better look at the chart, click on it to expand it to a full page view.

It must be remembered that the selection of arrows displayed on this page is a small part of the Black Eagle Arrows range.

Not only are there many more arrows available but the company also provides an extensive array of components that are important in helping you to set up your arrows.

Nocks, inserts, bushings, points and fletchings are all available for every arrow. It is also possible to buy a quiver or bow case as well a various items of apparel.


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