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If you're familiar with hunting turkey in the spring, you've most likely heard the term "shoot-through mesh."

Shoot-through mesh, used as windows in hunting blinds, are pieces of see-through fabric that you can shoot arrows through without the mesh changing the course of your shot.

Ground blind manufacturers often design their products with these mesh window coverings to guarantee concealment from the elements and the line of sight of your prey.

The design ensures when the right shot comes around, you'll be ready to make an accurate shot through the shoot-through mesh.

On the other hand, many hunters can't help but think: Does shooting through mesh affect shot accuracy?

If you're shooting an arrow directly through a semi-solid material, will it not affect the arrow's direction?

Let's look at some of the evidence that points to how shooting through mesh affects your shot.

Does Shoot-Through Mesh Affect Shot Accuracy?

While everyone will have different experiences with shoot-through mesh depending on what arrows you use and the quality of mesh you purchase, the general consensus is that shoot-through mesh does not affect shot accuracy.

Cheaper blinds may have more wrinkles, increasing the likelihood that your arrow will hit an uneven portion of the mesh and slightly change courses. Purchasing a higher-quality mesh may help you avoid this issue.

For those worried about potentially losing valuable arrows from an inaccurate shot through the mesh, some suggest testing out shooting through a mesh window on one of the sides of the hunting blind that has a mesh window you don't often shoot out of.

This way, you can get used to the feeling of shooting through the mesh and better prepare for your first real shot during the hunt.

Can Mechanical Broadheads Shoot Through Mesh?

Some hunters have noticed that their shot is often feeble and inaccurate when they shoot with a mechanical broadhead. This concern is valid.

Mechanical broadheads deploy their blades when they come into contact with a surface after being shot.

Since there is still some, albeit very little, resistance involved when shooting through the mesh, many hunters have witnessed their arrows struggle to cut through the mesh. This disruption can completely ruin a shot.

Experts suggest that you use a fixed blade broadhead over a mechanical broadhead for this reason. With fixed blade broadheads, the blade is already open and ready to slice through the mesh easily.

The lack of resistance the arrow faces also helps guarantee that your shot will be accurate.

Can Deer See Through Ground Mesh?

Although shoot-through mesh is primarily used in turkey hunting, a ground blind is used in deer and turkey hunting. Mesh windows should conceal you from both deer and turkey, but there are several extra precautions you can take to help you remain more concealed.

Not pressing against the mesh, wearing all black, and restricting movement inside the blind as much as possible will help keep deer from noticing you.

Some experts also suggest that putting a distraction like a fake squirrel near the blind can divert attention from you.

It is recommended that you hunt deer with the mesh up. Open windows quickly put off deer.

This effect is called the "black hole" effect. Keeping the mesh up will let you trick the deer into coming closer more easily.

Turkeys are not as aware of their surroundings as deer are, so hunting them with the mesh down should still offer good results.

Final Thoughts

Shoot-through mesh offers many benefits to hunters looking to witness their catch get extremely close to their prey before the hunt starts.

Despite all of the benefits associated with the shoot-through mesh, there is plenty of room for error. Buying quality, wrinkle-resistant mesh, and fixed blade arrowheads can help keep your shot as accurate as possible during a hunt.

Wearing black, minimizing movement, and using distraction tactics near your blind can be ways to guarantee complete concealment in the blind from both deer and turkey.

No matter what you're hunting, shoot-through mesh offers a discreet and exhilarating hunting experience.

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