Address: 602 Fountain Parkway,

                 Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Phone: (800) 237-4507


More Information

The company’s “edge” is the fact that it builds both arrows and broadheads in the same place. This means the company is able to provide a complete hunting package that is created to work as an integrated unit.

Bloodsport has also introduced a couple of concepts designed to assist the hunter. It offers its patented Blood Ring that will help track the kill. The Reliable Outsert Component (ROC) system adds weight to the arrow to provide greater penetration and a harder impact.

The range of compound arrows include models such as Justice, Bloodhunter, Punisher, Hunter Extreme, Prosecutor, Onyx, Evidence, Timberwolf and Judgement.

The crossbow arrow range includes Witness, Hunter Crossbow, Hunter 20”, Hunter 22”, Witness 20” and Witness 22”.

The selection of broadheads available from Bloodsport include the Nitefall, Nite Fury Extreme, Gravedigger Extreme Chisel Tip, Gravedigger Extreme Cut-On-Contact, Deadline, Night Fury, Gravedigger Chisel Tip and Gravedigger Cut-On-Contact.


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