There are a few options when aiming to combine a backpack with a quiver.

The first are the backpacks designed with a built-in quiver that gives you the convenience of using an all-in-one option without having to worry about attaching an external quiver.

The other is to use simply attach your quiver, whether that’s a bow mounted quiver, quick detach quiver or other style to your backpack using compression straps.

The point of using a backpack with a quiver is to save on the number of individual items you have to carry as you make your way to your hunting site.

A specifically designed backpack with quiver can effectively increase your arrow storage in a way that is safe and that protects the arrows from moving around as you walk.

It also means you can mount your quiver onto your bow with arrows attached, effectively doubling or more the number you can carry trouble-free.

Here we’ll take a look at the various backpacks with a built in quiver. We’ll examine the backpack features as well as the way in which the quiver is integrated into the pack design.

By comparing each hunting backpack with quiver we are in a much better position to decide which one might be most useful in a hunting scenario.

Comparison of Hunting Backpacks With Quivers

Make / Model


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26 x 13 x 8

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Description of Bipods Recommended for the Rifle

Now that we have had the benefit of viewing a selection of quality insulated hunting boots side by side against each. The basic details and features available can be easily seen along with the recommended price of each.

Below is a more detailed description of each product with a short review of each that describes the features of each. Take a closer look at what insulated hunting boots for men that are available below.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Backpack

The design of the Pursuit lends itself to the longer distance trekker who wants all of their equipment, bow, quiver, clothing, to be secured leaving the hands free.

The pack has a large main compartment for all of your smaller items.

A separate expandable bow pocket and lashing straps ensures the bow is secured so that it won’t move and there is a quiver holder on either side of the pack.

When the bow is loaded up it sits comfortably on the back and remains steady using the padded waist belt.

A center aluminum stay provides strength and stability throughout the core of the pack.

Added features such as a blaze orange rain cover and hydration pocket and port ensures this is a very useful all around hunting backpack suitable to long day treks.

Find out more information about the company and the full range of products by visiting the ALPS OutdoorZ website.

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Backpack

The Traverse is a larger backpack suited to long expeditions with expandable storage compartments to pack meat if required.

The pack is framed with a unique H-frame design to handle heavier loads and the shoulder straps and waist belt is padded.

There are numerous options to extend the capacity of the pack from both the inside and out with extension lashing straps as well as hidden pockets in places such as the waist belt.

A drop down pocket makes it possible to secure a bow or gun and side compression straps means you can secure your quiver so that it is both accessible and tightly in place.

It comes with a blaze orange rain cover and includes a hydration pocket and port.

Find out more information about the company and the full range of products by visiting the ALPS OutdoorZ website.

Rancho Safari CatQuiver III Pack

This is a tough and durable backpack that provides a great way to carry your quiver if you’re not interested in mounting it on your bow.

The pack features two compartments that are both a suitable size for storing a significant amount of gear you would expect to need during a day’s hunt.

The nice feature of the pack is the way they hide and protect the arrow fletching while allowing easy access to the arrows.

It comes with 4 tension straps to increase the loaded capacity.

Rancho Safari has a number of CatQuivers in its range that provide storage packs of varying sizes.

Find out more about the company and the range of products available by visiting the Rancho Safari website.

GamePlan Spot-N-Stalk Sling Pack

This is a lightweight sling pack designed to provide quick and easy access to the quiver while also enabling some of your smaller items to be secured safely.

Any one piece quiver mounts to the side of the pack using the adjustable straps provided or by mounting a quick-release base on the pack’s grommet system.

As well as the main compartment the pack has a number of strategically located external pockets to store small items that may need quick access such as a rangefinder or glasses.

This is a simple design with the over-riding feature being the ability to attach the quiver.

Guide Gear Camo Quiver Pack

This is a small, simple pack that offers a larger main compartment along with a number of small pockets to allow for equipment storage required while hunting.

As well as the standard types of storage pockets the pack also boasts an insulated pocket that will keep food cold.

The main compartment zips open and the closing flap lays completely flat giving you total access to the contents with the pack lying flat on its back.

While this is advertised as a quiver pack, the quiver section is simply a sleeve at the back that fits arrows without providing any protection from movement. Not only that, there is no guard for the broadheads which would completely ruin the fabric of the pack.

In order to properly use the quiver for hunting you would have to fashion a DIY arrow holder into it with small pipes and foam filling.  

Horn Hunter MAQ Quiver G3 Pack

This pack is designed to be used as a tree stand pack and that’s noticeable by the ease of accessibility to the compartments that it has.

The top flips open in a way that, if it were hanging on a hook, for example, all of your small items would be easy to get to.

There is plenty of room in the main compartment as well as straps on the sides, front and bottom where you can lash and store further items of equipment.

The side of the pack features grippers where the quiver sits tight and the arrows are easy to get to when loading the bow.

Other treestand specific features that come with the pack include a 25 foot pull-up rope, a treestand hook and a pull-out rain cover.

Find out more information about the company and the full range of products by visiting the Horn Hunter website.

Turn Any Backpack into a Quiver Pack

With the quality and range of hunting backpacks being produced these days it should be possible to turn any pack into a hunting pack with quiver holder.

You can do this by virtue of the lashing straps that come as standard with any good quality backpack.

If you find a backpack featuring adjustable side straps you should be in business.

You can simply loosen the strap, slide any one piece quiver underneath and then cinch it tight.

This will definitely do the trick as you’re making your way to your hunting blind or treestand. It will also give you good service if you wanted to use it for stalking.

The only thing you’d have to be careful of is that you still have easy access to the arrows and drawing one out can be done smoothly and quietly.

You can find a good selection of small backpacks here, any of them will provide you with ample storage as well as multiple ways to fix quivers and other items to the outside.

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