As we get older our eyesight inevitably starts to deteriorate. This can’t mean that we have to put up with fuzzy sight pins and difficult-to-see targets.

If you’re having trouble focusing on the close object (the pin) as well as the far object (the target) or just one of these, there are some solutions to try.

To continue to enjoy the sport it is necessary to come up with a bow sight that is suitable for bad eyes, or at least, eyes that are anything less than perfect.

Faced with sight pins that are in any way dull or difficult to properly see can be the biggest hurdle to cross when out in the field. This can be exacerbated if you’re shooting from a heavily overgrown location or even a ground blind.

Fortunately, there are quite a few options when it comes to bow sight manufacturers who have done a great job in producing bow sights that contain bright and clear pins and sight windows.

We have put together a list of bow sights that hunters have agreed suit their poor and slightly failing vision by still offering a clear and sharp picture.

In addition, we have added a number of other products that have been very useful for clearing pins and targets.

Make / Model

Pin Size









.019", .029"



.010", .019"









Perhaps Try A Verifier

Before shelling out for a new bow sight which may look to be an expensive option, the first option you may want to try is to introduce a Verifier to your rig.

This is a product offered by Specialty Archery.

A Verifier is a small lens that is clicked into your peep sight. It is designed to help anyone who has difficulty focusing on their sight pins. They can be simply screwed into the peep with an included tool.

They come in a range of strengths so that they are suitable for use no matter how bad your short distance vision may be.

They will fit into peep housings as inserts for 1/8, 1/4 and 5/16 inch threads and they will screw straight in.

The Verifier comes in strengths for glasses wearers described by a simple numbering system which can be illustrated by the table below.

verifier no.


No. 4


No. 5


No. 6

1.27 - 1.75

No. 7

1.75 - 2.0

No. 8

2.0 - 2.5

No. 9


The aim when looking through the verifier is to see clear pins as well as a clear target.

Sharpen the Target With A Clarifier

This next solution is only for those who already use a scope or lens.

As with the Verifier it comes from Specialty Archery.

The problem may be a blurry target. In this case you may need to use a clarifier which is a small lens that can be screwed into the peep housing.

When using a Clarifier the once-blurred target will be sharpened so that it will be clearly seen along with the pin in the foreground.

A Clarifier is designed to be used if you are shooting with a pin sight with a lens.

The Clarifier works in concert with the lens to create the clearer image that you’re looking for.

A Larger Pin Size May Help

Generally speaking, pins come in 3 diameters: .010”, .019” and .029”. As your vision diminishes and you find it more difficult to see or focus on the pin you may find it necessary to increase the size of your pin from .010” to .019” or .029”.

As we can see from the above there is a marked difference between the .019" pin and the .010" pin.

The larger the sight pin the greater the amount of light that will be displayed and this should help for it to show up clearly when you sight on the target.

Try Changing the Pin Fiber Color

There is evidence that shows that the older we get the more difficult it is to focus on certain colors.

Red is one of those colors and it is not uncommon to experience a halo-type effect where the dot begins to shimmer and blur.

The recommendation for older shooters is to use green pins. This is particularly the case for those finding it difficult to clearly see red or yellow sights.

Description of Bow Sights

The comparison list above provides some of the basic specifications about each of the bow sights that may be considered as suitable for people with poor eyesight. We will now take a more in-depth look at each bow sight, listing their features as well as what you can expect if you were to purchase one.

HHA Sports Optimizer Lite XL5500

The Optimizer Lite is generally acknowledged as one of the most popular single pin bow sights being sold today.

It is a suitable sight for people with poor vision because of the large sight window, the mechanical rheostat that offers fiber brightness control and the crisp, clear pin.

The sight housing is solid machined aluminum to offer outstanding pin protection.

Windage and elevation adjustment is achieved with smooth tool free precision and ease and the sight tapes and clear and accurate.

More information about this sight can be found at the HHA Sports website.

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Bow Sight

The Fast Eddie XL is a great solution for hunters with poor eyesight. The large sight housing that surrounds the single pin provides you with a large field of view.

The Spot Hogg sights also feature the MRT Pin Guard which not only features brightly colored scope rings but also help in centering the pin housing in the peep sight.

The sight is available with a Wrap Kit which gives you longer fibers and that means a brighter, more visible pin when it is exposed to natural light.

In low light situations it is also possible to install a light that is capable of giving you three different brightness levels.

More information about this sight can be found at the Spot Hogg website.

HHA Sports Optimizer Ultra

Another highly rated bow sight that will suit older eyes is the Optimizer Ultra series from HHA Sports. This is the sight that has won the Bowhunting World’s Reader’s Choice Award for best moveable sight.

The sight is particularly tough with pin protection provided by a machined aluminum pin carrier. It is also easily adjusted with tool free windage and elevation made by smooth operating machined brass gears.

It also comes with a mechanical rheostat to ensure the fiber optic brightness can be controlled.

The sight tape is highly visible and can be quickly and simply dialled in to give you exact distance readings.

Although it is recommended that the .029” fiber diameter is chosen, the sight is also available with either .010” or .019” diameters.

More information about this sight can be found at the HHA Sports website.

Trophy Ridge React One Pro

The React One Pro is another single pin bow sight that offers a large uncluttered window with an easily adjustable sight.

The sight is made from 100% engineered aluminum along with hardware that is made from tough stainless steel.

The .019” diameter sight pin uses a bright green fiber optic and it is easily adjustable with tool-less micro-click windage and elevation adjustments. It also features second and third-axis leveling.

Visibility of the pin is enhanced by the fiber optic ring and the pin rheostat light that will ensure it is visible in dull to dark conditions.

This is a very good bow sight that is bright enough and clear enough to be suitable for moderately vision-impaired hunters.

More information about this sight can be found at the Trophy Ridge website.

TruGlo Range Rover Pro

The Range Rover Pro features PWR-DOT technology that provides a highly visible dot (or dots if you prefer the double LED pin) that is adjustable for both targeting and visibility.

The sight window is large and uncluttered and makes it particularly easy to center the target.

The 2 dot model uses a crosshair targeting reticle in the sight window that helps to bring your target into accurate focus. The Zero-In technology means it can be micro-adjusted for elevation with a smooth dial.

The LED appears as either green or red to cater for all levels of eye capabilities and offers 11 different brightness settings.

More information about this sight can be found at the TruGlo website.

Apex Gear Covert Pro

Another sight that uses the PWR-DOT technology instead of the more traditional fiber pin, the Covert Pro is available as either a single or double dot configuration.

This bow sight uses a riflescope-style crosshair reticle instead of sight pins that assists with acquiring the target.

The sight features an illuminated dot that is micro-adjustable with both second and third degree adjustments which can be controlled using a gear-drive elevation control.

It uses a rear facing yardage tape that will allow you to adjust for shots out to 120 yards. There are 11 levels of green illumination to choose from so that all light conditions are catered to.

The sight is also available in a 2-dot model which includes a red dot as well as the original green dot.

More information about this sight can be found at the Apex Gear website.

We have stuck largely to single pin bow sights because the sight window is less cluttered. However it would be just as reasonable to try a 3 pin bow sight, particularly if the pin fibers are green and bright.

You don’t have to give up your sport just because your vision is not what it used to be. As we can see above, there are products available that can be used to ensure you won’t be hampered.

The good news is that the accessories that are available are not overly expensive and can give your hunting experience a new lease on life.


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