Bowtech Archery began life when John Strasheim and a partner had some ideas on how the archery industry could be improved with new technology. The company was not going to be getting into the bow production side of things, but that soon changed in 2000 with the production of the Black Knight. This bow was billed as the fastest bow in the world and sales took off from there.

It didn’t take long for Bowtech to expand with the acquisition of Diamond Archery in 2004. It’s with Diamond Archery that the company produces some of the best single cam bows on the market.

The technological advancements that began the company’s life also continued with a unique dipping facility to apply ink design to the bows. This was then followed by the creation of Bowtech’s Binary Cam System which has since been applied to all Bowtech compound bows.

Another Bowtech innovation is the Center Pivot riser technology that has been put into the company’s Guardian and Commander bows.

Bowtech is a leading manufacturer of compound bows that continues to expand in both the bows that are being brought onto the market and the accessories that back the bows up. The compound bows produced by the company cater for all styles and experience levels and testing out a few should pay handsome dividends  so it would pay to keep a close eye on the newer release Bowtech bows that hit the market each year.

Listed below is a listing of all of the individual Bowtech compound bows that have been examined and offered for sale

BowTech BT-X 28 - (2016-17)
The Bowtech BT-X 28 compound bow is part of a duo of flagship bows released by the company for the 2016 season, the other being the BT-X 31. The bow is compact but powerful and has been created to suit the treestand or the ground shooter.

Bowtech BT-X 31 - (2016-17)
The Bowtech BT-X 31 compound bow is part of a duo of flagship bows released by the company for the 2016 season, the other being the BT-X 28. This is the slightly larger and more powerful bow of the pair and will suit the larger framed shooter who shoots from the ground.

Bowtech Prodigy - (2015-17)
The Bowtech Prodigy compound bow helped to introduce PowerShift Technology, a new piece of technology to give you greater versatility in the shooting styles available. The bow is fast accurate and smooth from the start of the draw to release.

Bowtech Fuel - (2014-16)
The Bowtech Fuel compound bow has been released during 2014 as a bow that is designed to suit all levels of shooting capabilities, no matter how big or small, young or old the shooter may be.

Bowtech RPM 360 - (2016)
The BowTech RPM 360 compound bow represents the newest top end speed bow from the Bowtech stables and is the fastest bow produced by the company.  The bow is packed with a swathe of new designs and features.

Bowtech Boss - (2015-17)
The Bowtech Boss compound bow has been designed for the larger framed hunters who require a longer draw length. The bow measures 36 inches axle to axle and the draw length ranges from 26.5 to 32 inches.

Bowtech Experience - (2014-16)
The BowTech Experience compound bow has started with the technology that has ensured the company is one of the most respected in the industry and then added to it to create the smoothest and most forgiving bow possible. Every aspect of the design of the Experience has been developed to improve the shooting experience of the hunter

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