As a hunter, you should always find room in your quiver for a couple of arrows with Judo points for small game.

Or, at least, small game heads that are very similar to the Judo head.

The Judo points are Zwickey broadheads, are virtually indestructible and will grab onto anything they hit so you won’t lose them in the grass or undergrowth.

They differ from normal broadheads and are ideal for small game such as squirrels, rabbits, turkey and the like.

How Does A Judo Point Broadhead Work?

These small game broadheads feature a blunt head surrounded by wire prongs in a cage formation.

The blunt head kills through blunt force trauma and is very effective at putting critters down fast.

The wire prongs are designed to grab onto anything within reach so that if you miss they will stop suddenly in the grass, making them easy to find and recover.

When Do You Use a Judo Point?

The first point to make clear is, you should never attempt to take down small game by using arrows tipped with field points.

They simply won’t do the job effectively. There are many stories told about seemingly perfect kill shots resulting in the animal either taking off with the arrow, never to be seen again or the arrow passing straight through with no effect on the animal.

At the other end of the spectrum, larger broadheads are overkill and do too much damage, particularly if you’re after the meat of a small rabbit or squirrel.

So, on that basis, you use a small game broadhead when you are going after small animals or birds such as rabbits, squirrels, quail.

The blunt tip varies from one manufacturer to the other but the design may be spherical, fluted or flat. 

In each case, the design means they won’t burrow deeply into grass or lodge immovably in a tree stump.

Comparison of Small Game Point Broadheads

Small game broadheads come in an array of different designs, each with strong reasons for buying and using them.

We have provided a short review of some of the more popular that are readily available today.

Zwickey Judo Points

The Judo points by Zwickey are one of the most popular types of small game broadheads being sold today.

This blunt point has small springs encircling the end to help with retrieval.

Despite these springs, the Judo is very effective at penetrating game and putting down anything it hits.

They are designed to fit all carbon and aluminum arrows through the industry standard 8-32 thread.

You can get them in either 100 or 125 grains.

Find out more about the company and the range of products available by visiting the Zwickey Broadheads website.

VPA Small Game Thumper

This is a small game stump shooter made from high carbon steel and heat treated to make it as tough and as durable as possible.

The design uses sharp machined cutting edges combined with a hollow point nose that will cause severe damage to small game.

The head is available as either a screw-in or a glue-on.

The range of available weights is extensive: 100, 125, 150, 200, 250 or 300 grains.

They are available in packs of 3 for $15.99.

More information about these points or anything else in the range can be found at the Vantage Point Archery website.

G5 S.G.H. Small Game Head

The G5 Small Game Head uses a slightly different design to deliver another broadhead that is devastating to small animals.

The head features a blunt tip to deliver the initial blunt force trauma to the animal. This is followed by specially wicked curved blades for a severe ripping action.

The shape of the blades will also prevent the head from burying itself into the ground in the case of a miss.

The S.G.H. is available in packs of 3 with an MSRP of $24.95.

More information about all products in the range by visiting the G5 Outdoors website.

Allenn Ninja Small Game Point

The Allen Ninja small game point performs and looks very similar to the Judo point.

It features a blunt nose surrounded by the spring loaded prongs to make it recoverable.

It is available in the 100 grain weight and comes in packs of 3 or packs of 6.

According to the Allen website you can pick up a pack of 6 Ninjas for $12.99.

Find out more by visiting the Allen Archery website

Ramcat Smoke Small Game Head

The Ramcat Smoke small game head is another curved blade meat grinder of a head that will create maximum devastation for the game you’re chasing.

The head starts with a wicked point to penetrate solidly and the 1-⅛ inch diameter blades will do the rest of the work.

The Smoke is available either as 100 or 125 grain broadheads.

They come in packs of 3 and have an MSRP of $24.99.

Find out more about all products from the company by visiting the Ramcat Broadheads website.

Dead Ringer Jiu Jitsu Point

See what they did there?

Another small game head modelled off the design of the Zwickey Judo with 5 spider legs to prevent loss in the long grass.

This is a stump shooting head with a compact blunt nose capable of providing extreme force when it hits the target.

It will survive numerous shots and is suited for any speed of compound bow.

They are made with a weight of 100 grains.

You can get them in packs of 3 with an MSRP of $9.99.

Find out more about the company and the range of products available by visiting the Dead Ringer website.

Due to the size of the game you’re shooting at and their closer proximity to either the ground or a tree, the small game heads need a different design to the big game broadheads.

This design serves the hunter very well and not only hits hard and with devastating effects but also helps make the arrow recoverable.


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