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The Carbon Tech arrows have been designed to offer both hunters and competition shooters a solid range of arrows that provide speed, penetration and kinetic energy.

The range is not the broadest in the industry but the arrow do cover all types of shooting scenarios.

Presented below is the range of hunting and target arrows that provide the features specific to each model’s design.


CT Cheetah

This is an arrow that has been designed to provide the maximum possible speed it can. The all carbon composite arrow is light in weight and will suit the 3D or field shooter who is looking to maximize their speed.

The arrow is engineered using the proprietary multi-directional layering design for greater accuracy.

CT Lynx

This is the Carbon Tech small diameter option. It consists of a .204” shaft which concentrates the energy to create greater penetrative power. It is an arrow that is made using the usual carbon composite construction and it has a stated straightness tolerance of .005”.

CT Panther

This is a tru-tapered shaft that exhibits the tapering along the entire length of the shaft. By deciding how you cut the shaft you can control the adjustment of the spine.

The arrows are engineered with its Precision Multi-Directional Carbon Layered Design for a consistent set of arrows when you buy a dozen. The straightness tolerance of the arrow is .005”.

CT Rhino

This arrow has been designed as the heavier arrow in the range. It is a solid arrow that is used by hunters looking to maximize kinetic energy.

The arrows are available either as the standard Rhino with a straightness of .005” or as the Rhino XP with a straightness of .0015”.


CT Cheetah

As already mentioned, this is the speed arrow in the range and is suited to the 3D shooter.

CT Whitetail

This is an arrow that has been created with a combination of speed, accuracy and strength. It is built with the proprietary multi-directional layered design gives the arrow a barrelling effect for greater speed and consistency.

The arrows are available either as the standard Whitetail with a straightness of .005” or as the Whitetail XP with a straightness of .0015”.

McK Junior

This is an arrow that has been designed specifically for the kids. It is a super-light skinny arrow that is suitable for use with lighter draw weights. It will provide greater travel and trajectory than what the heavier arrows will provide.

McKinney II

This is an arrow that has been marketed as the fastest arrow in the world. It has been designed to provide maximum distance with less poundage.

The additional speed that can be attained using this arrow means the trajectory is flatter and that means less wind drift.

The arrow has been engineered using high tech, space-age carbon to make it lighter while maximizing the exactness across arrows.


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