Among the top bow hunting sight manufacturers are Custom Bow Equipment (CBE) and Black Gold, both of which are responsible for a couple of the more popular 5 pin bow sights on the market in 2020.

CBE Engage Hybrid


Black Gold Ascent Verdict

The Engage Hybrid from CBE and Ascent Verdict from Black Gold have been given a good examination in relation to one another to help decide which might best suit your hunting needs.

These are bow hunting sights with price tags that sit at the middle of the range so you can expect to get a good set of features from each for your money.

First we’ll take a look at the side by side comparison of the two sights before getting a more detailed description of each and then finally examine what each sight might offer that the other doesn’t.

CBE Engage Hybrid

Black Gold Ascent Verdict


No of Pins: 1, 3, 5

Pin Sizes: .010” or .019”

Weight: 13.2 oz

MSRP: $309.99 - $329.99

No of Pins: 1, 3, 5
Pin Size: .019”
Weight: 8.7 - 9.4 oz
MSRP: $265.95 - $289.95


  • Rapid Drive for fast adjustment
  • 2nd & 3rd axis adjustment
  • Revolve Micro Pin System
  • Armed Guard Fiber Management System
  • Hybrid elevation adjustment
  • Micro adjustable windage
  • Dovetail mount
  • Fluorescent peep alignment ring
  • Laser engraved aluminum sight yardage
  • Sight light
  • “Dial of Death” Adjustment System
  • 2nd & 3rd axis adjustment
  • PhotoChromatic shell
  • Splined vertical drive gear for smooth adjustment
  • 2x or 4x lens adaptable
  • X-Frame or Dovetail base
  • Level Head Sight Ring
  • Angled (45°) sight tape
  • SkyCoil light gathering

Description of the Bow Sights

Now we’ll take a more in-depth look at each of the bow sights we’re examining to get a better idea about what they offer the bow hunter.

These descriptions will provide a more expanded explanation of the specifications and features listed above to give a better understanding about what makes each sight tick.

CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight

This is a bow sight that is notable for its ease of adjustment courtesy of Revolve Micro-Pin system that enables you to lock the pins individually so that a single pin may be engaged and micro-adjusted without affecting the others.

This is a smooth operating fixed pin sight that benefits from the Blade pins that are available with either .010” or .019” fibers.

It is bright and clear and has a fluorescent peep alignment ring and sight light so that it will be fully functional in low light situations.

While this is one of the more expensive 5-pin sights, it is also particularly simple to use and will provide you with a great deal of versatility and accuracy.

Find out more about the products available by visiting the Custom Bow Equipment website.

Black Gold Ascent Verdict Bow Sight

The Ascent Verdict bow sight has been developed to provide maximum adjustability on a lightweight but solid base. It weighs only 9.4oz and uses a streamlined Y-beam design to give it strength and stealth.

It features 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability that can be controlled with an easy to access “Dial of Death” SureGrip knob. The splined vertical drive gear that makes it more durable in movement is quiet and smooth.

The default base is the X-Frame mount although it is also possible to get it with a Dovetail mount if you prefer.

The sight window features a high performance PhotoChromatic shell that will darken the window in times when it is particularly bright which would otherwise make it difficult to focus on the pins due to pin flare.

Low light conditions are taken care of using the SkyCoil which does an outstanding job of capturing in and using any available light for the pins to shine.

This is a well-designed bow sight that offers the hunter all of the important features needed for a successful hunt.

Find out more about the products available by visiting the Black Gold website.

Reasons for Choosing the CBE Engage Hybrid

The most often cited reason for choosing the CBE Engage Hybrid bow sight is the level of adjustment you get with it.

When talking about the multi-pin models, not only does it offer micro-gang adjustment but also individual pin adjustment.

It offers a little more range of choice in terms of pin fiber diameter with either .010" or .019" sizes available.

The metal sight tapes are particularly durable as well as easy to install using the micro screws.

Reasons for Choosing the Black Gold Ascent Verdict

Hunters who have chosen to use the Ascent Verdict have been glowing in their praise of the durability of the sight.

The consensus is that the pins are brighter than any of their competitors and the Photochromatic technology is particularly useful for preventing pin flare in bright conditions.

The sight tape is set at 45 degrees facing the left rear for a right hand bow and this makes it particularly easy to read when shooting with a quiver attached.

Customer service provided by the company has also been called out as being a big benefit to using the sight.

Finally, this sight is seen as being particularly good value for money.

Bottom Line

The more popular sight out of the two being compared is the Ascent Verdict. However, there is little between the two and in terms of adjustability the Engage Hybrid offers you a little more versatility.

When it comes to performance and reliability you will find that you won’t be disappointed with either sight.


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