We have created a catalog of all of the compound bows that have been released for recent seasons. Select the manufacturer you are interested in to be taken to a page that lists each of the bows along with a description of the features and specifications.

You might also like to browse through the specifications of all of the bows that were released by all manufacturers for the 2019 season making it possible to compare each bow against the others. 

2020 Compound Bows

Bear Archery - The Bear Archery compound bow range was headlined by the introduction of the company's new EKO Cam System that enables up to 90% let off. New bows include the Status EKO and the Divergent EKO. The range for the new season consists of 18 compound bows.

Hoyt Archery - The REDWRX carbon riser system continues to dominate the range with the company adding the Alpha series of bows, a small framed range that will suit tree stand and blind hunters.

PSE Archery - The new flagship bow of the PSE range is the Carbon Air Stealth Mach 1. The typically extensive selection bows have been broken down into 3 category groups: the Pro Series, the Core Series and the Target Series. 

Xpedition Archery - The Mako X bow has been expanded to feature two new bows, one with a 5 inch brace height, the other with a 6 inch brace height. New short draw and versatile hunting / tournament bows have been added to the line up.

2019 Compound Bows

Athens Archery - the new bows in the Athens range include the Ridge and the Summit. The range consists of 4 bows.

Bear Archery - the 2019 range includes a new headline speed bow in the Perception. The Kuma line has been enhanced by the inclusion of a short draw model and there is a new target bow in the range - the Revival.

Bowtech Archery - the new Bowtech range has added more Realm options as well as a new transitional bow, the Convergence.

Darton Archery - heading the Darton range is the Vegas-T. Bows such as the short framed Demon and the longer draw Tempest XT ensure there is a hunting bow for everyone.

Diamond Archery - hunting bows such as the Provider and the Deploy SB as well as the Carbon Knockout ensure there is an affordable bow available.

Elite Archery - the 2019 range of Elite compound bows is dominated by the Ritual platform with 3 models now available covering all body types.

G5 Prime Archery - the bows released for the 2019 season have been given a fresh look with the use of new technology such as its patented parallel cam technology, 82X aluminum risers that feature The Swerve that adds stiffness.

Hoyt Archery - innovation has once again heralded the Hoyt bows with the REDWRX carbon bows unveiled to meet the needs of the serious hunters and they have been accompanied by the brand new RX-3 Series risers. Notable new models include the RX-3 and Nitrux bows.

Martin Archery - the 2019 season has seen the introduction of the ADIX and ANAX platforms with the former designed for the hunters and the latter for the target archery enthusiasts. The new MAX range has been released to cater for a wide range of archery enthusiasts.

Mathews Bows - four new bows headline the 2019 Mathews range. The Vertrix, Traverse, TX-5 and Tactic offer comfort and stealth as well as a compact hunter and a great new entry-level hunting bow.

Obsession Bows - the new range of Obsession bows are built around the rigid FX riser and the the OB TRAX Cam that allows for up to 90% let-off. 

PSE Archery - another typically strong selection of bows make up the PSE 2019 range. The flagship bow in the range is the Carbon Air Stealth EF with a wide range of new bows such as the Evoke series, a new compact Evolve, a new version of the Beast and some new target bows.