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It is not necessary to use an arrow rest on a recurve bow, many archers shoot off the shelf with great success. But for those who like the added stability and slight elevation a rest provides, it provides an additional level of support for your arrow.

Not only that, including a recurve bow shelf rest or a basic stick on rest provides a little bit of protection to avoid the bow’s surfaces from being scuffed or scratched.

Homemade Arrow Rest for a Recurve Bow

For those who like a bit of a challenge or would simply enjoy the sense of pride knowing they’ve done it themselves, it is possible to create an arrow rest yourself.

4 Ideas for Making Your Own Arrow Rest

We’ve compiled a selection of tried and tested DIY arrow rests for the recurve bow created by archers over the years. Not only will these rests prove effective for hunting situations, they will also meet the requirements of barebow archery enthusiasts as well as finger shooters too.

Velcro Arrow Rest

The attributes of a fur shelf rest are very similar to the furry half of Velcro and this makes it an excellent option for if you want to fashion one into a rest.

It doesn’t take a lot of trimming to create a very effective shelf rest and side plate that will last for an extremely long time.

Velcro is available in just about any large chain store and can be bought in strips, dots (pictured) or longer rolls for peanuts.

The great thing about using them is that they’re easy to cut to shape and size and come with an adhesive back so you simply have to peel and stick to attach them to your bow.

Toothbrush Arrow Rest

One of the more popular, not to mention oldest, types of homemade arrow rests is the toothbrush arrow rest.

This type of rest uses the bunched bristles from a toothbrush as the means on which to place the arrow.

You can simply cut down the toothbrush head so that you’re left with a group of 4 or 5 bunches of bristles to serve as the elevated rest.

The great benefit of making and using one of these rests is that it is extremely durable and, once installed, could become the last and only rest you will ever need.

By using a shaped piece of thin, soft leather as a base you will have the perfect platform on which to attach the brush.

You can shape the base of the toothbrush to an angle where it will sit the bristles out in a way that will create the correct rest for your arrow.

A complete, in depth explanation of how to go about creating and attaching this type of rest can be found on the Traditional Bowhunter website.

Leather Arrow Rest

The simplest and easiest type of DIY arrow rest is a soft leather shelf rest that can be made from any scrap that may be lying around.

You can trim the leather into two pieces to form a shelf rest and a side plate which can be positioned and glued into place (or attached with two-sided tape).

Feather Rest

This type of rest is an old-style rest used by bowhunters and archers who would take old or leftover fletchings to create their feather rests.

The feathers provide just enough give to support the arrow while also being tunable.

Once you have shaped the feather fletching to the shape you want, you can simply glue it to a small patch of leather that will serve as the side plate on your bow.

This accompanying video provides a thorough walk through of the steps to take to build your own feather rest that will be durable and reliable for at least a season or two.

Is It Worth Making Your Own?

For many people, it’s not about a question of monetary savings. Making your own arrow rest is more a matter of a sense of accomplishment.

The truth is that arrow rests for recurve bows are very straightforward devices. There’s not a lot of technical design required to produce a very serviceable rest that will both support the arrow and assist in consistency and accuracy.

If you have the materials lying around, or if you can find them cheaply, then it will be possible to create a good arrow rest for a comparable price to a store bought one.

But knowing that you built it yourself and can smash out another one whenever you need a new rest is a good feeling.


As mentioned right at the start of the article, many people find shooting off the shelf to be an effective alternative to using an arrow rest

But It's possible to make a very traditional looking arrow rest that will provide your arrows with the stable support required to shoot accurately and consistently.

None of these ideas cost very much to implement but, more importantly, they will give you the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve made it yourself.

Satisfaction aside, creating your own rest also means you can design it and install it in a way that will be customized to your personal preferences and shooting style.

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