This article specifically discusses the Dead Down Wind Field Spray and its life from manufacture to expiration.

(The company actually makes a large range of products that deal very effectively with scent control but we are interested in the Field Spray here).

One common item most hunters use in the field is the Dead Down Wind field spray. It is an advanced odor-eliminating product made from enzyme technology to keep you scent-free. It’s easy to use as you spray the product on your legs, knees, and boots. The spray gets rid of all the scents you unintentionally picked up along the way.

If you're wondering how long Dead Down Wind lasts or whether it expires, the answer is it has a maximum shelf life of up to two years if the container is tightly sealed.

However, it is normal to gradually lose its effectiveness when unused and expire after one hunting season.

Some common indicators to determine if Dead Down Wind is nearing its expiration date is the growing presence of mold. Also, check if the smell is unnatural, which indicates the spray is expiring.

A Closer Look At Dead Down Wind Field Spray

Dead Down Wind Evolve Field Spray 12 fluid ounces

The Dead Down Wind Field Spray is an enzyme-based formula that attacks the odor-forming bacteria at a molecular level.

The fact that it uses enzymes makes it safe to use on your skin and on your belongings such as clothes and hunting gear.

To apply, you simply spray it straight onto your clothes or any other hunting gear you have with you to get the camouflage action you’re after. It will last for the entire day with a single application.

There are no nasty chemicals included in the formula to harm the environment or cause potential health problems.

The Field Spray comes in a simple squeeze trigger bottle in a choice of 12 fl. oz., 24 fl. oz. or 32 fl oz. sizes.

Shelf Life of Dead Down Wind

Dead Down Wind Field Spray has a two-year shelf-life; however, it is best to use the product in the same season after opening it.

If you have any leftover bottles from the past season that you stopped using, check if the product is still in the same condition as when you bought it.

Keep in mind that the longer the product is exposed to air after you open it, the spray won't deliver the same performance as its initial use.

In addition, it is recommended to purchase a new bottle for every new season.

Storing Dead Down Wind

There are quite a few things you need to know when it comes to Dead Down Wind storage.

This spray is formulated from odor-eliminating enzymes with different performance factors based on temperatures, environmental conditions, light sensitivity, and even delivery methods.

Store the spray in places that won’t freeze to preserve its effectiveness even after it is opened.

Freezing leads to the biological products' cell structure fracturing and expanding, resulting in the loss of its effectiveness. Moreover, keeping the spray in an environment prone to extreme heat will cause further damage and may diminish the product's performance.

How to Know When You Should Replace the Dead Down Wind Field Spray

Make sure to check that it hasn’t gone beyond its expiration date. Not only are expired products most likely to be useless, but they can even harm anyone who uses them.

When it comes to Dead Down Wind spray, some signs to look for are mold and a horrible smell. If you see or smell these, it is time to replace the spray.

Usually, if the Dead Down Wind spray is untouched for a long time, you will see a thick mold-like gel floating in the liquid.

Sometimes, a greenish mold accumulates in the spray nozzle. Another obvious indicator is the weird odor it will emit, which is different from when you first bought it.


Remember that despite its two-year shelf life, buy a new Dead Down Wind spray as a new season approaches. Make the most out of your Dead Down Wind spray and use it as an essential item every hunting season.

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