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As with any form of hunting, duck and other waterfowl hunting is most enjoyable and satisfying when you are truly comfortable. 

Knowledgeable hunters/fisherman recognize and appreciate the effect that superior wader pants as a specialized form of hunting pants have on the success of hunts. 

In water, a good pair of under wader pants will provide excellent mobility, temperature regulation, and overall comfort, while also having an exceptional ability to remain dry. 

Wader pants fit securely against your skin (beneath waders) without being too tight (or loose) which helps when bending and walking. Many will have ankle stirrups or gaiters to keep the pants in place and ensure getting in and out of them is simple. 

Key to the design of wader pants is insulation. Most manufacturers of wader pants will implement fleece as insulation for their pants because fleece is great for maintaining warmth at a low cost while also being remarkably comfortable. 

Additionally, breathability or moisture wicking ability is vital to the design of wader pants because these qualities are key to remaining warm and dry. Most wader pants will be constructed with fabrics that effectively wick moisture and will also include features that provide good ventilation for when air circulation is essential. 

There are some wader pants that offer effective odor absorption; however, odor control is not essential to your hunting success. 

We have listed the pants in alphabetic order based on the pant manufacturer as well as provided size options, whether the pants are designed with ankle stirrups, and camo or color finishes they’re available in. We have also quoted the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for each to give an indication of what you might expect to pay.

Comparison List of Leading Duck Hunting Wader Pants

Make / Model


Color / Pattern


Banded Tec Fleece Wader Pants





Bottomland, MAX5



28.5” – 31.5”












30” – 34”




30” – 33”




31” – 34.5”

Waterfowl Marsh, Timber


Description of Wader Pants

Featured below are more comprehensive reviews of the features of each of the listed wader pants from above.

Each of these brief wader pants reviews aims to provide you with extra information that is not otherwise immediately apparent in the summary list such as special unique features.

The descriptions should also help you in determining which would prove to offer you the greatest value in terms of effectiveness, comfort and performance.

Banded Tec Fleece Wader Pants

Banded Tec Wader pants for duck hunting

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The Banded Tec Fleece Wader Pants surpasses various wader pants in terms of the level of warmth and comfort they provide while in cool water. 

Designed to be worn under waders or bibs, these uncomplicated pants are constructed with a weather-resistant, soft polyester stealth-shell fabric which presents the pants supreme layering comfort. 

The aforementioned fabric guarantees that the pants remain 100% windproof, making them particularly useful to wear on highly windy days. 

The inner layer design of the pants is key to ensuring the pants remain exceptionally warm in and out of water, accordingly the pants are lined with soft coral fleece which provides the pants with excellent warmth retention. 

For a secure fit and to avoid the pants from uncomfortably bunching/riding up at and around the ankles, the pants feature adjustable ankle gaiters.

These pants function well as the sole layer beneath waders, but on particularly chilly days, the pants will pair nicely with base layers. 

For a customizable fit, the pants feature a waistband with an internal drawcord. The pants have a total of four pockets; two zippered rear pockets which can store essential items and two front pockets.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Banded website.

Cabela’s Wader Pants for Men

Cabela’s Wader Pants are a great option for remaining warm, dry, and comfortable outdoors through diverse and ever-changing weather conditions.

The pants are built with a heavyweight 100% polyester spun fleece and lined with moisture wicking material which effectively pulls perspiration away from your skin, keeping you constantly dry and comfortable, with any waders. 

Though these pants fit securely against your skin, walking and bending is uncomplicated thanks to the stretch capacity of the pant fabrics.

To keep the pants held securely in place and comfortably fitting, they are designed with elastic foot stirrups and an elastic waist. 

Additionally, the pants have a useful rear pocket for storing items.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Cabela’s website.

L.L. Bean Men’s Fleece Wader Pants

L.L. Bean’s Fleece Wader Pants are a great pair of under waders to combine with breathable waders because they provide incredible moisture wicking ability while also keeping you comfortable but not too hot.

The pants are constructed with 100% polyester fleece shell which offers great warmth in water yet is unlikely to cause your legs to overheat and sweat.

These men's fleece wader pants wick moisture away from skin to help you get the most from your breathable waders.

To prevent the pants from riding up your legs, the pants are designed with ankle stirrups which are 88% polyester and 12% Lycra elastane. Additionally, the pant legs are tapered to stop them from bunching up when putting your waders on.

The pants have a cord-lock adjustable waistband to ensure a great fit. As for the pockets, there are two side pockets and a zippered rear pocket which can securely store valuable items.

These pants are machine washable/dryable.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the L.L Bean website.

Orvis Men’s Pro Underwader Pants

Orvis Pro Underwader Pants considerably enhance the performance of breathable waders. These are unquestionably one of the best under wader pants on the market due in large part to the optimal level of warmth and comfort they deliver.

The pants are crafted with polyester/spandex four-way fabric which helps make the pants ultra-durable and comfortable. For greater moisture resistance, the pants are treated with a Durable Water Repellent finish.

To maintain a high level of warmth and comfort, the interior is lined with high-pile fleece. 

Wisely, to reduce unnecessary bulk while wearing under waders with boots and waders, lightweight stretch paneling is used on the cuff hems. 

The pants have an active fit and tapered legs which ensures that the pants will not bunch up. Additionally, stirrup straps prevent the pant legs from moving up your lower legs.

For increased ventilation and temperature regulation, the pants are made with two mesh side zip vents that work effectively.

The pants include a rear zip security pocket and two convenient hand warming front pockets. The pants also have a full elastic waistband with belt loops to ensure a good fit.

These pants are machine washable.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Orvis website.

Redington I/O Fleece Pants

Primarily intended for fly fishing on particularly cold days in cold water, the Redington I/O Fleece Pants have ample insulation along with a nice, simple design. 

Without a doubt, these pants will adequately satisfy you while hunting waterfowl or performing other wading required activities. 

The pants are constructed with 100% brushed polyester and are lined with 280 grams of non-pilling fleece. The interior will not only keep your legs well insulated but will also efficiently wick moisture away from your skin to ensure you remain dry.

These pants also function well as lower layers for mid-season hunts that require plenty of insulation to withstand considerably chilly weather.

For further comfort and ease of applying additional layers, the pants have a tapered design and Lycra stirrups. These features keep the pants in place by preventing the lower legs from riding up your legs. 

Designed with two front pockets, a rear zippered pocket, and a fully elastic waist for ensuring a good fit, these pants are remarkably functional and are a very valid option to wear when you are not in water.  

Note that these pants often run a little large.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Redington website.

Simms Fishing Fjord Pants

In terms of breathability, wader pants manufactured by Simms have been the most effective on the market for years. 

Simms Fishing Fjord Pants will help you in your efforts to remain warm while you wade through uncomfortably cool waters and will undoubtedly enhance your overall performance/success while hunting ducks and other waterfowl on fall and winter days. 

The body of the pants are crafted with 100% polyester and are lined with 300 grams of compression-resistant double-layer fleece for superior insulation. This fleece interior holds its loft and traps heat which ensures you do not freeze in cold water. 

The pants feature a pull-cord waist adjustment to allow for a better fit. Additionally, the pants are designed with stretch-woven cuffs and stirrups to reduce and eliminate colder zones at the boot-wader interface.

Note that the pants are machine washable/dryable, and they often run a little small size-wise. 

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Simms Fishing website.

Sitka Gear Gradient Pant

Sitka Gear’s Gradient Pants are designed to fit perfectly secure against your skin, guaranteeing that they do not compress under the weight of water or bunch up at the cuffs. Overall, the pants truly excel at keeping you incredibly warm while in water.     

For enhancing/maximizing your warmth and comfort, Sitka uses a combination of durable, high-gauge polyester knit face fabric which is bonded to a high-loft fleece backer. The fleece backer provides terrific insulation and is well protected by the polyester fabric. 

For greater moisture resistance, the pants are treated with a Durable Water Repellent finish. The pants are designed with articulated patterning and a gusseted crotch to stop the pants from riding up your legs.

Wisely, the legs are tapered, and the waist is offset to significantly reduce the bulk of the boot/cuff region, helping to fit comfortably under waders. The pants also include a built-in belt for adjusting your fit (even when layered-up.

The pants are designed with built-in stirrups to help move in/out of waders and feature diagonal thigh zips for greater ventilation and convenient access when sitting.

The pants also have hip pockets for essential items and an abrasion-resistant dedicated knife sleeve.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Sitka Gear website.

What To Look For When Buying Wader Pants

There are various elements which are recognized as essential (or at least very important) when purchasing pants to wear beneath waders.

The best pants to wade through water comfortably will be quite costly; thus, you should strongly consider your options and determine which qualities are personally most critical to/for your hunts.


A comfortable pair of wader pants should fit securely under your waders without impairing your mobility by being too tight. Additionally, you do not want your pants to ride up around your legs or waist, therefore, for maximum comfort you should consider purchasing pants with stirrups or gaiters to hold the pants in place securely and to conveniently move in and out of your waders.  

Intuitively, a key component of comfortable pants is the softness of fabric and the general feel of pants. High-quality fabrics and pant construction will primarily determine this, yet there are many affordable options that will still feel soft and comfortable while wading through water. 

A comfortable pair of wader pants will not be compressible under the pressure of water and should keep you dry. Some manufacturers will treat the pants with Durable Water Repellent for greater moisture resistance and will try to use breathable fabrics. The subheading below will explain breathability further.

Warmth and Breathability

Key to producing a warm wader pant is the insulation and fabric which is added within the pant. As detailed earlier, many manufacturers of wader pants will insulate the interior of the pants by lining them with fleece (a type of polyester fabric) because it provides ample warmth (and comfort) at a low cost.

Before purchasing a pair of under wader pants, you should determine what the temperature of the water you will be wading through, seeing as the wrong amount of insulation can be intolerable. Also keep in mind that you can add more layers to achieve a warmer feel.For most weather, a high-quality fleece fabric will no doubt ensure you remain warm and comfortable, just don’t get too much insulation.

Being too warm can be just as uncomfortable as being too cold, and a large reason for this is sweat build-up. Too much moisture will be too difficult to wick moisture away from your skin.

Fleece is generally good at wicking moisture away from your skin, and a well-constructed interior should ensure you remain quite dry. However, for superior breathability, you may want to consider purchasing wader pants which uses breathable technology in the pant interior. Additionally, some manufacturers design the interiors with fabrics/technology that can absorb and neutralize scents. 


The importance of durable under wader pants will differ for each person. Those that expect to get regular use out of wader pants should extremely consider purchasing a pair of tough, well crafted, high-quality pants.  

A good ‘measure’ of durability is the materials which are used in the construction of the pants. High-quality fleece fabric can without a doubt withstand many years of use. Some pants will include spandex, nylon, and other stretchy materials for easier layering. For even greater toughness and durability, some wader pants will feature additional layering in the knees and seat for greater protection of these high-wear zones.

It is also important to consider the design of the cuffs, waistband and crotch when determining durability. A good indicator of pant quality is the elastic in the waist and stirrups as these are integral to ensuring a good fit. Many of the pants selected in this list have systems for effectively adjusting the waistband. Another factor which may help in determining the durability of pants is the overall craftmanship of the pants, that is the quality of hems and stitching provides great insight into pant quality.

A Final Word

These pants are some of the best under wader pants for staying warm and dry in fall/winter waters. They are particularly favorable to hunters and fishermen expecting to do plenty of wading.  

The pants selected in this list trap heat very well and will ensure you remain comfortable while wading through water, hunting ducks and other waterfowl.  

Wader pants are great to wear beneath waders because they provide great breathability and make wading through water a satisfying endeavor. 

Therefore, if you are expecting to move through the uncomfortably cool water in fall and winter, any of the wader pants selected above will ensure your hunts are successful and completely enjoyable.

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