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Address: 5040 Harold Gatty Dr,
                 Salt Lake City, Utah

Phone: 801-539-1400

Website: https://eastonarchery.com/

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Easton Archery has been making arrows and other related archery equipment since 1922. The company has become the leading supplier of arrows for bow hunters and competition shooters alike.

The range of arrows available from Easton is extensive and covers fiberglass, aluminum, wood, carbon and carbon/aluminum shafts.

The company was founded in the USA (California) and the shafts are still made in the USA (Utah).

As well as arrows the company produces bow stabilizers, bow cases, quivers as well as a full selection of components such as nocks, points, inserts, bushings, pins and vanes.

We have listed below the arrows that currently comprise the Easton catalog, more information about each arrow can be found by visiting their website.

Hunting Arrows

The following arrows are currently available this season:

6.5mm Acu-Carbon

The arrow benefits from greater consistency of spine thanks to the Acu-Carbon Uniform Spine process where the carbon is used in a continuous feed. This means the arrow will exhibit greater consistency from one arrow to the next and this ultimately leads to greater accuracy.

FMJ Taper 64

The creation of the tapered arrow provides greater FOC with a 6mm diameter at the front of the arrow down to 4mm at the nock end. The built-in front-of-center provides an arrow that has greater accuracy over longer distance shot. It also means there is better penetration once the arrow hits the target.

5mm FMJ Woodland

This is a limited edition version of the classic Full Metal Jacket arrow that has been given a retro Woodland Camo hard-anodize finish. It is available in sizes 300, 240, 400 and 500.  

4mm FMJ Injexion

This is a micro diameter Full Metal Jacket arrow at only 4mm that has been geared towards the Deep Six set-up. It is a high-penetrating arrow that is available in sizes 460, 400, 330 and 280.

5mm Full Metal Jacket

The Full Metal Jacket arrow that has been designed with a 5mm diameter to help flatten the flight trajectory and give it greater speed. The carbon core with the 7075 alloy metal jacket has been made even more lethal

6mm Full Metal Jacket

The 6mm diameter provides superior kinetic energy and greater accuracy while the carbon core and 7075 aluminum metal jacket means less friction and greater chance of a pass through. These arrows are available in spines of 470, 390 or 320.

5mm FMJ Dangerous Game

If you want a heavy arrow that is suited perfectly for hunting big game this Full Metal Jacket is perfect. The weight of the heaviest Dangerous Game is 17.7 GPI which will be capable of passing through the toughest of targets. See full review

FMJ Crossbow

The power and straightness of the Full Metal Jacket has also been built for the crossbow hunter with these bolts providing plenty of penetrative precision.

FMJ Bowfishing

The Full Metal Jacket concept that has proven deadly on land has also been used in a bow fishing arrow that uses a full jacketed fiberglass construction.

5mm Axis Carbon

This is a small diameter hunting arrow that has been given enough weight to make it ideal for use for hunting all types of game. They have been a favorite arrow of hunters for many years now and form the basis for a successful line of Easton’s big selling arrows. See full review

5mm Axis SPT

This is an arrow using the Axis design that has been adapted specifically for use for shorter draw and lower poundage bow setups. It has been created in spines of 600, 600 and 700.

5mm Axis Traditional

This is the 5mm Axis design that has been given a wood grain finish to look like the traditional arrow shaft.


These arrows have been designed for use as high performing arrows for compound target and 3D target shooting. They have designed with a straightness tolerance of +/- .300”.

Hyperspeed Pro

These arrows have been designed for use as high performing arrows for compound target and 3D target shooting. They have designed with a much tighter straightness tolerance of +/- .100”.

4mm Carbon Injexion

The smallest diameter arrow model in the entire Easton range, the Injection measures 4mm and, as a micro diameter arrow, offers the greatest speed and deepest penetration.

6mm Bloodline

These arrows are the carbon arrow you want if you’re looking to maximize speed with lightweight arrows that will fly faster and flatter.

6mm Bloodline Crossbow

The speed and light weight has been created for the crossbow hunter with these bolts that use the same design concept that has made the Bloodline model so popular.

6mm Hexx

These carbon arrows have been created to offer the highest possible straightness tolerance. They are lightweight high velocity carbon arrows that have a straightness tolerance of +/- .001”.

6mm Hexx Enhanced Front of Center

These carbon arrows have been designed to provide the bow hunter with the ability to adjust the weight of the front of center with the inclusion of 6MM Brass H Break-Off Inserts that enable weight adjustment of 75 to 50 grains.

6mm Camo Hunter

This is a classic aluminum arrow that has been made with 7075-T9 aluminum alloy. It is a bow hunting arrow that has proven itself for many years.

Bubba Buoy

This is a white fiberglass bow fishing arrow that provides high visibility and high strength.


This is an aluminum arrow that has been given a natural wood arrow look. It has all of the straightness and toughness that you expect from a quality aluminum arrow with a traditional appearance.


This is an aluminum bow hunting shaft that is constructed from 7075-T9 alloy to produce a consistent arrow that has been one of the standards in the field.

6mm Aftermath

This is a high performing reduced diameter carbon arrow that has proven to be tough and durable as well as consistent.

XX75 Magnum Crossbow

The reliability and strength of aluminum is available for the crossbow with the Magnum. It is constructed from 7075-T9 aluminum alloy and it has a hard anodized finish.

Target Arrows

FMJ Match, ProComp, RX7, X10, X10 ProTour, A/C/E, A/C/G, A/C/C, Carbon One, Apollo, Inspire, Superdrive 23, Superdrive 25, Superdrive 27, Legendary X23, Legendary X27, X7 Eclipse, XX75 Genesis, Vector, XX75 Platinum Plus, XX75 Jazz, XX75 Tribute, Neos


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