Easton Archery

Address: 5040 Harold Gatty Dr,
                 Salt Lake City, Utah

Phone: 801-539-1400

Website: https://eastonarchery.com/

More Information

Easton Archery has been making arrows and other related archery equipment since 1922. The company has become the leading supplier of arrows for bow hunters and competition shooters alike.

The range of arrows available from Easton is extensive and covers fiberglass, aluminum, wood, carbon and carbon/aluminum shafts.

The company was founded in the USA (California) and the shafts are still made in the USA (Utah).

As well as arrows the company produces bow stabilizers, bow cases, quivers as well as a full selection of components such as nocks, points, inserts, bushings, pins and vanes.

We have listed below the arrows that currently comprise the Easton catalog, more information about each arrow can be found by visiting their website.

Hunting Arrows

6.5 Accu-Carbon, FMJ Taper 64, 5mm FMJ Woodland, 4mm FMJ Injexion, 5mm Full Metal Jacket, 6mm Full Metal Jacket, 5mm FMJ Dangerous Game, FMJ Crossbow, FMJ Bowfishing, 5mm Axis Carbon, 5mm Axis SPT, 6mm Axis Under Armour, 5mm Axis Traditional, Hyperspeed, Hyperspeed Pro, 4mm Carbon Injexion, 6mm Bloodline, 6mm Bloodline Crossbow, 6mm Hexx, 6mm Hexx Enhanced Front of Center, Camo Hunter, Bubba Buoy, Legacy, Gamegetter, 6mm Aftermath, XX75 Magnum Crossbow

Target Arrows

FMJ Match, ProComp, RX7, X10, X10 ProTour, A/C/E, A/C/G, A/C/C, Carbon One, Apollo, Inspire, Superdrive 23, Superdrive 25, Superdrive 27, Legendary X23, Legendary X27, X7 Eclipse, XX75 Genesis, Vector, XX75 Platinum Plus, XX75 Jazz, XX75 Tribute, Neos


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