There is a simple way to greatly extend the life of your bag target and that is to hang it up.

These targets are designed with grommets at the corners with the express expectation they will be suspended for use.

When arrows are fired into a suspended target the weight of the impact will cause the target to swing away and this action softens the impact.

The result? 

The arrow doesn’t embed itself as far into the interior causing less internal damage. 

The arrow head doesn’t hit the exterior with quite as much force so there’s reduced damage to the exterior of the target.

The upshot is, you don’t have to replace your target cover - or the target itself - as regularly as you otherwise might. 

Bag targets with grommets for hanging built in include Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3, Field Logic Hurricane H-28, Bigshot Archery Trophy Whitetail among many others.

A Bonus Tip to Extend Your Target’s Life

There is actually another way in which you can extend the life of your bag target and that’s to make sure you buy the right brand of target.

What does that mean?

If you buy a Bulldog target, it comes with a Lifetime Warranty which promises to replace the target when it wears out.

So, for example, should your Bulldog Doghouse XP Plus target become so worn and damaged through use that it no longer does its job, you can simply send it back to Bulldog Targets and they will replace it with a new one.

This goes for other targets in the range such as the Doghouse FP, the Double Dog FF, the Doghouse XL 450 and more.

In most cases it is just the face that needs replacing. All you pay for is the shipping for the replacement face.

And then there’s the Morrell bag target such as the Yellow Jacket Supreme 3.

When the cover becomes destroyed from overuse you can simply order a new cover which costs less than $30. Far cheaper than buying a whole new target.

Bulldog Doghouse XP Plus Target

The Doghouse XP is a field point target that has tremendous stopping power. 

It is 12 inches thick and capable of stopping anything a compound bow or crossbow can deliver.

The company also promises that the arrow removal is very easy, 2 finger removal, in fact.

The Plus costs around $190.00 (Standard is cheaper at $172.00).

But remember, it comes with a lifetime warranty that replaces your target when it wears out.

Visit the Bulldog Targets website to get all the details about their products and the Lifetime Warranty.

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Target

This is a hangable target measuring 23” x 23” x 12”, so it’s a considerable size.

You can shoot at either the front or back of the target, it would simply be a case of rotating it every so often. This is another simple little life extension tip.

The internal structure consists of 54 layers of arrow stopping foam. It is rated for crossbows and compound bows and can stop arrows fired at up to 350 fps.

It weighs 28 pounds and would be simple to hang on a pre-made or homemade archery bag target stand.

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Target Cover

It is possible to simply buy the new replacement cover for your Supreme 3 target direct from Morrell.

It only costs $24.99 and comes with the same hardware as the original including the metal grommets for hanging the bag on a stand.

This replacement cover actually fits the YJ Supreme, YJ Supreme II, MLT-1 and The Crush targets too.

Find out more information about the cover by visiting the Morrell website.

Archery Bag Target Stand - Store Bought or DIY?

Seeing as how we have discussed hanging your target as a means of extending its life, we should touch on the target stand itself.

There are a couple of options as far as target stands go and it depends on: 

a) how much you’re willing to spend, and 

b) how handy you are with a hammer and nails.

Sturdy target stands can be found for around $100 each and they are reasonably simple frames that provide somewhere to hook the bag onto so that it is a reasonable height off the ground.

Here are a couple of good quality stands that are worth considering.

Rinehart Hanging Bag Target Stand

The Rinehart Target stand caters to all bag target sizes. 

It is a sturdy steel stand constructed from heavy duty square tubing.

It will accept any bag target that has built in metal grommets in the corners and will hang the target at a height of just under 40 inches from the ground.

Heavier targets can be supported by the adjustable bottom bar which will still allow it to swing when the arrow hits the target. 

This is an easy stand to construct, consisting of only four pieces. It can be folded down when not in use.

The dimensions of the stand are 42” high, 18” deep (base), 35” wide at the bag area.

The price of the stand is just under $100.00.

Highwild Archery Target Stand

The Highwild stand uses heavy-duty steel construction with a powder finish to create a frame that may be used both indoors and outdoors.

There is a stabilizer at the rear to prevent the whole assembly from tipping.

It uses a raised leg design so that it is stable on uneven ground and also has holes pre-drilled so it can be pinned into the ground.

At the top are a couple of carabiner hooks that slide the length of the rail to accommodate all target sizes.

The only difficulty experienced with this stand is in the construction which, due to the extensive number of pieces, can be a challenge to put together.

But it’s not a bad option for less than $70.00. 

Of course, for those who are just a little handy, the second option is to make the target stand yourself.

With a few decent sized pieces of lumber, a couple of hinges and some hooks, it is possible to build a simple A-frame stand for as little as $20.00.

Not only will it provide you with a serviceable target stand but you have the option of customizing it. 

This allows you to design it so that it holds the bag target at the exact height you want. 

If you wanted to get really funky you could also construct a small roof over it to protect the bag from the elements.


So, as you can see, there are a few simple ways in which you can get many years of use from your bag target for minimal additional cost.

With sensible use, proper storage methods and a willingness to take advantage of the manufacturers generous exchange program you could very well only ever need one more bag target.


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