Before even thinking of taking that first step off the ground and into a tree stand, as a hunter you should have already put your full body harness on.

Your safety should be the number one priority when tree stand and saddle hunting.

The most dangerous part of hunting and the cause of the majority of hunting injuries comes from climbing trees without a safety harness.

This is particularly the case if your method of scaling a tree is by using a climbing stick aider or any type of strap on tree steps. Either of these methods of climbing has the prime potential for a slip or a misstep.

So make sure you’re wearing it properly and is attached correctly to the tree at all times.

What Is A Full Body Harness?

A full body harness has straps that go over the shoulders as well as straps that tighten across the chest and around the legs.

Full body safety harnesses also have more than one attachment point.

They serve to distribute the body weight over a wider area so that no single part of the body is taking undue weight in the case of a fall. This is a critical aspect of the fall arrest system (FAS).

3 Highly Recommended Full Body Safety Harnesses

We have come up with 3 good quality full body safety harnesses designed specifically for the hunting industry.

As well as providing the features necessary to provide a hunter with full range of movement and safety features, these harnesses are created to remain silent when moving around.

Hunter Safety System Ultra-Lite Safety Harness

The Ultra-Lite safety harness is a particularly comfortable harness that will be barely noticeable when you’ve put it on.

As the name suggests it is very light and the wide shoulder and leg harness straps spread the contact with the body so that it’s snug without being restrictive.

The upper body webbing measures 1.25” in width and is very flexible thanks to the mesh material that allows full movement.

The harness has been treated with ElimiShield Hunt Scent Control technology to help with your efforts to go undetected.

The harness comes in three sizes: S/M which covers 100 – 175 lbs, L/XL which covers 175 – 250 lbs and 2X – 3X covering 250 – 300 lbs. The largest size costs an additional $10.

As well as the safety harness, the following pieces of equipment are included:

  • Adjustable tree strap
  • Suspension relief / deer drag
  • Lineman’s climbing strap which does not require a carabiner
  • Instructional DVD            
  • Safe-use instructions

Find out more about the company and the full range of products available by visiting the Hunter Safety System website.

Summit Pro Safety Harness

The Summit Pro Harness is a simple looking harness that keeps the hunter safe and secure with a comfortable fit. It may be worn either over or under your hunting clothing.

The shoulder straps are padded and the leg straps can be tightened so they are snugly fitted to the body.

The entire harness is outfitted with MOLLE straps to enable accessories to be safely stored so they are easily within reach when needed.

The harness is available in either a Medium 28” to 35” waist or Large 35” to 46” waist.

As well as the safety harness the following equipment comes as standard:

  • Lineman’s climbing rope
  • Quick-lock buckles
  • 8 ft safety rope with adjustable Prusik knot
  • Locking Carabiner

Find out more about the company and the range of products available by visiting the Summit Stands website.

Muddy Crossover Combo Safety Harness

Like the other 2 harnesses, the Muddy Crossover harness is lightweight, weighing around 2 lbs, and features padding in crucial areas that come in contact with the body.

Unlike the other 2 harnesses, this one has 6 pockets for storage of small accessory items. In addition it has built-in binocular straps to hold everything within reach.

The flexible tether allows for 360 degree movement while in the treestand or on the saddle and the lightness of the entire harness means you will barely notice it throughout the day.

The leg straps are adjustable with a simple pull of the strap and quick release buckles make adjustment and set-up quick, easy and silent.

The harness comes in three sizes: S/M which covers 110 – 170 lbs with a maximum waist size of 34”, Large which covers 170 – 230 lbs with a maximum waist size of 40” and Extra Large covering 230 – 300 lbs with a maximum waist size of 44”.

As well as the safety harness the following equipment comes as standard:

  • Flexible tether
  • One-hand Carabiner
  • Lineman’s rope
  • Tree strap
  • Suspension relief strap
  • Safe line

Find out more about the company and the range of products available by visiting the Muddy website.

With such lightweight and unobtrusive safety harnesses readily available for hunters, there is absolutely no excuse for climbing a tree without one.

As well as shooting practice arrows at targets and tuning your bow, a crucial part of preparing for your next hunting trip is to practice putting on your full body safety harness and climbing a suitable tree.

Scaling a set of tree stand climbing sticks to get to your hang-on stand or working your way up in any climbing stand or even getting into a ladder stand, your full body safety harness is a vital piece of hunting equipment.

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