No matter whether you prefer a 3D archery target or a 2D sheet there may be some benefit for using a full size elk archery target. We take a closer look at what's available and what will give you the most bang for your buck.

The idea that shooting life-sized 3D targets provides you with the best practice possible is a thought-provoking one.

After all, there’s a lot to be said for gaining as much near-real world training as possible.

These larger targets usually pack a lot of stopping power and are great candidates for use as high speed crossbow targets or most compound bows.

There are a couple of small problems with shooting a full size elk target that may get in the way of your plans for that ideal training.

The first is the space required to store a life-sized elk target. Particularly if it’s a bull elk.

A full sized 3D elk target is going to quite large and that’s fine if you live on a large property with plenty of outbuilding storage.

Otherwise, when practice is done and you need to store the elk away, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a suitable spot that will be a) easy to access when you next want to practice, and b) capable of providing proper protection from the elements.

The second problem is the cost of the target. Because it is large and a lot of work has gone into its design and construction, this type of target is quite expensive.

Certainly expensive enough to ensure you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure it has a long life before wearing it out.

As things stand at the moment there is only one example of a full size 3D archery target and that’s the following:

Delta McKenzie Pinnacle Elk 3D Hunting Archery Target

This is a seriously hard-wearing 3D target that is part of Delta McKenzie’s Pro Targets range.

Made from high density foam with a replaceable core it is painted to be extremely lifelike in appearance.

The target measures 54” to the shoulder and 80” long.

It is suitable for both fixed and expandable broadheads or field tips with the recommended bow speed rating at 350+ fps.

The company has placed an MSRP of $1461.99 on the target.

Look at all of the targets in the company’s range by visiting the Delta McKenzie website.

Rinehart 1/3 Scale Elk Target

This miniature bull stands 38” tall and 44” long and looks very much like the real thing.

Its size provides you with a great opportunity to tighten up your groupings as you prepare for the upcoming season.

The smaller vitals area really allows you to focus in to a far greater degree. This replaceable area is solid Signature foam that is simple to remove and replace when it wears out.

The target is suitable for broadhead use.

Rinehart 3D targets are not exactly the cheapest out there but they are definitely among the most durable and will last far longer than their competitors. This makes it great value for money over the long term.

It has a price tag of around $189.99.

Find out more about the company and all products in its range by visiting the Rinehart Targets website.

Pacific Bow Butts Roosevelt Elk 3D Archery Target

This is another high quality scaled-down elk target that provides an extremely realistic target to practice on.

The target measures 64” high by 101” long and 22” deep. In other words. It is a significant size that will closely approximate an actual elk.

It has a 12” replaceable core and is made from flexible, high density self-healing foam to give it extreme durability. This material makes arrow removal smooth and straightforward.

This target has been UV treated to prevent premature decay due to exposure to sunlight.

The target has a price tag of $1700.00.

Check out the target and other products available from the company by visiting the Pacific Bow Butts Targets website.

2D Life-Sized Elk Targets

It’s not all about the 3D archery targets when it comes to shooting at elk representations. Good quality 2D high definition images are also available that will provide realistic images with highlighted vitals targets.

Solo 2D Life Sized Elk Target

This target is a 2D life size image of a bugling elk printed in high definition on the company’s Solo Skins product.

The Solo Skins is a semi-rigid plastic sheet which is thin and light weight and able to be hung up or attached to a target stand.

When it is in use it must be placed in front of a block target backing to provide the necessary arrow stopping capability.

The target measures 59” high by 89” long.

It is available from Solo Targets for $110.00.

Find out more about the company and all of the products in its range by visiting the Solo Targets website.

Life Size Targets 2D Elk Target

As the name of the company suggests the elk target is life sized and is displayed in a pose to provide as realistic target as possible.

The target is printed on heavy poster paper measuring 98” wide by 48” high.

It is solid enough that it will last through a great many shots.

It should be stressed both this and the previous 2D targets are designed for use with field tip arrows only.

The target is available from Life Size Targets for $84.99.

Find out more about the company and all products available by visiting The Life Size Targets website.

In all cases the elk archery targets provide the bow hunter with a classic broadside stance which represents the ideal chance for hitting vitals and avoiding bone.

As well as providing practice for shooting at the elk, it also trains the mind to recognize when the elk is in the perfect position for a humane kill.

To get a good understanding of the types of shots you should be practicing for we like the information provided in the Anatomy and Shot Placement article at the Kentucky Elk University site.

Although it would be ideal to shoot at a target that is a full size representation of an actual bull elk the reality is not possible for most people.

The alternatives are cost effective, life-like and durable.

No matter whether you decide on a 3D elk target or the 2D version they will all help to train you for making that perfect shot.

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