As a seasoned hunter using a hunting ground blind you will want to mitigate the moisture seeping in since a sopping wet hunter is not an effective hunter.

While ground blinds are usually not waterproof when you purchase them, you can waterproof them with pop-up blind sealing sprays.

Waterproofing your hunting ground blinds is a relatively simple procedure, and this short guide will help you through the process. There’s more than one way to seal and waterproof your gear before a hunt.

First, we’ll cover the basics.

Are Ground Blinds Waterproof?

In short: not entirely.

While pop-up ground blinds possess some semblance of water resistance, they are not 100% waterproof.

The lack of waterproofing can pose a problem for hunters who take their hunting ground blinds into the wilderness for hours at a time in poor weather conditions.

When you want to hunt in any or all conditions, improving the waterproofing of your ground blinds is critical to making your hunts more enjoyable.

Of course, an effective and time-efficient way to add more waterproofing to your ground blinds is to use a spray sealant, keeping the weather out of your pop-up blinds.

One of the more highly recommended products used successfully by hunters is Atsko Silicone Water Guard. It’s reasonably cheap, easy to apply and effective.

Ground Blind Waterproof Spray

What do you do then when you want to improve the waterproofing of your hunting ground blinds? Here are a few easy steps to follow and ensure you get that just right weatherproofing:

  • First, before taking your pop-up blinds into the hunting field, set them up in your backyard or any level area with open air.
  • Next, spray the top of the blind and all the outside edges with a weatherproofing sealant. For added measure, you can do it more than once to ensure a thick coating is applied.
  • Then, you want to let it sit for 24 to 36 hours to dry and seal completely while also removing some of that smell the sealant has that may scare away your prey.
  • Finally, give it a test run by closing it and giving it a gentle rainfall effect. If it’s as sealed as you like without any extras, disassemble and take it for a hunt.
  • (optional) When you get the blind to the field, you may want to spray it down with a scent eliminating spray to ensure it absolutely carries no odors from the sealant you’ve used.

Waterproof Seam Sealer – How Do You Seal a Ground Blind?

When sealing a ground blind with more than just a waterproofing spray, there are hundreds of high-quality sealing adhesives out there to help you fill the gaps in your pop-up blinds seams effectively and safely.

Your gear will be subject to harsh conditions, even in good weather, so a decent sealing adhesive is essential for prolonging the life of your ground blinds.

Flex Seal is an effective product to use on the exterior surfaces of your blind.

To get the most out of a sealing adhesive on your hunting ground blinds, apply the sealant carefully to every exterior problem area or seam, maybe while giving it the waterproofing spray treatment.

Allow it to sit for the same amount of time, then give it a few test sprays from your home’s hose.

If everything is to your liking, take it down and give it its maiden voyage on a hunt out in the wild.


When you purchase a high-quality blind, cover every edge, nook, and crevice with your waterproof spray and sealing adhesive.

Once you’ve covered all your bases, your hunting ground blinds should be ready to give you the most comfortable hunt, regardless of rain or shine.

From sealing adhesives to waterproofing spray, your pop-up blinds will not only have a long life with plenty of hunts, but it’ll keep you dry and warm on those long hunting trips in the wilderness.

Be safe, stay dry, and make sure every hunt is a good one.

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