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The hub-style ground blind is a popular way to hunt because it is easy to erect, provides you with the shelter and cover you require and keeps you concealed.

With the exception of the very few, they don’t come with built-in floors.

While this might be fine for most, there are some justifiable reasons for including a floor in your ground blind - keep out critters, snakes, etc. or to avoid slopping around in the mud.

We’ll take a look at the portable ground blinds that provide a built-in floor as well as give you some ideas on how you might add your own DIY floor. 

Reasons For Adding A Floor To A Ground Blind

To Keep Snakes Out

Some areas are renowned for being snake-infested and erecting a ground blind can be seen as an invitation to snakes looking for a warm, dry place to sleep.

The standard ground blind consists of four walls and a roof with plenty of space for a snake to crawl under.

The last thing a hunter needs to experience is an encounter with a rattler as they crawl into their blind.

An attached, zip-on floor will ensure there are no access points for a snake to make their way in.

To Avoid Muddy and Wet Ground

It’s almost inevitable that the ground you pitch your ground blind on is going to be damp. 

The more you move around inside, the more churned up the ground will become and it can quickly become extremely muddy inside.

The next thing you know you’re slopping around in mud, your gear is getting wet and dirty and you’re getting chilled to the bone.

For many people, this isn’t an issue. But for some, the underfoot conditions can be a real deal-breaker and the simple solution is to use a floor.

DIY Ground Blind Floor Ideas

We’ve come up with 3 quick and simple flooring solutions that can provide your blind with just a little bit of added comfort without providing much of an overhead.

Anti-Fatigue Clip-lock Foam Tiles

Foam Tiles to Create a ground blind floor

At around $5 per square, these soft foam pieces lock together to create a very serviceable floor that should fit nicely within the blind.

Not only will it provide good coverage but it will also shape itself over stones, roots and other uneven surfaces to create a nice flat floor that will be silent.

They’re impact absorbing and non-slip and are designed to be easy to clean after they’ve captured dirt and grit. Not only that, they’re lightweight so they won’t be a burden to carry to the blind.

These foam tiles are readily available at big stores such as Walmart, Home Depot or Amazon.com.

Carpet Off-cuts

Not as good an option but still a very serviceable way to provide a silent floor for your blind is with a single or multiple pieces of carpet off-cuts.

A section of carpet will provide you with a solid surface that will be soft to walk on, will hold your blind chair so that it is stable and will protect from a cold and damp ground surface.

The problem with carpet is that it will start to absorb moisture so that it can eventually become wet and heavy. Once it starts to get wet the carpet will also start to smell.

Carrying it to the blind shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Carrying it back out again could be a burden.

If you can find off-cuts that would otherwise have been thrown away, it is a good, cheap flooring option.


An option that will serve adequately as a means of keeping your feet and gear dry from wet ground is to use a tarpaulin for flooring.

Some hunters have taken an old tarpaulin, cut it to just larger than the floor size of the blind and then pegged it or pinned it to the walls so that it effectively seals the blind.

Doing this provides a way of excluding snakes and other critters from the blind and also ensures the footing remains dry and clean.

The downside to using a tarpaulin can be the rustling noise you might make as you move around. 

Again, you can pick up a good quality tarpaulin from the usual big-brand stores like Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon.com.

Portable Ground Blinds With Built-In Floors

We have been able to find 2 options of ground blinds that come with floors built in. The details are as follows:

Ameristep Caretaker Ground Blind

This is a relatively small ground blind that will allow 2 hunters to fit comfortably inside.

The footprint of the blind is 55” x 55”, so relatively small.

But the important aspect of the blind, as far as floors go, is the zipped-in floor that enables you to effectively seal it from unwanted visitors that might slither under the walls.

The blind features 9 windows that are covered with replaceable camo shoot-through mesh. At the rear of the blind is a ShadowGuard coating that eliminates silhouettes and shadows to keep you concealed.

Find out more about the blind and the full range of products available by visiting the Ameristep website.

Muddy The Soft Side 360 Ground Blind

The Soft Side 360 may be used as a ground blind although you can also place it on a tower for elevated hunting.

The blind differs slightly from the more portable hub blinds but it comes with the added bonus of a steel mesh floor and floor pad to provide comfort and noise reduction.

This blind is likely going to be carried in well ahead of time and left until the hunting expedition.

The blind has a footprint that measures 72” x 72”, so quite roomy.

But the inclusion of the floor makes it extremely comfortable with the material acting like a layer of insulation to increase comfort on colder days.

Find out more about the company and the range of products available by visiting the Muddy Outdoors website.

Using a Floor In A Ground Blind - The Choice Is Yours

The vast majority of hunters don’t require a floor for their ground blind and that’s why manufacturers don’t produce blinds with floors.

But if you feel you really need one, whether it be for comfort reasons or to discourage animals from joining you, you have some options at your disposal.

The choice is totally yours to make. It’s not “wrong” to put some type of flooring in your blind if that will enhance your hunting experience.

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