The Harris 1A2-BRM Solid Base Bipod is an extremely solid bipod that provides a firm base from which to shoot. There are four height settings that the bipod can be set at from 6 to 9 inches with the notches positioned at 1 inch increments.

The point of the solid base bipod is that it is designed for shooting from a flat surface and this particular bipod gives you a very secure platform.

The bipod attaches to a swivel stud and the design has been made so that the bipod is settled snugly against the stock. If you are using Picatinny rails then the Harris Bipod Rail Adaptor will provide you with the perfect rail mount system.

The spring loaded legs deploy quickly and effectively and then it’s a simple matter of making the adjustments to the legs to account for slightly uneven terrain.

Customer Opinions

There are numerous reasons why people buy a particular model or brand of bipod. Features that some people see are an advantage may be looked upon as a negative by others. We have listed below some of the comments that have been made by customers about the product.


  • This bipod is rock solid construction. This height is more than enough for range and hunting use.
  • Used the Harris Bipod Adaptor 1913 Picatinny Mount Weaver compatible
  • The 6-9 inch extendable legs are a perfect length for most shooting conditions and help out greatly while sighting in the rifle and also helps while cleaning the rifle or working on it in any way. The bipod itself is made extremely well, very robust and sturdy. This bipod is by no means cheap in any way, the leg extensions always click right into place and move freely while depressing the releases. The legs come down with a quick snap while deploying them from the upright position and click right into place without any play or movement in them. The rubber base pads on the legs seem very well made and is of a high quality rubber, they grip very well and keep from sliding off wet or damp surfaces.
  • Negatives

  • The screw comes loose in under 20 rounds and I have to re-tighten it when using it with a .308.
  • Product Features

    • Center Height: 6” – 9”
    • Weight: 11.2 oz
    • Spring Loaded Leg deployment
    • Four Height Settings from 6 to 9 inches
    • Solid base and notched legs
    • Rubber base feet

    The Harris Engineering range comprise some of the most highly regarded bipods available today. There are models made to suit all types of shooting scenarios and the quality is consistently high.

    Visit the Harris Engineering Bipods page to see all of the reviews that we have written and published at Keys To Hunting. 

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