The bipods that are produced by Harris Engineering are considered by most shooters to be the most consistent and best for the money available on the market today. We take a look at the styles and features that makes the company's bipods so popular. You will find complete information and reviews of a range of Harris Bipods on this page.


The bipods that are produced by Harris Engineering are considered by many to be the benchmark when it comes to a quality bipod.

They feature a light weight design that won’t weigh heavily on your rifle so you will be inclined to keep it on your rifle, ready for use.

They are fast to deploy with the notched leg version extending out in an instant or the standard legs retracting immediately.

The fact that they are so responsive and barely noticeable when they are attached feet forward to your rifle increases their appeal.

As far as a price to performance comparison is concerned there are few that will beat them. They are made from quality materials and provide a stable and reliable base that is easy to operate.

The selection of models available is extensive and they offer a selection of features that allows the shooter to pick and choose which one will best suit their needs.

Factors such as smooth operation, ability to handle recoil well and a manageable light weight are all attributes that are common across the range.

Who Should Buy A Harris Bipod?

Anyone who demands reliability in their shooting platform is going to want to consider a Harris bipod.

Similarly, anyone who prefers to get great value of many is also going to be impressed by what it on off throughout the range.

Harris bipods are solid and dependable and used by all types of shooters. There is a model that will cater for every situation no matter whether you are a...

  • Competition shooter
  • Hunting enthusiast
  • Law enforcement specialist
  • Military

The Harris Bipod Overview

Harris bipods are extremely popular for the simple reason that they are good solid and reliable platforms made from quality materials. The range is quite extensive with sizes available that will cater for all shooting positions – prone, seated, bench – and will also offer different features.

Models are available that will allow the rifle to be tilted from side to side to compensate for uneven terrain. The 45 degree tilt feature means that you don’t have to continually adjust the legs no matter how uneven the terrain may be.

The legs of the bipod are available either as standard or notched. The notched legs lock into place and can be set independently of each other at one inch increments.

For greater precision and stability it is also possible to get a hinged base with tension adjustments that lock solid.

It is possible to get models that are lower in profile – referred to by the company as the bench rest line – and these are adjustable in height from 6” to 9”.

The next series is the high profile range of ultralight bipods and they are adjustable from 9” to 13”.

The highest profile group in the range is the varmint hunting bipods that are adjustable from 13.5” to 23”.

All Harris products are 100% made in the USA and they are manufactured with heat treated steel and hard alloys with a black anodized finish.

Listed below is the Harris Engineering range that has been reviewed on this site. Click on the product name to be taken to the review page where you will find further information about the product.

Harris Bipod Model List

Harris HBR

This is the most straight forward of the bench rest range that is adjustable in height from 6" to 9" and comes with standard legs. Read more >>

Harris HBRS

This is a bench rest bipod that is adjustable in height from 6" to 9" and comes with standard legs. It is part of the swivel series which means it will rotate from side to side to level it on uneven ground. Read more >>

Harris HBRM

This is part of the bench rest range with the ability to be adjusted in height from 6" to 9", but the added feature that this model has is that the legs are notched at 1 inch increments and they eject by spring action. Read more >>

Harris HBRMS

This is a bipod that is part of the bench rest range and it is adjustable in height from 6" to 9". It has been equipped with all of the main features being part of the swivel series to compensate for uneven terrain and the legs are notched at 1 inch increments and eject by spring action. Read more >>

Harris HBL

This is the standard version of the ultralight weight series weighing in at only 10.8 oz. The bipod features standard legs that extend in a range from 9" to 13". Read more >>

Harris HBLS

This is the medium height model of the ultralight weight series weighing in at only 10.8 oz. The bipod features standard legs that extend in a range from 9" to 13" and the bipod has swivel capabilities that allows it to be levelled when placed upon uneven ground. Read more >>

Harris HBLM

This is the medium height model of the ultralight weight series weighing in at only 10.8 oz. The bipod features notched legs that extend in a range from 9" to 13" and can be set at precise one inch increments independently of each other as required. Read more >>

Harris 1A2-BRM Solid Base

The Harris 1A2-BRM Solid Base Bipod is an extremely durable bipod that provides a firm base from which to shoot. There are four height settings that the bipod can be set at from 6 to 9 inches with the notches positioned at 1 inch increments.  Read more >>

Features of Harris Bipods

The first feature that is worth mentioning, and one that many shooters appreciate, is the spring loaded legs that quickly fold down into position for deployment. When they are not needed they fold back up flat to the rifle to make it easy to carry or store.

Extending and retracting the legs is particularly simple. They can be pulled straight down to deploy them and they lock into place when fully extended. To retract the legs you can simply press the button that is located midway up each leg and they quickly retract.

Attaching and detaching the bipod to and from the rifle is simplicity itself and this is a big drawcard that many shooters appreciate. They clamp to the quick detachable sling swivel stud of any rifle.

For those rifles that don’t have a swivel stud it is also possible to get an adapter to do the job.

All of the bipods that have been manufactured by Harris Engineering have been done so to the highest military standard to ensure their reliability is unquestioned.

The company makes bipods that cover all types of shooting from prone to benchrest and sitting.

The 25C series is the tallest of the Harris bipod models and allows you to sit and shoot, which is a great position for predator hunting.

These bipods adjust from 13.5 inches to 27 inches and have a swiveling top. This swivel function is a very significant factor, particularly if you need to keep your bipod level.

Styles of Harris Bipods

When trying to work out which model of bipod you want to buy you will notice that the names feature a sequence of letters.

These letters may be meaningless to you, but they describe the style of the bipod and indicate one or more of the additional features of each model. The guide below should give more meaning to each model name above.

Series M: The bipods that quote an M in their name feature spring loaded notched legs. The legs will eject at the press of a button. They allow the height of each leg to be set at 1 inch increments and the legs themselves are notched.

Series S: These bipods will swivel from side to side. This enables the bipod to be levelled on uneven terrain.

Model L: These bipods have standard legs that are extendable from 9 to 13 inches and have been given the L marking because of their low profile.

Model H: These are high profile bipods that are designed for use for prone or sitting shooting. The legs of the H series bipods extend from 13.5 to 23 inches.

Model 25C: These are the tall bipods and are comprised of three piece construction. These bipods are adjustable from 13.5 inches to 27 inches.

Ultralight Bipods

One of the features that has increased the popularity of the Harris line is the introduction of the series of ultralight bipods.

Weight is a significant factor when it comes to shooting, particularly for hunters who are on the move and have to carry a lot of equipment. Reducing weight without compromising performance is a significant factor and Harris has been able to do this.

The 1A2-BR series (solid base version displayed to the right) provides shooters with a bench rest bipod that delivers a solid and reliable rest while only adding minimal weight – in fact, weighing only 13 ounces. It offers a height range from 6 to 9 inches and is available in either a hinged base or solid base version.

Straight Legs v Notched Legs

To some it may seem unusual to give the option of buying a bipod with either straight or slotted legs. The benefit of using a bipod with notched legs is that you can quickly set the legs to exactly the same height.

This is of benefit when you are shooting off flat terrain such as a bench top and want the legs locked in quickly at the same height.

But many shooting situations find you on uneven terrain. This is where the straight legs give you greater flexibility. Because the legs can be altered independently of one another you can adjust them to whatever height you require to bring the rifle to level. The friction lock mechanism means you can make those fine adjustments as you require them.

The HBRMS offers both the notched legs that set up in 1-inch increments and the swivel feature to help level the bipod on uneven terrain. Alternatively you might want to use the HBRS model which will give you the swivel feature combined with the ability to set the length of the legs to the exact height that you require.

It’s a question of set up speed over accuracy.

Long Range Shooting

The Harris bipods are ideal for accurate long distance shooting and sit well in this area of the market. In particular the HBRMS is well suited to the exacting requirements of shooting over the longer distances.

Naturally there are some big names that compete very strongly in this field, hugely respected names such as Rugged Ridge Extreme Pod, Long Range Accuracy, Accu-Shot Atlas and GG&G all produce seriously durable and solid bipods. And that’s fine if you are willing to spend $200, $300, $400 or even more on your bipod.

But when you consider models in the Harris range such as the HBRMS are available for around the $100 mark, it isn’t difficult to work out why the Harris bipods are so popular.

Harris Accessories and Adapters

It would be nice if each model of bipod matched perfectly with every type of rifle, shotgun or carbine that is made.

They all come in different sizes and shapes and are used in different ways. So they may require an extra component to attach for the products to work properly.

That’s why there are some accessories that have been created so that a Harris bipod can be fitted and used on all types of firearms.

We take a closer look at some of them below.

Harris Bipod Pod Lock

This is an accessory that is considered a “must have” accessory if you use a swivel-model (S-series) bipod.

It is a lever that enables you to much more quickly and easily lock the cant angle of the bipod into place.

When you position your bipod at the angle that you wish to shoot from you simply throw the lever through a small arc and it will lock the swivel action so that the angle will remain consistent from one shot to the next.

It is a simple way of speeding up the handling of your bipod to make adjustment easier.

Harris Bipod Adapter

Not all rifles or shotguns come with the sling stud, but instead, as with the AR, have a Picatinny rail for mounting accessories.

This adaptor mounts to the Picatinny rail on your rifle to provide a secure connection point. The Harris bipod can then be installed normally to the sling stud mount underneath.

It is designed to provide a tight fit to the rail to ensure there is no unnecessary movement through recoil. Once it is locked into place you can expect it to remain there.

It is made from aircraft quality aluminium and is hard coated to MIL-specs.

Harris RotaPod

This is a rotating quick detach adapter that connects to any Picatinny rail. When installed it will allow the bipod to rotate left and right. It can be easily attached and detached with the push of a button.

This adapter is machined from solid stock. It is made from aircraft aluminium and Stainless steel.

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