This bipod was formerly known as the Harris HBR Bipod. It is a bench rest bipod with extendable legs that provides a range of from 6” to 9”. It is a good solid bipod that gives a good deal of adjustability from the bench.

The legs are spring-loaded and telescoping that will adjust quickly and have manual friction grip locks.

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It has been designed as a lightweight unit so it won’t add too much weight to the pack when you’re on the move. Although it is light in weight it provides a good solid platform support from which to shoot. The legs fold parallel to the barrel for easy carrying and it is possible to choose to mount it so the legs either point forward or to the rear.

The bipod will mount to QD swivel studs on bolt-action and single shot rifles.

This model is the base model around which the others have been added to. The notched leg version of this model is the HBRM model and to add the cant capability you should look at the HBRS model.

The bipod, as with all Harris Bipods, is 100% made in the USA.

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More information about all of the bipods in the Harris Engineering range can be found on the Harris Bipods website.

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