The Harris HBRM Bipod is a variation on the original HBR bipod but instead of being equipped with standard legs the bipod features Leg Notches that extend in 1 inch increments.

As the name suggests the model is part of the Bench Rest series but the notched legs extend in a range from 6” to 9” and the M designation is the indicator that it is a notched leg bipod.

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The 6-9” leg range is the shortest leg setting in the Harris range. Although the company refers to the style as its Bench Rest model it has a low enough profile to be used very comfortably while shooting from the prone position.

The bipod only weighs 9.8 oz and this is light enough to find it no imposition at all to add to the pack. It is still quite a heavy duty piece of equipment and will stand up to use with high-powered rifles. The legs are spring-loaded and telescoping that will adjust quickly and have manual friction grip locks.

The legs fold parallel to the barrel for easy carrying and it is possible to choose to mount it so the legs either point forward or to the rear.

This is a bipod that is part of the extremely popular Bench Rest series of bipods in the Harris range and sits side by side with the standard HBR bipod and the HBRS Swivel bipod.

The bipod, as with all Harris Bipods, is 100% made in the USA.

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