The Harris HBRMS Bipod is an uncomplicated light weight bipod with notched extendable legs that provides a range of from 6” to 9”.

The significance of the "S" in the model name is that this particular model swivels and it is this feature that makes it perfect for use on uneven terrain and saves you the trouble of having to play around with the length of the legs as you get it adjusted.

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This is the shortest leg setting in the Harris range and the company refers to the style as its bench rest model. It is also possible to get a model, the HBRM, that comes with notched legs without the swivel feature that allows you to adjust the height precisely in one inch increments. If you wish to use a bipod with the swivel feature that has standard 6” to 9” legs you can choose the HBRS model.

The low profile that can be achieved through the length of the legs means it is a bipod that is suited to shooting from the prone position.

As with all Harris bipods it is quick to install or detach and clamps to the quick detachable sling swivel stud of any rifle. It is also possible to get an adapter for a rifle that does not have a factory installed Q.D. stud.

Although the bipod is light in weight, weighing only 13oz, it is still quite a heavy duty piece of equipment and will stand up to use with high-powered rifles. The legs are spring-loaded and telescoping that will adjust quickly and have manual friction grip locks.

Harris S Lock

It has been designed as a lightweight unit although it is slightly heavier than the HBR model, and it won’t add a significant amount of weight to the pack when you’re on the move. Although it is light in weight it provides a good solid platform support from which to shoot. The legs fold parallel to the barrel for easy carrying and it is possible to choose to mount it so the legs either point forward or to the rear.

It is now also possible to add an "S" Lock (shown to the left), which is available for around $29.00 and well worth the extra little outlay, to the Swivel bipods. This is a lever that replaces the tension adjusting knob and provides an easier means of locking them down firmly. All you have to do is flip the lever to change it from being completely tiltable to totally locked into place.

As mentioned above, one of the big features with these bipods is that they will mount to a swivel stud on bolt-action and single shot rifles.

The bipod, as with all Harris Bipods, is 100% made in the USA.

Visit the Harris Engineering Bipods page to see all of the reviews that we have written and published at Keys To Hunting. We have also listed this bipod as one of the best bipods for use with the AR-15.

More information about all of the bipods in the Harris Engineering range can be found on the Harris Bipods website.

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