Serious hunters who know the value of the arrow being used and its role in making a humane kill will appreciate the fact that a heavy arrow will perform far better than a light one.

The value of momentum over speed cannot be ignored. Even though some people simply love the idea of their arrow reaching the target quickly, it is the smart hunter who understands that a slower, heavier arrow will cause more damage and provide the better chance of a quick, clean kill.

Listed below is a selection of some of the best heavy carbon hunting arrows available. They have been recommended by seasoned hunters who have used them and found them to be critical in their hunting success.

Our List of Heavy Carbon Arrows Suitable for Hunting

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$185.95 - $209.95








$109.99 (6)














$64.99 (6)

$119.99 (12)














$69.99 (6)

$114.00 (12)







$74.99 (6)

Detailed Description of Heavy Carbon Arrow Shafts

Now that we have had the opportunity to compare some arrows and get an idea about their basic individual characteristics we will take the opportunity to go into more detail.

Below is a more detailed review of each make and model including all of the available sizes, their spine, weight and the outside diameter of each shaft.

Easton FMJ Dangerous Game

This is one of the Easton Full Metal Jacket line of arrows and it is easily the heaviest and most damaging arrows in the hunting range.

Each arrow features high strength N-fused carbon core that has been wrapped in a 7075 alloy aluminum jacket. They have been found to provide tremendous power and will pass through the toughest hide and bone.

They have been assessed as having a straightness tolerance of +/- .002”.

The combination of the metal exterior and the carbon fore has been a proven winning formula for strength, durability and a long-lasting hunting arrow.

You can read a full review of the arrow here.

Arrow Dynamics Hammerhead Traditional

The Hammerhead Traditional offers big game hunters the type of heavy arrow they would find necessary to be confident of hard-hitting stopping power.

The arrow has been designed to have built-in front-of-center with the wall thickness being twice that at the front as it is towards the nock end. As an example, the shaft diameter of the heavy model is 0.372” at the tip end and only 0.277” at the nock end.

The arrow is available in three sizes with the model names being “lites”, “heavy” and “heavy-weight”.

The arrows are also available in 4 straightness tolerances: +/- .001”, +/- .003”, +/- .004” and +/- .006”.

You can buy them in either 12 or 6 packs.

Find out more about the entire range at the Arrow Dynamics site.

Grizzlystik Momentum TDT

The design of the Momentum TDT arrows from Grizzlystik has a singular goal and that is to provide the utmost strength and penetration possible.

The name of the arrow suggests that it is looking for that all important momentum when it comes to a big game hunting arrow. The TDT part stands for Thin Diameter Tapered and that’s another big hint about what the arrow looks like.

The taper of the arrow works with a continuous .001” / inch of taper from the tip to the tail and this creates a built-in FOC that ensures the weight will be forward of center. This means when the arrow hits the target it will have a great deal of force behind it and will take some slowing down.

The Momentum is available in 170, 240, 320 and 400 spine that will suit bows with draw weight ranges that cover 40# to 100#.

The shafts have been created by Victory Archery and are constructed from Mitsubishi 3K Woven Carbon to give them tremendous strength.

Find out more about all of the company's products by visiting the GrizzlyStik site.

Carbon Tech Safari

These Carbon Tech arrows have been designed to suit serious hunters who are looking for a combination of kinetic energy with the hard hitting capability of a heavy arrow.

They are stiff arrows with 200 spine and is suited to bows with a draw weight ranging from 70 to 90 lbs.

The arrows have been built as an all composite carbon shaft that has been wrapped with different mixtures of carbon composite materials to provide strength and added weight.

They have been created with a straightness tolerance of +/- .005” (the Rhino XP arrows have a straightness tolerance of +/- .0015”).

The shafts are sold in packs of 12 and have nocks and inserts included.

Find out more about the company's products by visiting the Carbon Tech site.

Carbon Express Piledriver Hunter DS

This arrow from Carbon Express has been specifically designed by the company to deliver the greatest knockdown potential for bow hunters.

The arrows come in 3 sizes, 250 (.400” spine), 350 (.345” spine) and 450 (.300” spine).  The heaviest of the Piledriver shafts is the 300 spine version that has a weight of 13.3 grains.

These arrows feature Dual Spine Weight Forward technology and are said to create more kinetic energy with greater accuracy and penetration than a single spine shaft.

The arrows are constructed with a straightness tolerance of +/- .0035” and have a weight tolerance of +-/ 1.0 grain.

The 250 and 350 sizes can be bought in either 6 packs or 12 packs while the 450 size comes in 12 packs only.

These are terrific hunting arrows for all types of game that you can set up for. The weight means the penetration is going to be extreme and the results are going to be outstanding.

Find out more about the entire range by visiting the Carbon Express website.

Carbon Express Predator XSD

The Predator XSD arrows have been designed with an inside diameter measurement of only 0.166”. This design is to improve penetration and to reduce the effect of the wind while the arrow is in flight (wind drift).

While the diameter of the arrows is smaller the arrow shafts are no less strong and are capable of performing when fired on large targets.

The weight of the 350 spine and the 300 spine will both provide hunters with suitably heavy arrows that will attain the type of momentum necessary to achieve pass through shots on tough hide animals.

It is also possible to buy XSD In-Out Inserts that can be added to the shaft and will fit all standard screw-in field points and broadheads.

The arrows are constructed with a straightness factor of +/- .006” and a weight tolerance of +/- 3.0 grain.

They can be bought in packs of 12 as shafts only or packs of 6 fletched.

Find out more about the entire range by visiting the Carbon Express website.

Gold Tip Kinetic

The Kinetic arrows from Gold Tip have been designed to offer outstanding durability and a straightness retention that is hard to beat in the industry.

The arrows are small in diameter but are constructed with Gold Tip’s Smart Carbon technology to produce high speed arrows. They are built with a straightness tolerance of +/- .006” and a weight tolerance of +/- 2 grain.

The weight of the arrow 200 spine shaft is 11.6 GPI and the 300 spine is 10.4 GPI. Both of these would form the basis of a hunting arrow that will contain enough weight to be hard to stop, even if encountering the toughest obstacles.

Components that are included with the shafts are Accu-Tough Nocks and Accu-Tough Inserts that are spine specific.

The arrow shafts are available in either packs of 6 or 12.

Find out more about the entire range by visiting the Gold Tip website.

Easton 5mm Axis Carbon

The Axis arrows from Easton Archery have become the most popular with hunters for a number of years now. They have had great results as a heavy hitting arrow that remains durable and reliable for game of all sizes.

These arrow shafts are small diameter shafts measuring 5mm but they carry a good level of weight which will give them great penetration potential. It is possible to add weight to the front end of the arrows with inserts and the Easton Broadhead Adapter Rings giving them even greater momentum.

The arrows are made from high strength composite carbon fibers and they are built with a straightness tolerance of +/- .003”.

The 300 spine shaft has a weight of 10.7 GPI while the 260 spines shaft has a weight of 11.5 GPI.

Find out more about these arrows and the other products produced by the company by visiting the Easton Archery website.

All of the arrows that have been presented above are simply the starting point for your arrow set-up. Other obvious choices that are going to have to be made include the broadhead you stick on the front and the fletching and nocks that you put in the back.

You may also want to play around with the Front of Center by including inserts or outserts on the tip of the shaft.

Each of these choices will add more weight to the arrow and that means more momentum to drive the arrow even further after hitting the target.

Arrow Speed vs Momentum

When it comes to whether to use lighter or heavier arrows, the real question is whether you as a hunter wants to get greater penetration or would just like to see your arrow get to the target first.

As far as speed is concerned, this is great for 3D and target shooting but for hunting, particularly if you’re going after game of any reasonable size, it’s weight that you’re after. Speed is all well and good but any of today’s modern compound bows are going to be able to produce enough power to make a killing shot.

The difference between speed and momentum is beautifully illustrated in the QDMA article titled “Momentum Beats Speed for Lethal Arrow Hits” with the following explanation:

In simple terms, speed is what gets an arrow to its target. Momentum is what happens after it hits the target.

Yes, speed figures into the equation of momentum, but weight has more relevance than speed in the momentum equation. Kinetic energy is a firearms equation and not relevant to archery. Here are a couple non-hunting examples to help you grasp what momentum is.

• A baseball going 100 mph has less momentum than a bowling ball going 10 mph.

• A basketball coming down a hill at 20 mph is easily stopped by a healthy adult, but that same adult would do well to get out of the way of a Cadillac rolling down the same hill at 5 mph.

The same is true for arrows. A heavy arrow has greater momentum and it is much harder to stop after it meets resistance. That can be especially important with a marginal hit or a hit that encounters bone.

I urge you to take the time to read this article to get a better understanding about why it is important to seriously consider buying heavier arrows for bow hunting.

There are obviously many reasons for choosing the types of arrows you use. Cost may be one and durability another. Some people look for small diameter arrows for their speed through the air and the perceived penetration they will get when they hit the target.

But if you’re looking for a quick, clean kill more often than not, the arrows that have been discussed on this page should definitely figure prominently in your list of options.


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