You’ve been out in the dense undergrowth for the day with your new hunting jacket and pants doing their job admirably. But when you walk in you notice that the fabric has been marred by a thick, sticky goo that is almost impossible to get rid of.

Where did this stuff come from?

Most experienced hunters will understand that it is pine sap and once it has stuck itself to your clothes it can be very difficult to remove. Not only that but it is going to get on your fingers and then that's going to transfer onto everything else you touch.

But there is a way to rid the sap from your jacket or pants and it is really not that difficult to do.

Here are a few different options that will be effective in order to get pine sap off your clothes.

Option 1

If the sap stain has dried it is likely that it will have become firmly embedded into the fibers of your clothes. So you will need to moisten the stain before taking any further steps. This should be a careful process in which you should lay a wet cloth over the top of the hardened sap and leave it in place for an hour or more.

Once the stain has become nice and soft again, you will be ready to start the removal process.

Scrape off as much of the sap as you can with a blunt knife. Make sure you don’t spread the stain during this process.

Next, treat the stain with a laundry stain remover.

Wash the clothes in your washing machine with the setting at the hottest water setting suitable for that fabric.

Option 2

Rather than making the sap stain softer, you could go in the opposite direction and set about making it harder. Freezing it, in fact.

The idea here is very similar to the tactic you might use in removing chewing gum from clothes or carpet. You want to freeze the sap so that it becomes hard and brittle making it easier to scrape off without spreading the stain further.

The freezing process may take around two hours. Then, when the sap is nice and brittle squeeze the fabric to crack the sap. It may then be able to be scraped off with a blunt knife.

If, after this process has been completed, there is still some sap residue remaining you can try removing the rest with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol acts as a solvent and starts to dissolve the sap it as it is applied. Using a soft white cloth, dab the alcohol on the stain until all the sap has been removed.

To help clean the fabric during this process, it is worth also dabbing the stain with a mild dish soap mixed with a little water.

After the stain has been effectively removed give the area a wipe with a dry cloth to ensure all leftover residue has been removed. You should then let the fabric air dry.

When you are satisfied with the result you should give your jacket or pants a wash. Follow the washing instructions if it is machine washable and use the hottest water setting possible for the fabric. The jacket or pants should then be air-dried rather than using a dryer.


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