For those who are new to the concept of treestand hunting there may be a little bit of confusion over the use of some of the equipment that is advertised for sale. A piece of equipment that may cause some initial confusion is climbing sticks. It may seem obvious but some people are a little unclear about how to use treestand climbing sticks.

Smaller sized treestands are generally divided into two types: climbing and hang-on. Climbing treestands are usually bigger and heavier than hang-on treestands but they have the advantage of giving the hunter a way of locating them in the tree without the need of additional equipment.

This is not the case with hang-on stands.

Hang-on stands are lightweight and easy to carry and they usually come with no additional features such as large padded seats or armrests. They also provide you with no way of getting them up into the tree unless you have figured out a way of shinning up the tree yourself or you are willing to carry a ladder in to the spot.

This is where a set of climbing sticks comes in very handy. Climbing sticks are lightweight alternatives to a ladder and can be easily carried in a bundle on the back. When you reach your preferred tree they can be assembled and attached to the tree to give you a serviceable means of climbing up to position your treestand.

You will find that all of the manufacturers of hang-on treestands will also be able to supply climbing sticks as accessories.

Ideally you will be looking for climbing sticks that are both light and sturdy, that gives you a good, solid handhold as you climb them and that sit tight to the tree. In some cases, such as Leverage climbing sticks the foot rests are ergonomically shaped so that the climbing process is easier and more comfortable.

As with anything involved with treestands and climbing up into them, make sure you have properly followed the safety instructions before using them and have put your safety harness on before beginning your ascent.

Recent Treestand Climbing Stick Product Releases

Stacked Outdoors Climbing Sticks

These are extremely lightweight at only 9.4 pounds for the complete stack of 4 sticks. That’s not including the straps. The secret for their light weight is that they are not metal. They are a solid one-piece design and are both rigid and durable and they are particularly quiet when carrying, installing and climbing them. They stack together to form a compact pile when not in use. Each ladder stick length is 21”.

Muddy Outdoors Climbing Sticks

The Muddy Outdoors Climbing Sticks are the type of climbing aids to go with hang-on treestands that the mobile hunter is going to appreciate. This is a set of 4 climbing sticks made from aluminum that can be installed quickly and quietly. Each stick measures 20” giving you up to 80” of climbing height.

Lone Wolf 4 Piece Climbing Sticks

In order to get the most out of your Lone Wolf hang-on treestand it would make a lot of sense to invest in a reliable set of climbing sticks. The Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks are available as a 4 piece set and they are designed to work perfectly with any Lone Wolf hang-on treestand.

Browse through our more extensive coverage of the most popular tree stand climbing sticks currently available.

There are multiple types of ways in which climbing sticks might be attached to the tree. Some can also be attached to trunks that are less than perfectly straight giving the hunter the luxury of choice when it comes to the tree in which they will place their stand.

The treestand climbing sticks have fast become one of the critical tools in the mobile hunter’s arsenal.

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