The Hoyt Nitrum 30 compound bow is part of a new series of bows released for the 2015 season that incorporate a new advanced aluminum riser design that adds stiffness and strength. The bow is compact and light and is perfect for shooting from tight spaces and from the stand or blind.

The Nitrum series of bows feature a new Offset Riser Structure has been specifically created to increase bow performance. It has been incorporated into the TEC Lite riser to increase the strength of the riser without adding any weight.

The addition of the Zero Torque Cable Guard System means that cable torque is eliminated and accuracy is enhanced. This is a flexible arm that directs the cable toque in the opposite direction to offset the load on the riser when the bow is drawn.

The bow is powered by the new Z5 cam and ½ system which works beautifully with the XTS Pro Arc multi-layer laminated parallel split limbs to generate a smooth draw and plenty of speed. The bow’s draw length options range from 24 to 30 inches in half inch increments.

Numerous features have also been included in the bow to minimize vibration and noise and maximize performance. The Perfect Balance Stabilization System helps keep the bow well balanced for a more stable draw, Shock Rod technology and Airshox are used to kill any noise generated during the shot.

Browse through the selection of Hoyt Nitrum 30 compound bows for sale to find the new tournament bow that will best suit your needs. The bow has been made available in a range of different finishes including Realtree Xtra, Realtree Max-1, Black Out, Bone Collector, Realtree Snow and Realtree Pink. The bow may also be given any one of a number of different accent colors including red, purple, green, orange, cobalt blue, jet black, pearl white and pink.

Bow Features

XTS Pro Arc Limbs
Parallel Split Limbs
Z5 Cam & ½ Performance System
Tec Lite Riser
Offset Riser Design
Zero Torque Cable Guard System
Pro-Lock Limb Pocket System
Shock Rod
Air Shox
Stealth Shot String Suppression System
Fuse Strings and Cables
Silent Shelf Technology
Pro Fit Custom Grip

Hoyt Nitrum 30 Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 30-80lbs
Draw Lengths : 25-30”
Axle to Axle : 30″
Brace Height : 6-3/4”
Mass Weight : 3.9lbs
Effective Let Off : 80%
IBO Speed: 332 fps

What they are saying in the forums about the Hoyt Nitrum 30

Well, I went and shot the Nitrum 30. Of course super smooth draw for a 30 inch bow, sweet valley and solid wall. Dead in the hand almost, very little vibration for a bow that was just pulled out of the box and a biscuit slapped on it. With the bow tuned and a better rest I would say vibration would truly be "Crushed."


The new design & lines on the Nitrum's riser are absolutely gorgeous, they say beauty is the eye of the beholder...but for me personally I never thought Hoyt would build an aluminum bow again that would make me want to "bench" my carbon matrix, but the Nitrum indeed does just that. I honestly didn't expect this bow to feel that much different than my Faktor, but it does...even though my Faktor is the 34 and this Nitrum was the 30 it's not really a fair comparison, but with that being said - the Nitrum 30 was without question smoother than my Faktor 34.

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