It’s the ever-present problem for the taller hunters, finding hunting pants that fit properly. An even worse problem, finding a decent hunting apparel manufacturer who even bothers to produce sizes to suit the taller guys.

In this case, for the purpose of this guide we have identified tall pants with an inseam of 34”, 36” or 38” and will list their availability below.

There are a few of well-known brands who routinely stock tall hunting pants: Sitka Gear, First Lite and Kuiu, for example, but even then you’ve got to do some real digging to come up with a reasonable selection of choices.

So what we have attempted to do is put together as comprehensive a listing of hunting pants in tall sizes as we possibly could covering a diverse range of manufacturers.

There may even be an example or two that may not have struck you as suitable hunting clothes, but take some time to check them out. Their qualities may surprise you and offer a whole new perspective on the type of pants a hunter might wear.

Note: there is a mixture of warm weather, colder weather and mid-season pants among this selection. We have made our selections based on the available length rather than their suitability for a certain type of hunting or temperature.

Comparison List of Hunting Pants for Tall Guys

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Description of Hunting Pants for Tall Guys

Featured below are more comprehensive reviews of the features of each of the listed hunting pants from above.

Each of these brief hunting pants reviews aims to provide you with extra information that is not otherwise immediately apparent in the summary list such as special unique features.

It should also help you in working out which would prove to offer you the greatest value in terms of effectiveness, comfort and performance.

Pnuma Pursuit Pant

The Pursuit is a good early-to-mid season hunting pant that will pair well with other products in the company’s line.

This is a 4-way stretch fabric for all-day comfort. It moves with the body so that it is comfortable no matter how active you are.

The fabric is a durable nylon and it is fast drying and moisture wicking. There are reinforced overlays on the knees as well as D30 knee pads.

It has a wide range of pockets including an internal zippered pocket at the thigh and a zippered back pocket.

For the taller hunter they are a dream product because they come in a selection of inseam sizes allowing you to select from sizes up to 38” in length. No matter what your size or shape you should be able to order a pair of these pants (or others in the Pnuma range) to fit.

Find out more about the company along with the complete range of hunting pants by visiting the Pnuma website.

First Lite Boundary Stormtight Pant

This is an outer layer pair of pants that provide outstanding waterproof qualities to protect from wet and windy weather conditions. They are designed to be worn over the top of other pants such as the Corrugate (below) so they are a roomy fit.

As with the Corrugate pants the inseam length runs to 35” in length across each of the waist sizes catering to all taller body shapes and types.

This is a lightweight outer shell that uses patented 37.5 Technology as well as quality DWR and lamination for great protection against terrible conditions.

The knees are reinforced and it features full-length zippers to make it easier to put on and take off.

These pants make a great pairing with the Corrugate pants to provide a strong, comfortable and durable barrier against all adverse weather types.

Find out more about the company and all of the hunting pants in the range by visiting the First Lite website.

Sitka Gear Equinox Pants

The Equinox pants are for the whitetail hunter no matter whether they are a stalker or a sit and waiter.

The pants are breathable and provide enough stretch to comfortably allow the legs to go through the necessary climbing motions when ascending climbing sticks or crouching motions when trying to stay undetected.

As far as the sizing is concerned, the longest inseam available in the tall range is 34” for the sizes 34-36. This should fit sizes up to 6’4” in height.

Find out more about the pants and the rest of the products available by visiting the Sitka Gear website.

Sitka Gear Timberline Pants

The Timberline pants are the choice for hunters heading out in mid-to-late season conditions.

The weight and construction are durable enough to withstand the tough backcountry terrain to provide protection, warmth and freedom of movement.

The pants are constructed with a durable 4-way stretch polyester and features reinforced ripstop nylon at the knees and the seat. In both areas you get waterproofing to withstand the rigors of scrambling over harsh landscape.

For the taller hunters, the Timberline pants have a 34” inseam for sizes 32-35 with a slightly longer inseam of 34.6” for sizes 36-38.

Find out more about the pants and the rest of the products available by visiting the Sitka Gear website.

Kuiu Guide Hunting Pants

The Guide pants are a late-season pant that has a soft shell outer layer providing water resistance, protection against the wind and abrasions.

It is made from Primeflex polyester with a micro-fleece backer to provide warmth in cold and wet conditions.

The sizing is ideal for the taller hunter with waist sizes ranging from 30 to 42 available with an inseam of 34” and the waist sizes from 34 to 42 available with an inseam of 37”.

Find out more about the pants and the rest of the products available by visiting the Kuiu website.

LL Bean Big Game Hunter’s Pants

One of the most respectable and reliable outdoor clothing companies in the country, you can rely on LL Bean to provide hardwearing, durable hunting clothes that will endure season after season.

This is a warm weather hunting pant made from lightweight, breathable fabric allowing free and easy movement for the active hunter.

It features 4-way stretch and has a polygiene odor-inhibiting treatment to suppress odors.

For the taller hunters, the pants can be selected with a 34” inseam. This should cater to men up to around the 6’4” height.

Find out more about the company and all of the hunting pants in the range by visiting the LL Bean website.

First Lite Corrugate Guide Pants

The First Lite range caters hunters who require an inseam of up to 35” in length for waist sizes of Medium, Large and Xtra Large.

The Corrugate Guide hunting pants are nylon pants that promote freedom of movement, based on designs used for rock climbing and mountaineering.

The pants come with both belt and suspender loops giving you the option of how you want to secure them. They also have a DWR finish so you stay dry.

The sizing of the pants cater to the taller man with an inseam length of at least 35” for all waist sizes to ensure a good fit no matter how skinny or large you may be.

Find out more about the company and all of the hunting pants in the range by visiting the First Lite website.

Kryptek Stalker Pants

The Stalker pant is a utility pant built from soft, durable CVC Twill to provide a high range of movement that suits hunters who generally move around a lot.

The pants are more suited to the milder temperatures so you can expect to wear them in warmer climates or at the very start of the season when it’s warm.

The actual material used to create these pants are a 60/40 Cotton/Polyester Kryptek TeK-Cloth and have a reinforced section at the knees and the seat.

For the taller hunters the pants come in a tall option which is an inseam that measures 35” in length and this is available for all waist sizes.

Tall sizes are available across the Kryptek range so no matter whether you’re looking for rain pants, insulated cold weather pants or more of the early-to-mid season pants you should find something that suits your height.

Find out more about the company and the full range of products available by visiting the Kryptek website.

Cabela’s Microtex Classic Pants

The Microtex hunting pants are a soft, 100% polyester Microtex fabric that provides a soft and quiet fleece feel but plenty of protection against sharp undergrowth.

It features a tight microweave fabric to help keep wind from penetrating.

It has 6 generous pockets to provide plenty of storage consisting of hand pockets, rear pockets and cargo pockets.

The reason the pants are featured here, though, is due to the fact that they are available with a 34” seam to give the tall hunter a well-fitting leg. Hints given by hunters on forums is that the pants can be unhemmed to provide an inseam length of up to 37” if  you’re looking for even more length.

Find out more about the pants and the entire range of products by visiting the Cabela’s website.

Under Armour Brow Tine ColdGear Infrared Pants

The Brow Tine ColdGear pants are cold weather hunting pants built to preserve body heat and keep you warm for longer.

The fabric is soft and warm and made for stealth, staying quiet while you move. It has a waffle fleece lining to maintain warmth and uses scent control to keep you undetected.

The ColdGear Infrared technology is a thermo-conductive coating to absorb and retain body heat.

The legs feature zips to the knees so you can easily pull them on and off over your boots.

For the taller hunter there is a tall size option which provides an extra 2” over the regular inseam length. This equates to an inseam length of 34.5”.

Find out more about the company and the full range of products available by visiting the Under Armour website.

The 10 hunting pant suggestions listed above should give you a starting point in finding something that will fit your larger frame.

Not only that there are even some choices for tall and skinny guys with a few manufacturers offering tall sizes for the 30 and 32 inch waists.

There are further options open to you, however, that you can explore such as making alterations or wearing further hunting accessories to compensate.

Lengthening Hunting Pants

Although it would be ideal to buy a pair of hunting pants, put them on and find they fit perfectly for length every time, that’s not how things always work out.

The good news is, however, it is possible to lengthen pants with very little work required.

Brands such as Kuiu and others feature sizable hems that can be taken down to add a further inch to an inch and a half in length. This means that a 34” inseam increases to 35.5” very easily.

Wearing Hunting Pants with Gaiters or High Hunting Boots

A solution that works for a good portion of hunters is to include gaiters to cover the fact that your pants are slightly short.

This is a workable solution for hunting in snake infested terrain or if you’re an upland hunter who will be moving through briars or thorny undergrowth and have to protect your legs.

With the vast range of high top hunting boots on the market, you might also find that the added 2-3 inches in height coming from your boots will compensate for a leg length that’s slightly short.

Wearing rubber hunting boots provides you with the option of tucking your pant legs into the boots, again solving the problem of an undersized length.

The bottom line is that there are options available to you if you can’t get hold of hunting pants in a tall size that covers your height.

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