Kneeling and crawling on rough land can be downright unbearable, yet many hunters choose to endure the knee pain associated with kneeling and crawling. 

Although wearing kneepads while hunting isn’t essential, you will unquestionably appreciate the comfort and protection they provide when compelled to drop to a knee or crawl over rough land such as rocks, vegetation, or other thick growth. 

Some manufacturers design hunting pants which can hold kneepads.

Browse through our selection of available hunting pants designed to accommodate kneepads (or have built-in padding as is the case with the KUIU Pro Pants). 

Many of the pants in this list are incredibly versatile hunting pants. With appropriate layering, they can be great pants to wear year-round.

We have included the weight of the pants, whether they are removable or not, and identified whether they are included with the pants in our comparison table.   

Note that the listed price is the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price which is usually higher than the prices that they can usually be found.

Comparison List of Hunting Pants with Kneepads 

Make / Model


Removable or Permanent

Sold Separately


29 oz.//

Size L




26.2 oz.//

Size L




28 oz.




19.6 oz.


(Foam Lined)

Padding Sewn On Pants


24 oz.//

Size 34 Reg




8 oz



$34.99 - $54.99

Details of Hunting Pants with Kneepad Accommodation

Now that we have had the benefit of viewing a selection of hunting pants which can hold kneepads, with basic details displayed side by side, possibly helpful features can be easily identified along with the recommended price of each. 

Below is a more detailed description of each product with a short review of each that describes the features of each.

Pnuma Outdoors 2020 Tenacity Pant

Pnuma Outdoors’ 2020 Tenacity Pants are widely recognized as one of the toughest lightweight hunting pants on the market. 

The design is particularly favorable for early-season whitetail hunters, and late-season spot and stalk hunters. 

These pants are crafted with 90% polyester ripstop and 10% spandex. This provides the pants with the same durability, abrasion resistance, and tear strength as the original model, while also allowing greater fade resistance, quick-drying, and shrink resistance.  

This upgraded model also provides great breathability and stretch, making long hikes a comfortable endeavor. Controlling your scent is easy thanks to the addition of SilverStrike anti-microbial odor control to the pants.

The gusseted crotch and pre-curved knees of the pants allows for eased mobility while the seat and knees are reinforced for improved durability. The pants also include a self-adjusting waist to ensure a good fit.

The knees and boot cuffs are reinforced with PnumaGuard abrasion-resistant overlays for long-lasting protection to these high-wear areas.

This pant generally runs large in the waist and inseam; thus, it is recommended that you order a size smaller than your normal measurements.

There are eight accessible pockets and two removable knee pads which provide greater protection and comfort when the time comes to drop to the ground. 

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Pnuma Outdoors website.

Sitka Gear Mountain Pants

Sitka has designed various hunting pants which can hold knee pads and they can be found on Sitka’s website. For this list we have selected the Mountain Pants because they are incredibly versatile hunting pants.  

The Mountain Pant is built to guarantee superior performance in a wide range of conditions. The pants are warm and tough, yet also light and breathable. 

They are ideal for moving rapidly mid and late season. With a durable and breathable design, you can remain calm and focused while trekking uphill. 

These pants are crafted with 4-way stretch-woven polyester which increases your range of motion. They are also treated with Durable Water Repellent to resist and withstand light precipitation. 

For greater toughness and ability to remain dry, the seat and knees are reinforced with waterproof nylon ripstop fabric.

The pants have an articulated fit to minimize bulk while delivering a maximized range of motion. Additionally, the legs are tapered, and the waist is low-profile to avoid bunching of material and chaffing under your pack.

The removable knee pads of these mountain pants are softer and lighter than those used in previous versions of the Mountain Pant. These knee pads provide exceptional protection, great for crawling and field dressing an animal.

The pants have seven pockets in total. Two zipper pockets for your hands, a zipper pocket on the right rear, two cargo pockets (one each side) and two zippered pockets on each cargo pocket.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Sitka Gear website.

First Lite Corrugate Foundry Pants

First Lite Corrugate Foundry Pants are designed to allow hunters to thrive in the harshest of environments and conditions. They are built with a multitude of features to enhance your performance in these tough hunting conditions.

The pants are constructed with a built-in, moisture-resistant nylon stretch for unhindered range of motion and have a Durable Water Repellent finish for greater water resistance.   

The seat and knees of these pants are reinforced with a heavy-duty chap exterior face. The interior of these high wear areas is built with a 2-layer waterproof membrane which prevents moisture from seeping in while kneeling/sitting and it enhances comfort.  

The pants feature hip to knee zippers along the out seams of the legs which allows hunters to release accumulated heat and ventilate your legs which is particularly beneficial when moving up mountains.

These pants include a removable suspender system for an improved fit and greater comfort when wearing a backpack. There are only two anchor points which means there are fewer friction points. Fit does not matter too much with these pants as they are true to size.

The knee pads included with the pants are low profile, removable, and made from closed cell foam. They provide incredible protection when dropped to a knee or crawling. Beware that the KNEEPADS SHOULD NOT BE WASHED OR PLACED IN DRYER, remove the kneepads before washing or drying.

The pants also include dual back pockets with zippered security.

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the First Lite website.

KUIU Pro Pant

With appropriate/proper layering, KUIU Pro Pants are exceptional pants to wear year-round in any terrain. Along with their versatility, they are also recognized as a tough yet comfortable design, ideal for tolerating harsh conditions and rough terrain.

They are crafted with a new, highly durable 4-way stretch Primeflex polyester fabric. This new fabric allows for greater abrasion resistance, in addition to exceptional flexibility and comfort. 

The pants are finished with coatings of Toray MAKSPEC and Durable Water Repellent to reduce bacterial odor and moisture resistance.

The pants are designed with articulated knees and a gusseted crotch for improved mobility.

For greater comfort while crawling or kneeling, these pants feature very quiet Ultrasuede foam lined knee pads. These pads are very convenient thanks to being lightweight and having minimal bulk.

The Pro Pants have a total of seven pockets. There are two hand pockets, two cargo pockets, two seat pockets, and an internal storage pocket. 

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the KUIU website.

King’s Camo XKG Preacher 2.0 Pant

The new and improved XKG Preacher Pant is primarily built for active hunting/hunters. They are high-performing, consistently effective multi-season hunting pants.

The outer face of the pants is crafted with a light and quiet four-way stretch polyester fabric. This provides the wearer a wide range of motion in the pants.

The pants are treated with Durable Water Repellent for added water resistance and Polygiene for odor control. Additionally, the pants have a slight taper to the design for a more athletic fit.

The vented side zippers are great for removing heat and regulating your body temperature while hiking. Other valuable features are the articulated knees and grip strip waistband. 

The removable kneepads enhance your comfort when crawling over rocks and kneeling on uncomfortable surfaces thanks to the additional padding. 

Stalks over rocks and brush will be tolerable and give you the best opportunity to sneak up on your target for the shot. 

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the King’s Camo website.

Carhartt Rugged Flex Rigby Double-Front Pants

Although Carhartt Rugged Flex Rigby Pants are primarily acknowledged as work pants, these ultra-lightweight pants are quite effective hunting pants for early-season hunting.  

Mobility is effortless thanks to the rugged flex stretch technology and gusseted crotch which ensures the pants bend and stretch with your movement. These pants are 98% cotton and 2% spandex canvas.

The pants have a relaxed fit which gives ample room for your thighs and seat to remain loose. These pants sit at your waist, but typically run a little small (consider this when determining size). 

The legs of the pants have straight openings which. This ensures that the pants can be worn with many different types of boots. 

The pockets are well positioned and easily accessible. The pants feature a designated cell phone pocket, a utility pocket, a reinforced front slash pocket, and a secure zipper pocket on the rear. 

These pants hold up quite well in brush, however in heavy thorn/briar filled terrain, the pants may struggle to resist and withstand the barbs due to a lack of thickness.

Kneepads can be worn with these pants because the pants include a double front with a cleanout opening which holds kneepads, granting greater protection. It is important to note that kneepads are not included with the pants, they are sold separately. 

Find out more about the company and all of the products that are available by visiting the Carhartt website.

Built in vs Removable Kneepads

Built in knee pads are pants which have padding lined into the knees. Removable kneepads generally have accessible pockets which can hold kneepads and then removed whenever necessary. 

Most hunting pant designers who incorporate knee pads into their design will choose to design their pants with removable kneepads rather than lining the knees with padding.

Kneepads are great when you believe it is necessary to kneel or crawl on rough surfaces, but when that protection is not required, you may feel more comfortable without the pads. Subsequently, it is more common for hunting pant manufacturers to simply provide accommodation for removable kneepads. 

Another complication with lined knee padding is that they are often unable to provide a comparable level of protection as removable knee pads. The fabric at the knee will also wear out quite easily.

But there are benefits of lined knee padding. An example is that there is no need to worry about removing kneepads before machine washing or drying the pants, as is the case for some removable kneepads.

Removable kneepads are also generally warmer and sweatier thanks to the greater protection (and thus weight) they provide, with that being said, when the knees heat up, the pads can be removed whereas the lined padding cannot be removed.

Ultimately, your choice in padding is dependent on your personal preference.


The selected hunting pants are great options for dropping to the ground and sneaking up on your targets for shots.  

Many of the pants featured in the list are considerably versatile, and make for fantastic year-round hunting pants with effective layering.

It is important to mention you should remove some of the kneepads included with the pants before machine washing or drying. Additionally, wearing kneepads can cause your knees to get hot and sweaty, therefore you are not expected to wear the kneepads all throughout your hunts. 

But, if you are expecting to be dropping to your knees and crawling about on rough, uncomfortable surfaces, these pants are ideal for staying comfortable while down low. 

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