A hybrid bow sight is a broad term for a sight that provides multi-functionality in some way. Take strong features from popular sights and mash them together into a single new sight and you’ve created a hybrid. 

The usual type of hybrid sight may be a combination of fixed and adjustable pins in some type of configuration. For example, a 5-pin hybrid may consist of 4 fixed pins and a single floater pin that is adjustable.

The floater pin gives you the option of dialing in a distance, based on your sight tape, adjusting to an exact distance as you go.

But another sight defined as a hybrid, the TruGlo Carbon Hybrid gets its “hybrid” moniker from the combination of carbon and aluminum components used in its manufacture.  

First came the popularity of the fixed pin bow sight. Then hunters began to realize that they had the time and the capability to adjust a single pin onto a target and take an accurate shot.

But there many hunters have also found it would be extremely handy to have the versatility to choose between their fixed pin settings or to dial in to another distance.

And hence the hybrid bow sight was devised and perfected.

The hybrid bow sight transitions between archery disciplines seamlessly. You can use it out in the field as well as on the 3D course. 

A hybrid bow sight that mixes fixed pin and adjustable pin functionality is possibly the best known type in use. 

The following is a selection of hybrid bow sights that are readily available in stores to offer hunters extra versatility that might allow them to move from one discipline to another without having to swap sights.

A Selection of Hybrid Bow Sights

Option Bow Sight

The Option bow sights are particularly solid bow sights that are either 4 pin, 6 pin or 8 pin sights.

The 4 pin standard configuration is 3 fixed pins and 1 movable while the 6 pin standard configuration is 5 fixed pins and 1 movable.

These sights offer all of the options you would expect from a top-end bow sight such as 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment, micro click adjustment for windage and elevation and the option of a 4 inch Extension Bar or a direct mount bar.

On top of all of this you can have your bow sight customized to your specifications, opting to reduce the number of fixed pins, customize the pin fiber diameter or customize the pin fiber color.

This is a premium bow sight that comes at a premium price of $425.00.

CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight

The Engage Hybrid is available as either a 3 or 5 pin sight with the top pin acting as a floater with micro adjustments possible at the turn of a knob.

The pin adjustment works by engaging one pin at a time by loosening the hex screw in order to move it.

The pin is a rock solid performer that, once the pin placement is set, is locked in place.

The sight is available with an MSRP of $319.99 for the 3-pin version and $329.99 for the 5-pin.

TruGlo Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight

The hybrid factor in the TruGlo Carbon lies in the materials used in its construction.

According to TruGlo, the use of a composite carbon and aluminum combination provides the sight with an optimal strength-to-weight ratio as well as superior durability.

The sight also boasts a few other attractive qualities including adjustable 2nd and 3rd axes as well as the option of micro-adjustment for windage and elevation.

The sight is a 5-pin fixed pin sight and is lightweight and durable.

It is also very reasonably priced with an MSRP range of $65.99 - $98.99.

G5 Optix XR Bow Sight

This is another hybrid bow sight with a combination of 3 fixed pins plus a single floating pin.

The hunter has the option of shooting based on the set distances of the fixed pin or, when the prey has moved beyond that range, to quickly dial in the exact distance using the floater.

If you’ve got your heart set on a G5 sight, whether it’s the Optix XR or the Optix XR2 you will have to find it at one of the many online stores because G5 Archery have moved out of the bow sight area and they have been discontinued.

They are still available at Amazon and eBay and you can get them for around $129.00.

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Bow Sight

The Spot Hogg bow sights such as the Tommy Hogg may be referred to as hybrid bow sights as well due to the movable housing feature. This is a tool-less micro adjust of the sight’s windage and elevation.

This provides you with the ability to extend your range (just a little bit) for longer shooting.

The company also gives you the option to customize your pin set-up. So, as an example on a 5-pin sight, you might choose to have the top 3 pins installed with a pin diameter of .019” and the bottom 2 with a .010” pin diameter.

Regardless of whether you consider them hybrid sights, the Spot Hogg range is rock solid, high quality and are completely reliable.

The Tommy Hogg has an MSRP of $354.99.

The hybrid bow sight concept expands the versatility of the way you use your sight. 

It might mean you have a sight with multiple features built into a single unit that you would otherwise only get by using multiple sights.

If you prefer to shoot fixed distances say, 20, 30 and 40 yard on your 3 pin bow sight set-up in the stand you can use the sight purely as a fixed pin. 

Then, when you’re out on the 3D course you have the ability to stay with the same sight, use it as a single pin sight and dial in your exact distances as you move from station to station.

Without this type of hybrid concept you would have to remove your hunting sight and replace it with your adjustable single pin sight for 3D shooting.

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