One of the big hunting challenges is the elk hunt. It is a demanding pursuit that usually requires spot and stalk tactics rather than sit and wait.

For the bow hunter, putting aside all of the tactics on how you track, stalk or find your elk, the broadhead you use is critical to your success. And hybrid broadheads are being used with increasing success in recent seasons.

Elk are big creatures with tough hide and large, strong bones. Your broadhead must be capable of slicing through the hide and then continuing on, potentially through bone, sinew and vital organs. 

Fixed blade broadheads have long been the preferred option. However, there have been improvements in the quality and sheer stopping power of hybrid broadheads and they should be carefully considered too.

In this article we are focusing on broadheads use with the compound bow rather than with crossbows or traditional bows.

What Are Hybrid Broadheads?

Hybrid broadheads contain components of both fixed blade and mechanical broadheads. The aim is to bring the best of both types together to create an even more devastating arrow head.

Before the mechanical blades are deployed the hybrid will fly like a field point.

When it initially hits the target, the fixed blades create the cut and wound channel.

The mechanical blades then deploy, the blades open to create a much wider and more devastating wound, leading to larger blood trails.

That being said, there are some very sturdy and reliable hybrid broadheads in use by elk hunters. Many of these hunters have reported great results with their hybrids.

Comparison of Hybrid Broadheads Recommended For Elk Hunting

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Description of Hybrid Broadheads For Elk Hunting

We have provided a brief listing of broadheads that are suitable for hunting elk and are considered to be among the best in the business. 

Listed below is a more detailed look at each broadhead model with a short review that identifies their various features. 

You will also have the opportunity to visit the manufacturer's websites in case you would like to find out more about the company and the range of products that each one makes.

Grim Reaper Hybrid Broadhead

The Grim Reaper is a destructive head. It starts with a V-notch chisel tip at the front to provide serious powers of penetration.

The 2 blade fixed blade design featuring the Hades blades directly behind helps provide consistent and accurate flight.

At the rear is the pair of razor sharp mechanical blades that turn it into a 4-blade threshing machine.

The actual cut diameter consists of 1-3/16” x 1-½” for a total cutting diameter of 2.69”.

The weight of the head is 100 gr and it comes in packs of 3.

The MSRP of the Grim Reaper Hybrid is $44.99. 

Find out more about the company by visiting the Grim Reaper website.

Slick Trick Assailant Hybrid Mechanical Broadhead

The Assailant has a large cutting diameter that comes from the combination of a wide expandable head combined with fixed bleeder blades.

It uses the popular ViperTrick series field-proven chisel-style tip that helps it fly with field-point accuracy. Then that same tip punches straight through hide and tissue.

The 1-¾” expandable blade and ⅞” bleeder blade are razor sharp and durable to withstand the larger animals that you are targeting.

It is available as a 100 grain weight head.

The MSRP of the Assailant is $47.99.

Find out more about the company by visiting the Slick Trick website.

Ramcat Diamondback Hybrid Broadhead

The Diamondback Hybrid offers a combination of a sleek and dependable fixed blade head with the wide cut channel from the mechanical blades.

The tip is a concave air foil scoop to help with in-flight accuracy. This tip is also the key to getting initial deep penetration.

A cutting diameter of just over 2” comes from the spread of the mechanical blades when they’ve been deployed.

An O-ring system makes sure the blades are secured until impact.

The Diamondback Hybrid weighs 100 grain and comes in packs of 3.

The MSRP is $34.99.

Find out more about the company by visiting the Ramcat website.

NAP DK4 Broadhead

The DK4 broadheads are a hybrid head with a slight difference from the others. Rather than fixed and mechanical blades working together, this head uses a pivoting main blade and mechanical bleeder blades.

The result is a wide cutting diameter with blades designed to deflect around bone, maintain momentum and get the pass-through for large blood trails.

The blades are sharp stainless steel and the cutting diameter measures 1-¾”.

There is a choice of either 100 grain or 125 grain heads.

They have an MSRP of $39.99 for a pack of 3.

Find out more about the company by visiting the New Archery Products website.

Muzzy Trocar HB Broadhead

The Muzzy Trocar HB is a 4 blade hybrid broadhead that has an offset design for more accurate trajectory and flight.

The razor sharp blades consist of 2 mechanical and 2 fixed blades, both are 0.035” thick and are surgically sharp stainless steel.

With the mechanical blades tucked in tight during flight, it is the 1” diameter of the fixed blades that do the initial cutting damage.

On impact the mechanical blades open to provide a 1-⅝” cutting diameter.

The chisel tip at the front of the head delivers bone crushing power to get a greater chance of a complete pass-through.

The Trocar HB is a 100 grain weight head.

They have an MSRP of $46.99 and are available in packs of 3.

Find out more about the company by visiting the Feradyne website.

Bloodsport Gravedigger Extreme Broadhead

The Gravedigger Extreme is a mechanical hybrid that is available either as a cut on contact or a chisel tip.

The 1-¼” chisel tip provides you with the bone breaking force right up front.

The blades are razor sharp stainless steel with the fixed blade measuring 1-¼” in diameter and the mechanical blades providing a cutting diameter of 2-¼”.

This is a solid head, reinforced by the 7075 aircraft aluminum ferrule to give it greater strength that withstands the heavy shock of impact.

It uses the company’s patented Blade Retention System to ensure the blades stay closed until impact.

As far as use for elk hunting, this is a broadhead that has been widely praised by hunters for the positive results it has achieved.

The head weighs 100 grains.

The MSRP is $39.99 and is available in packs of 3.

Find out more about the company by visiting the Bloodsport Archery website.

SWAT Hybrid Broadhead

The SWAT Hybrid is primarily a fixed blade broadhead that can be adjusted for use as a mechanical head.

This is a very compact head sporting 0.36” thick hardened stainless steel blades. It has a total cutting diameter of 2-⅜”. 

It’s compact nature gives it great flight making it one of the more consistent and accurate heads available.

Removing the head from the target is easy because the blades release when pulled.

The head weighs 100 grains.

The MSRP is $39.95 and is available in packs of 3.

Find out more about the company by visiting the SWAT Broadheads website.

Swhacker Hybrid Broadhead

Swhacker is well known for their two blade mechanicals and have now added to the killing power with the addition of a couple of fixed blades in this hybrid.

It starts with a high carbon steel chisel tip to provide the initial penetration power.

The mechanical blade deploys after initial impact to create a 1.75” diameter cut.

1” fixed blade bleeders means there are 4 blades deployed at the point of impact to increase the chance of a complete pass-through.

The head weighs 100 grains.

The MSRP is $49.95 and is available in packs of 3.

Find out more about the company by visiting the Swhacker website.

If you hit your elk in the right spot it won’t matter what type of broadhead you use.

But, let’s face it, not many of us always hit the right spot and that’s where the choice of broadhead is important.

Hitting too far forward is likely going to have to go through muscle and bone to reach the vitals.

Hit too far back, penetration is going to be very easy but you will require a big hole to create a really good blood trail.

The type of broadhead that will cover you for both scenarios is the hybrid and it is quite effective for use on elk.


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