In the search for shooting consistency you should be using a kisser button, a peep sight or, to cover all bases, potentially both.

Many bow hunters have found one or a combination of both to be the secret to getting that quality shot every time.

A kisser button is a small plastic part attached to the bowstring. It aligns with your mouth and helps with keeping every draw consistent.

As the name suggests, it enables you to draw back until the button touches your lips...kisses them in fact.

A peep sight also attaches to the bowstring and provides you with confirmation that you are perfectly aligned with your bow sight pin.

Peep sight aligned with bow pins

Should you use a kisser button or a peep sight? Is it better to use both?

Or perhaps you’re just as comfortable without the extra paraphernalia on your bowstring. 

Here are a few reasons why hunters like to use either or both of these accuracy assistants.

Reasons For Using A Kisser Button

When striving to achieve shooting accuracy, the kisser button is a great little device to try. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Those who swear by their kisser button find that they provide an anchor point at the mouth. This anchor point provides the shooter with consistency by confirming they are at the exact same point through every draw.

  • The size and shape of the kisser button ensures that you feel it against the corner of your mouth. 

  • A big reason for using the kisser button is to improve confidence. If you’re unsure where to finish drawing the bow each time you will also be unsure of your consistency. 

  • If you’ve had persistent problems in finding an anchor point and you’re still developing your shooting technique, a kisser button would make a fine addition.

  • Adding one is not going to cause problems and, if anything, will improve your shooting technique.

  • It is a good alternative to using a peep sight.

Reasons For Using A Peep Sight

Hunters find it very useful to have a peep sight on their string, they help in a number of important ways.

  • A peep sight is another anchor point option and requires a consistent draw and release process to be effective.

  • It is a hole in the bowstring to help line up the bow sight pin and the target. Without this alignment you can’t guarantee the accuracy of your front sight.

  • The peep sight also helps to narrow your sight picture to remove any distractions when lining up your shot. 

  • Routine is important. This is another way to help with your draw and release consistency.

  • The peep sights come in a range of different sizes based on the inner diameter. This enables you to match them against the diameter of the sight housing.

Reason For Combining A Kisser Button With A Peep Sight

In many cases, hunters who use one will also use the other when it comes to kissers and peeps. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Using both a kisser button and a peep sight can help you to ensure that you get a solid anchor point every time.

  • If you draw back the string to the exact same point each time, peer through the peep sight and align with the target your confidence should be sky high.

  • What you should expect when the kisser hits your mouth is the peep and the sight pin in perfect alignment.

  • It simply removes having to think about the process. The kisser and the peep should make it automatic.

A Couple of Kisser Buttons To Consider

Fortunately, kisser buttons are inexpensive, simple devices that can be installed with a minimum of fuss.

A couple that have delivered solid performances over a number of years are highlighted below.

TruGlo Kisser Button

This is a great option and is a very straightforward kisser that provides a simple, yet effective, anchor spot.

It is made from a flexible plastic that is soft to the touch but provides great durability.

The TruGlo is a slip-on installation piece of equipment so it can be added to the bowstring without the need of a bow press.

It comes in a variety of different colors, so should suit everyone, aesthetically speaking.

Pine Ridge Archery Kisser Button

The Pine Ridge kisser is another solid device that has been built for use on the modern high-speed compound bows.

Once it has been properly positioned there will be no shaking it off.

There is a little more work required to install the original Pine Ridge kisser. The string must be removed for it to be put in place and this will require the use of a bow press. 

The more recently introduced slotted versions makes it easier to put in place. They can be slipped straight onto the string and will hold tight.

A Couple of High Quality Peep Sights

There are many options when it comes to peep sights offering a variety of features from glare reduction and quality of materials. We have selected a couple that are both popular and effective to showcase.

Hamskea Raptor Peep

Hamskea is one of the high quality archery component makers and the Raptor Peep provides a number of nice features.

It is built with two grooves, one at 35 degrees and the other at 40 degrees, giving you a choice of string angles that will suit your set-up.

The surface is Teflon coated for a smooth finish and Light Baffling is used to eliminate glare to provide a clear sight picture in all conditions.

The sight comes in a choice of 7 different sizes, so you can get one to suit whatever sight housing size you’re already running. 

The MSRP is $19.95.

Find out more by visiting the Hamskea Archery website.

G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep

This is another tubeless peep and is made from high-grade 7000 aluminum making it particularly durable..

It features deep grooves in the side allowing the bowstring to rotate the peep smoothly as you draw.

There is an anti-reflective finish applied to it so there is no glare, improving the sight picture.

It is available in three sizes: ¼”, 3/16” and 5/16”.

The MSRP is $12.95.

Find more information about the peep by visiting the G5 Outdoors website.


Anyone can draw a bow, release an arrow and hit a target. The trick is to do it shot after shot, being confident that the process you use is going to result in a hit.

Both kisser buttons and peep sights help you with setting your anchor point and then repeating it consistently.

They do it in slightly different ways, but they can be used together to great effect.

As you go through the process of improving your technique both the kisser and the peep should prove to be outstanding, inexpensive training tools.


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