In this guide we have considered many of the features that hunters value most such as the quietness of the fabric, the accessibility of the windows and the ease of assembly.

But one of the factors that many people, particularly the bowhunters out there, value is space and that is why we have put together this separate guide of the largest ground blinds available for sale.

And there is no doubt that there are some big ground blinds listed on this page. We start at the top with the absolute largest available and this space is dominated by Barronett, Ameristep and Rhino Blinds.

Further down the page we concentrate on some slightly smaller (but still considerable in size) blinds that are essentially considered to be 2 man ground blinds.

Comparison Guide to Large Ground Blinds

Make / Model



160 x 90 x 80


90 x 90 x 90


90 x 90 x 80


90 x 90 x 84


88 x 88 x 78


We have identified 5 ground blinds that stand out above the others as significantly larger and will comfortably fit 2 men inside with absolutely no problem at all.

A more substantial description of each of the blinds has been provided below with a list of features you can expect from each. We have also provided you with a link to the company websites so that a more complete picture of the products available can be explored.

Barronett Beast Blind

This is actually a side-by-side hub blind so you can actually consider it double the size of the rest of the blinds being offered.

The dimensions of The Beast are 160” long x 90” wide and the height is 80”.

It is considered a 6-person ground blind that can also take enough equipment for an extended stay. It is light enough to carry thanks to the lightweight fabric with which it is made and it is easy to set up with the hub design allowing it to pop open.

The features of the blind (apart from its size) include:

  • a ground skirt running around the entire perimeter to keep wind out

  • full length zippered door located in the corner

  • gear storage pocket

  • replaceable shoot-through mesh camo windows

  • water resistant roof and walls

  • weight of 32 lbs

Barronett Big Cat 350 Blind

This is considered by the company to be a 3-person ground blind. It is a five-hub design that promises to provide a great deal of durability along with an easy set-up process.

The dimensions of the Big Cat are 90” long x 90” wide and the height is 80”.

The actual footprint of the blind measures 70” x 70”.

The Big Cat ground blind was released by Barronett for the 2015 season as a lightweight option that also offers a great deal of comfort for the hunter.

The features of the blind include:

  • 5 hub design for quick set-up

  • Low profile windows that offer better shooting opportunities

  • Zipperless windows for noise-free adjustment

  • Replaceable shoot-through mesh camo windows

  • Weight of 19 lbs

  • Available in a choice of two camo patters: BloodTrail Backwoods Camo or BloodTrails Blades Field Camo

Barronett Grounder 350 Blind

This particular blind is considered the most popular in the Barronett range. It gives you the opportunity to get quick concealment from a piece of equipment that is fast to set up and take down. It is another 3-person ground blind and includes a height that will allow the hunter to stand up to take the shot.

This blind is actually the same size as the Big Cat with the dimensions being 90" long x 90" wide and a height of 80".

The features of the blind include:

  • Five-hub design for quick set up and take down

  • Durable 150D fabric with black interior coating

  • Water resistant walls and roof

  • Replaceable shoot through mesh windows

  • Gear storage pocket

  • Peek window at the back of the window

  • Full-length zippered door at the back corner of the blind

  • Weight of 19 lbs

  • Find out more about the many ground blinds that the company produces by visiting the Barronett Blinds website.

Ameristep Bone Collector Man Cave Blind

This is a ground blind that has been designed to be large enough to fit at least two bow hunters. With a height measuring 84” tall it is possible to stand comfortably to take your bow shot. Alternatively, the 72” x 72” floor size also means that there is plenty of room to remain seated and draw and adjust to take your shot.

The length by width measurement means that there is a hub to hub distance of 88” which is a great deal of shooting distance.

The blind itself is outstandingly functional with a nice wide 270 degree field of view to shoot from. It is built using Spider Hub technology to give it a great deal of strength because they are metal stamped hubs as opposed to cast hubs.

The exterior fabric covering the blind is 150 denier polyester using Ameristep’s NS3 micro-fiber on the outside. The interior is perfect for remaining concealed thanks to the ShadowGuard carbon enhanced laminated black interior walls.

The blind comes with stakes, high wind tie-downs and a backpack carrying case.

There are more quality ground blinds available to view on the Ameristep website.

Rhino 600XL Predator Oversize Blind

The Rhino blind range has been extended to cater for both larger hunters and larger groups of hunters with the 600XL Predator.

The blind measures 7’ 4” x 7’ 4” from Hub to Hub and can hold 4-5 hunters with comfort. It also boasts a center height of 6’ 6” so taller hunters will be able to stand up comfortably inside.

The blind itself features shoot-through mesh windows and uses a zipperless entry. It weighs 27 lbs and is covered by fabric that has a thickness of 600 Denier.

It will provide protection from tough and inclement weather as the fabric has been treated with a water repellent. It is also treated with an antimicrobial so that mold and mildew will not take hold.

The blind is supplied along with a backpack, stakes and tie down ropes.

The features of the blind include:

  • 5 hub design
  • Zipperless entry
  • Shoot-through mesh windows
  • Ideal for bow and gun hunting
  • Dimensions: 7’ 4” x 7’ 4” Hub to Hub
  • Center Height: 6’ 6”
  • Floor Space: 72” x 72”
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Fabric thickness of 600 Denier

There are more quality ground blinds available to view on the Rhino Blinds website.

Although we are specifically identifying the largest hunting ground blinds available it would be remiss not to talk about some of the other blinds that are also large enough to fit more than a single hunter.

Some Other Slightly Smaller 2 Person Ground Blinds

Compare these three ground blinds with some of the other 2-man blinds and you can see that they are significantly larger in size.

Invisi-Bull 2 Person Ground Blind

Click for Pricing Details and Reviews on

This is a lightweight blind that is quite roomy at 59” x 59” x 69”. If features a ground skirt to keep the wind out and is PU coated to eliminate scent. The polyester camo exterior ensures its durability and there are brush holders to help with the concealment.

Essentially, this blind has all of the features of the blinds featured above with just a little less room all around.

Primos Double Bull Deluxe Blind

There is little doubt that many hunters have sworn by the Double Bull for quite a number of years now.

The dimensions of this blind are 60" x 60" with a height of 70" and a hub to hub measurement of 77".

Certainly this is a very good sized blind that will easily fit two hunters with a good deal of comfort.

A big feature of the blind is the zipperless door that allows for entry and exit to and from the blind without making any noise at all. Not only is it silent but it is a double wide doorway which means you can get in and out while still fully equipped.

It is easy to set up and has a front window that offers a full 180 degree access. It also has side windows that feature silent slide closures.

There are more quality ground blinds and other products available to view by visiting the Primos Hunting website.

Big Game Treestands Charge Blind

The Big Game Tree Stands Charger Blind is another good sized hunting blind that will suit a couple of hunters comfortably.

The dimensions of the blind are 66” x 66” with a slightly lower height than the others at 64” high.

The interior of the blind has been blacked out to ensure the hunters remained invisible from the outside. The exterior fabric is water-resistant Durashell nylon and has a woodland camouflage pattern.

The entry to the blind is through a full size access door with a full-length zipper and the windows feature silent one-hand release hooks to open the shoot-through mesh.

It only weighs 11 lbs and collapses down to a very manageable size for carrying in and out. The blind is also one of the most reasonably priced at $99.99.

Take a look at all of the products available from the company by visiting the Big Game Treestands website.

Guide Gear Flare Out Five-Hub Blind

This is a more modestly priced option from Guide Gear that uses the hub design for ease of set up and take down. It has taken the original blind design that was introduced in the 5-Hub blind and has been improved with a full-sized flip up side door for easier access.

The external skin is a 150D polyester shell that suppresses scent, is water resistant and UV resistant. The internal walls are black to conceal any movement from within. There are 4 window panels, one on each side and 4 individual shoot-through mesh panels that are removable.

The blind size measures 87” hub-to-hub. It comes with 12 ground stakes and it quickly collapses down into a zippered backpack-style carry bag.

One of the accessories that, while it may not be essential is still pretty important, is a good hunting chair. When you're sitting in a large hunting blind that has windows on all sides you will not only need to be comfortable but you will need to be able to access any side quickly. That's where a good quality swivel hunting chair will come in very handy. There are a number of very well made examples available and it is worth comparing the different makes and models.


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