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Of the various different arrow rests available to the hunter the limb driven arrow rest is one of the most consistent and reliable. There is a strong range available to the hunter that should cover all types of needs.

We’ll take a look at as many as possible on this page, giving you the opportunity to compare features and specifications.

The limb driven arrow rest is a type of fall away rest that operates using a very straightforward process.

The arrow rest connects from the rest housing to the bottom or the top limb of the bow. When the bow is drawn back the limb moves inward moving the rest arm upward into position.

At the moment of release, the limb snaps back into place causing the arrow rest to pull down and out of the way.

Each of the arrow rests we will examine use a version of this basic process.

The difference comes down to the quality of manufacture, the reliability of the operation and the price.

Comparison of Types of the Limb Driven Drop Away Arrow Rest

Make / Model




limb driven drop away rest


5.2 oz


limb driven drop away rest



13 oz



3.6 oz


limb driven drop away rest





3.1 oz









7.0 oz




7.0 oz






2.7 oz


Description of Limb Driven Drop Away Rests

Now that we have been able to browse through the basic details of the leading limb driven arrow rests we will take a look at a more detailed overview of each.

These brief limb driven arrow rest reviews aim to provide extra information about the rest that is not otherwise immediately apparent.

We will look at any special unique features and the hunting scenarios where each one might be most effective.

Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro Arrow Rest

limb driven drop away rest

Notable Features

Zero Tolerance Technology
Zero Stop Technology
Stainless steel ball bearings for launcher shaft
Adjustable tension of launcher shaft
Non-slip compression clamp of lever arm
Rubber coated containment bracket
Universal Limb Clamp Assembly
Weight: 5.2 oz

The Hunter Pro arrow rest by Hamskea is streamlined and tough and designed to deliver a completely reliable release system to the hunter.

It has features such as Zero Tolerance Technology to ensure no lateral play to the shaft. Another feature the adjustment feature of Zero Stop Technology controlling the up and down movement of the launcher.

It is tunable using a spring knob to adjust to multiple the tension of the launcher.

The launcher shaft operates on two over-sized steel ball bearings that rotate smoothly with every shot.

All points that may impact another object are protected by a rubber shell coating. This prevents noise and provides added durability to the device.

This high quality arrow rest covers all aspects of the smooth process of holding and releasing the arrow with unerring accuracy.

Find out more about the company and all products available by visiting the Hamskea Archery Solutions website.

Hamskea Versa Rest

Notable Features

Contoured Accu-Guide Launcher
Stainless Spring Steel Wide Blade Launcher
Stainless Spring Steel Narrow Blade Launcher
End-to-End sealed stainless steel bearing containment system
Zero Tolerance Technology
In-line spring to stop launcher bounce

Another arrow rest from the Hamskea range, the VersaRest is an extremely robust rest that is also incredibly exact in its operation.

There is the luxury of being able to configure the rest in the way you want. This is evident in the choice of 3 different launcher blades. Choose from the contoured Accu-Guide, the .012 Stainless Spring Steel Wide Blade Launcher and a .012 Stainless Spring Steel Narrow Blade Launcher for the fixed position.

Features of the rest include the End-to-End sealed stainless steel bearing containment system and Zero Tolerance Technology.

All components are precision machined with extremely tight tolerances.

The operation is precise, the rest is built tough and the activation can be relied on shot after shot.

You can choose from limb clamp sizes of 1”, 3/4” or 5/8”.

The VersaRest comes as an uncontained version or as a fully contained option.

For more information about the company and the products available by visiting the Hamskea Archery Solutions website.

Hamskea Primer Arrow Rest

Notable Features

Sealed stainless-steel ball bearings
Zero-Tolerance Technology
Rebound dampener
CNC machined components
Weight: 3.6 oz

The Primer arrow rest from Hamskea has been released for the 2021 season It contains the strength and durability features of the top of the range rests for a far more approachable price.

The launcher arm operates smoothly with the sealed stainless-steel ball bearing action.

It also uses the Zero-Tolerance Technology and comes with a simple rebound dampener to ensure the launcher won’t bounce to affect the arrow.

Its lightweight aluminum design and precision CNC machined components provide significant toughness to withstand the harshest of hunting conditions.

This is the perfect drop away arrow rest for all levels of bow hunters from the beginner to the most experienced.

Note: this arrow rest does not come with micro-adjustment capabilities.

Find out more about the company and the products available by visiting the Hamskea Archery Solutions website.

AAE Pro Drop Arrow Rest

limb driven drop away rest

Notable Features

Vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment
Aircraft grade 6061 T-6 aluminum
Stainless steel axle
Twin ball bearing assembly
Standard, Extended and Hoyt Tec mount options

The Arizona Archery Enterprises Pro Drop arrow rest has become a leading choice in precision drop away arrow rests available today.

This limb driven rest can be micro-adjusted to tune both horizontally and vertically. The result is the ability to set it up to your exact preference for greater consistency and accuracy.

It is the ability to customize the rest that attracts hunters to it.

The launcher arm operates on a stainless steel axle supported by a fully sealed twin ball bearing assembly.

The urethane over-molded, “Whale Tail” spring steel launcher arm drops away quickly and silently providing clearance for the arrow to fly unimpeded.

The fully contained arrow rest is tough and durable thanks to the aircraft grade 6061 T-6 aluminum construction.

Many hunters have enjoyed using this rest over a long period of time with little or no issues to report.

Find out more about the company and the range of products available by visiting the Arizona Archery Enterprises website.

Vapor Trail Limbdriver Pro V Arrow Rest

Notable Features

Containment Rest
Adjustable spring tension
Free-floating launcher arm

This is the arrow rest that introduced limb-driven technology in a containment rest set-up.

The installation is extremely straight forward and performs extremely well with supporting the arrow during the power stroke of the shot.

It is tough and durable thanks to the aluminum construction. All moving parts are well lubricated ensuring smooth and silent movement.

The free-floating launcher arm combines with the adjustable spring tension to enable spot on fine tuning for improved performance.

This is a highly dependable fall-away arrow rest that operates using a simple concept that rarely fails. It’s this reliability that has made the Vapor Trail Pro V such a popular arrow rest with hunters.

As well as the standard device, the Pro-V also offers a Mathews-specific mounting bracket for use on that company’s bows.

For more information about the company and its products visit the Vapor Trail website.

AAE Nock On Elevate 2.0 Arrow Rest

Notable Features

Launcher Blade Block
Include Narrow and Wide .010 blades
Horizontal and vertical Micro-adjustment
Half cage containment

The Elevate rest is part of the AAE stable of products and offers a dependable limb driven rest that can be customized a number of different ways.

Out of the box it presents as a half cage containment fall away rest but can be adapted to a full containment cage very easily.

And although it is primarily a limb driven rest, it is also possible to adapt it to a cable-driven fall away if you prefer.

The launcher blade block can be fitted with one of three different blade widths and the Elevate package comes with the wide and narrow .010 blades.

It is micro-adjustable for both horizontal and vertical movement so the launcher blade adjusts to any angle.

Additional accessories include a no stretch cord, limb attachments, cable attachments, rubber shelf pad, silencing felt, reverse spring and Teflon tape.

Find out more about the company and the range of products available by visiting the Nock On Archery website.

Trophy Ridge HXL Arrow Rest

Notable Features

Full containment
Removable containment arm
Vertical Drop Technology

The Trophy Ridge HXL rest offers a lower cost solid limb driven arrow rest with some nice features.

It uses what it calls Vertical Drop Technology to support the arrow for as long as possible for increased accuracy.

The activation method is quite versatile and can be used for either the upper or lower limb. Alternatively it attaches to the upward-moving cable.

Operation of the launcher arm comes courtesy of linear bearings for a smooth and silent drop.

The HXL is a strong performing arrow rest that represents great value for money.

Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Arrow Rest

Notable Features

Stainless steel launcher and axle
Micro-adjustable windage and elevation
Locking system
Custom arrow containment system
Fleece covered launcher
Rubber coated containment ring

The Smackdown Pro promises quick shot reaction and the fastest possible arrow clearance.

As the limb draws back the launcher rises into position in readiness for the shot.

The stainless steel launcher and the pivot move on smooth bearings.

The steel containment ring is rubber coated on the outside and the fleece-covered arrow rest are part of the noise dampening to ensure complete stealth.

This is a simple and reliable arrow rest that installs quickly, taking less than 5 minutes to get it from the box onto the bow.

Find out more about the company and all products available by visiting the Trophy Taker website.

Ripcord Drive Cage Arrow Rest

Notable Features

Ball bearing drive system
Micro-adjust option available
Adjustable launcher angle
Cord tension adjustment

The Drive Cage uses a simple concept to provide a constantly repeatable action that results in a very dependable limb driven arrow rest.

A new Ripcage full-capture cage has been added to the successful Drive arrow rest for a more secure way of seating the arrow. It is held steady by a Whale Tail launcher arm. The combination puts the arrow in a precise position for launch.

The launcher operates using a precision ball bearing drive for smooth and silent operation.

The launcher arm stays up longer to steady the arrow before falling quickly so that there is no fletching contact on the way out.

It is available with or without the micro-adjust feature.

A Micro version of this rest is also available as well as the standard Drive Cage.

Find out more about the company and all products available by visiting the Ripcord website.

Vapor Trail Limbdriver Gen 7 Arrow Rest

Notable Features

Adjustable spring tension system
Carbon fiber containment system
Rubber overmold
Free-floating launcher

The Gen 7 is another limb driven system that has been given a slight redesign to smooth out the operation.

Uses the free-floating launcher and adjustable spring tension system that helped the previous Limbdriver models become popular.

The new feature is a redesigned bushing to make the operation even smoother than the original Limbdriver.

The containment system is carbon fiber substrate with a rubber overmold to keep it as silent as possible. The overmold is pass-through and allows for arrow movement without any fletch contact.

As well as the arrow rest, the package includes a Limb Pad, a SHAG Pad, a Riser Bolt and the Activation Cord.

Find out more about the company and all products available by visiting the Vapor Trail Archery website.

G5 C-Max Drop Away Rest

Notable Features

Push button activation system
360 degree containment
All metal frame
Over 1 inch adjustment for height and windage
Weight: 2.7 oz

The C-Max drop away rest introduces an additional trigger method for the fall away action with its push button activation system

Whilst it is primarily a limb driven rest, the push button system gives the shooter even more control over the process.

The all metal frame of the rest provides 360 degree containment for a tough and durable piece of equipment.

The drop away rest has added contact release timing to provide more control on the arrow for greater accuracy.

The activation cord attaches to either the top or the bottom limb.

This is a very good quality lower priced option for hunters who are after a lightweight, quick to set up and shoot arrow rest.

Find out more about the company and the products available by visiting the G5 Outdoors website.

Important Features of an Arrow Rest

What one person considers important may be completely irrelevant for the next. But there are some basic features of a top quality arrow rest that should be considered when buying one.

Whether it’s the ability to withstand harsh conditions day after day or quiet operation or perhaps, even the capability to adapt from one type of rest to another.

Here are a few of the features to consider when looking for your ideal arrow rest.


The way in which a drop away arrow rest can assist with accuracy is with the time in which the rest stays in contact with the arrow.

If your launcher arm has been properly adjusted (and this is where the micro-adjust feature becomes very useful) it will remain in contact with the arrow for the first few inches of its flight.

Then, when it falls away, it should do so quickly with the arrow on its true trajectory.

A properly tuned drop away arrow rest will be the type of rest that will give you the most consistent accuracy.


One of the perceived negative aspects of a limb driven arrow rest is the potential for equipment malfunction.

This is a fair enough perception. After all, there are a number of moving parts in this type of rest so it is far more possible that something may fail than with a shoot-through rest.

You need to find one of the higher quality arrow rest brands to have the confidence that it will be unlikely to malfunction at a crucial moment.


This is very much a matter of personal opinion.

Many hunters prefer to simply install their equipment and head out on the trail without all the hassle of tweaking knobs a fraction here and a fraction there.

Others like to have complete control over their equipment and like nothing more than the process of adjusting until its spot on.

Those in the second camp will really appreciate the arrow rests that come with micro-adjustment capability.

This makes it possible to adjust down to the smallest degree. This includes the angle of the launcher arm, the tension with which it is sprung and the speed with which it falls.


This is not a biggie for some hunters but the ability to adapt a limb driven arrow rest into a cable driven one can be very useful.

It means it can be altered for use in a variety of different circumstances. The Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro is an example of an arrow rest that can do this.


Arrow rests built from strong and durable materials are always going to be the preferred option.

You’re going to pay a little more for the higher quality rests made from top of the line stainless steel and aluminum.

But the longer term pay-off is the lifespan of the rest because it will be durable enough to withstand the worst conditions and roughest treatment.

Having the Fastest Drop Away Arrow Rest Is Not Crucial

Remember, you don’t necessarily want the fastest drop away arrow rest, you want the drop away arrow rest that provides the best timing at arrow release.

What I’m talking about here is the fact that when you release your arrow you need the rest to support it for the initial part of its journey. Otherwise the arrow will begin to fall before it begins its forward momentum, leading to inconsistent and inaccurate shots.

The limb driven rests don’t instantly remove contact with the launcher, they provide that crucial initial support for up to a third of the length of the arrow, sending it on a more accurate flight path.

Once the launcher is triggered, then you need it to drop quickly out of the way so the back half of the arrow clears it without making further contact.

Because the rest is driven by the limb, the action of returning to its resting position pulls the launcher arm away at tremendous speed. This combination of slow then fast results in an arrow release at close to perfect flight.


A quality arrow rest is an important part of your compound bow setup so it is important that due consideration is taken before buying one.

Limb driven arrow rests provide a reliable method of supporting the arrow at the point of release.

Arrow rest manufacturers have perfected these devices and some of them are marvels of modern craftsmanship.

 All you need to work out is the list of features you require and choose the arrow rest that ticks them off.

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