The Muddy Vantage Hang-On Treestand has been designed with a new concept mounting system that has been created as an easy and safe new process. The stand features a Super Mount plate through which the ratchet strap passes and then goes around the tree. The stand locks securely into place separately.

The Super Mount plate gives the hunter an easy way of attaching the treestand to the tree. When the plate has been strapped to the tree the stand can be slipped into place where it locks in and the bracket can’t be lifted out. This plate can be bought separately so you can stock up with multiple mounts to give you the option of placing them in different locations. When you want to change locations it’s then simply a case of taking the stand out of one plate and locking it into another.

Noise Suppression

The Vantage has also been designed to be as silent as possible with all potential metal-on-metal points furnished with inserts and Teflon washers. This has been done at the seat and platform hinge points so there is little chance of noise when setting up or taking down the stand.

Stand Platform

The platform size is quite large measuring 29 inches long x 21 inches wide. It can be levelled so that the hunter feels steady and secure by the process of pulling a knob and setting the sliding level to the required place. Further noise considerations have been built into the platform through a Mega Grid which has been designed for added stability as well as noise suppression.

Stand Seat

The seat has been designed with comfort and adjustability in mind. The seat is waterproof and has been furnished with a triple-layer foam core that is 2 inches thick ensuring plenty of cushioning. It can be adjusted to the required angle very easily.

The treestand is rated to accept up to 300 pounds which should easily accommodate the hunter and a good deal of gear.

Spec​s At A Glance

Stand Weight: 13 lbs.
Construction: Aluminum
Tree Size: n.a
Seat Height: 20.7"
Seat Size: 14" by 10"
Platform Area: 29" by 21"
Weight Limit: 300 lbs.

This is a compact treestand and part of the benefit of buying a stand this small and light is for its portability. This is the type of treestand that you are going to use if you plan to be on the move quite frequently and expect to be quickly setting it up and taking it down. The stand is available with a 3 year strap replacement policy which means it is possible to get new replacement straps every three years.

As with all tree stands safety is an important factor and the safety accessories that come with the Vantage are top quality. The stand has been tested to TMA standards and comes with a full-body harness with Suspension Relief System (SRS).

Find out more about the quality range of products available by visiting the Muddy Outdoors website.

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