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PSE Archery was started by Pete Shepley in 1970 after turning his passion for archery accessories into one of the foremost archery makers in the world. Precision Shooting Equipment has gone from a small backyard business to a major bow maker based in Tucson, Arizona based on a combination of quality products that understand and meet the needs of archers and then backing it up with innovative new ideas.

When PSE first started operations the market was dominated by longbows or recurves and the compound bow was only just emerging. PSE has taken the compound bow and developed it further while also maintaining a quality range of longbows and recurves.

The cam systems on PSE compound bows use the NRG Inner Cam system, while the new PSE Madness bows use an ultralight single cam system designated as the MC cam. The PSE Nova uses the Synergy Universal Cam. The X-Force range of bows make use of the GX Hybrid Cam System. Each of the different cam systems allow for variations on speed and precision.

One of the key features on a PSE compound bow is the Vibracheck products - the stabilizers, grips and accessories that all help give you a smoother shooting experience. The range is impressive and is worth browsing through. It is also possible to buy these bows as part of a complete PSE compound bow package. Take a look at the PSE compound bows for sale below and compare the prices.

Presented below is a listing of all of the individual PSE compound bows that have been examined, reviewed and offered for sale.

PSE Full Throttle - (2014-17)
The PSE Full Throttle compound bow was originally released for the 2014 as one of the fastest hunting bows available rated at a blistering 370 fps. The bow is fast but also smooth and accurate.

PSE Inertia - (2016-17)
The PSE Inertia compound bow balances a high-end performance Pro series bow with a low, non-expensive price point. It is the type of bow that is perfect for the hunter who doesn't wish to go all out with their hunting needs.

PSE Drive R - (2016-17)
The PSE Drive R compound bow was first released for the 2016 season as an upgraded version of a model that has proven to be a winner for a number of years. The bow offers the features that are found on far more expensive models but costs only a fraction of the price.

PSE Xpression - (2016-17)
The PSE Xpression compound bow is engineered with PSE's new Wide-Track Target Limb System and built on a 7075 aluminium riser. This bow is amazingly accurate and fires like a dream.

PSE Stinger X - (2015-17)
The PSE Stinger X compound bow takes the original reliable performance that was evident in the Stinger and has given it a slight improvement. This is a bow that is not only suitable for the new or novice bow hunter but will also well and truly fill the needs of the experienced shooter.

PSE Beast EXT - (2016-17)
The PSE Beast EXT compound bow is a long draw bow perfect for archery whether it be target practice or a hunt through the woods. This bow is elegantly designed and packed full of new features, such as the new Wedge Lock limb pockets.

PSE Supra EXT - (2016-17)
The PSE Supra EXT compound bow is a classic target bow, produced with an array of new features. Such as the Drive Style Cam and a Wild Track Target Limb System. These really put PSE to the test but ended with an impressive bow for any archer.

PSE Phenom SD - (2014-17)
The PSE Phenom SD compound bow is designed to be as effective as possible without breaking the bank. It features an upgraded Mini Drive Cam to remain a bow that will more than meet the needs of the target shooter and does so at a price that will appeal to the majority.

PSE Fever - (2014-17)
The PSE Fever compound bow has been designed to deliver the transitional stage of the developing archer's life providing a capability of growing along with its owner. The draw length range of the bow takes you from 11.5 inches all the way out to 29 inches.

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