The PSE Xpression compound bow is engineered with PSE's new Wide-Track Target Limb System and built on a 7075 aluminium riser. This bow is amazingly accurate and fires like a dream. For those who need a great target bow to blow the competition away, the PSE Xpression is a great option to check out.

The cam system used for the Xpression is called the Drive Style Target Cam System. There's not much to talk about this cam system, other than how it provides a silky smooth shots and a wonderful amount of adjustability. The bow is capable of firing of up to 316 fps and the draw length ranges from 26 - 31.5". The draw weight ranges from 50 lbs to 70 lbs.

Now, where the cams control the smoothness of the shot, the limb pockets improve the speed. This bow features Wedge Lock Limb pockets which are easy to adjust and allow the arrows to fire faster. There are other features that can be added onto this bow, including: a cable stop, limb stop, or aftermarket hard stop.

The bow's finish is coated with high-polish corrosion-resistance. The colours available include: Black, Blue, Pearl White, Polished Titanium and Red.

The Xpression has been part of the line up for a number of years now and has again been added to the 2016 season's bows as an integral part of the Pro Series of bows.

Bow Features

Drive Style Target Cam System
Wide-Track Target Limb System
Wedge Lock Limb Pocket
7075 forged aluminum riser
Backstop 4
ABB Platinum Strings

PSE Xpression Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 50, 60, 70 lbs
Draw Lengths : 26-231.5"
Axle to Axle : 40"
Brace Height : 7 1/8”
Mass Weight : 4.9 lbs
Effective Let Off : 65%/ 75%
IBO Speed : 308-316 fps

What they're saying in the forums about the PSE Xpression

I shot light before, then adding weight hurt me, but now I am improving. I just added another 8oz to the bottom today and I shoot amazing well. In fact 4 people in the shop all the bow, we shot 3 arrows each, the first was 3X, I shot 2X and 9, the next 2X and 9 the last 2X and 9. Now the groups were great better than there own bows.


In one word...Awesome. I'm shooting the Xpression 3D and have a customer shooting the bigger Xpression. Super easy to tune and a great shooting bow.


I absolutely love both of my xpressions. The new grip IMO is much much better then the old one..
I have a supra ext as well... but I PERSONALLY prefer the 40" xpression i like the longer ATA and sting angle it presents, also holds a bit better then the 3d or supra. (For me)

The supra is faster. 63lbs 28.5dl 375 gn arrow at 291fps i just got my red xpression and havent tweaked it all since im waiting on new strings. But out of the box 59.3lbs 28.5" 375g arrow @270fps. (Once again this is steaight out of box with a peep and loop.

But to me since i shoot known yardage the speed is not a factor..

They both draw super super smooth smooth.(slight edge to xpression)..with a good back wall and even better one with the optional limb stop.

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