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There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider adding a bipod to your Savage Axis rifle. Of course, it’s not completely necessary to use one, but there are some good arguments for using it to improve your shooting results.

The bipod is a great way to confirm zero if you haven’t got access to a bench rest. But the important reason to add a bipod to your Savage Axis is to have a better chance at shooting accurately when you’re on uneven terrain.

The bipod you use should be strong enough to handle the heavy recoil calibers such as the 30-06. It should be able to be locked down so that it won’t come loose through repeated use to ensure repeatability. It should also be able to be adjusted so that it will provide a level shooting platform on uneven ground.

It is important to point out that the Savage does not come with a rail system that will allow accessories to be attached. To solve this problem you may wish to consider using a sling swivel to Picatinny rail adapter. This is a simple to install piece of equipment that will convert the sling mount into a rail that can then be used to mount your bipod.

List of Bipods Suitable for the Savage Axis

Make / Model




9 - 13"

2.2 lbs


9 - 13"

14 oz


9 - 13"

13 oz


6 - 9"

13.9 oz


9 - 11"

10.6 oz


7.9 - 12.7"

13.3 oz


8 - 11"

16 oz


Description of Bipods for the Savage Axis Rifle

Now that we have been able to browse through the most recommended bipods for the Savage Axis rifle platforms we will take a look at a more detailed overview of each.

Each of these brief bipod reviews aims to provide you with extra information about the bipod that is not otherwise immediately apparent in the summary list such as special unique features. It should also help you in working out which would prove to offer you the greatest value in terms of its effectiveness.

Blackhawk Sportster Traverse-Track Bipod

This is a good solid platform that is both compact and lightweight and light enough to be comfortable to carry over reasonable distances. The chosen height adjustment is the 9 – 13” model because most people would feel more comfortable using one of this height when in the field hunting.

This is a Traverse-Track bipod and that means it will move smoothly along a horizontal axis for target acquisition and tracking. It also has a pivot capability so that it will provide level shooting on uneven terrain.

The legs are strong tubular no-rust anodized metal and are spring loaded for quick deployment.

The lightweight nature of the bipod has been seen by some people as a negative aspect, particularly those requiring a more robust design that will withstand hard tactical work. For the Savage Axis, however, it is more than adequate and the traverse and pivot features are a bonus.

Harris HBLMS Bipod

The Harris HBLMS Bipod is an uncomplicated light weight bipod with notched extendable legs that provides a range of from 9” to 13”. The significance of the "S" in the model name is that this particular model swivels and it is this feature that makes it perfect for use on uneven terrain and saves you the trouble of having to play around with the length of the legs as you get it adjusted.

The reason why we are looking at the longer 9 – 13” leg model is because it is considered preferable for the hunter in the field to use a higher bipod as the shooting platform. The height of the bipod’s profile means that there is the option of either shooting from the prone position or from a sitting position.

Although the bipod is light in weight, weighing only 13oz, it is still quite a heavy duty piece of equipment and will stand up to use with high-powered rifles. The legs are spring-loaded and telescoping that will adjust quickly and have manual friction grip locks.

Installation is extremely with this bipod because it has a built in sling swivel stud to attach the sling.

Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipod

The Caldwell XLA bipod is a reliable shooting support that will attach to the rifle from the sling swivel stud. It is of lightweight aluminum construction which means that it is nice and strong while not adding a great deal of weight.

The legs can be deployed quickly at the touch of a spring loaded button and they are notched so that they can be set at a variety of heights. Once the legs have been locked into place they can be relied upon to remain solid. At the end of each leg is a soft rubber foot that will ensure a stable base.

The pivot feature of the bipod means that the shooter will be able to compensate for any uneven ground by up to 20 degrees. The lower portion of the bipod is the part that pivots independently from the upper stock mount which enables the levelling to take place quickly and smoothly. It has a tension knob that can be used to adjust the resistance of the pivoting motion.

Examined here is the 9 – 13” height bipod as a comparison against the other bipods examined above. This is considered a good option when moving out into the field in hunting situations. The XLA is also available with a height range of 6 – 9” and 13 – 23”.

CVLife 6-9 Inches Rifle Bipod

There is definitely a leap of faith that must be taken when buying an inexpensive bipod but there have been good results from shooters who have bought this in the past. It is the type of bipod that can be considered suitable for use with the Savage Axis.

It is made from 7075 aircraft aluminium alloy with a hardened steel platform and provides a sturdy and reliable shooting base. It has been fitted with a high strength mount tension screw that will ensure it will remain firmly in place.

The bipod can be mounted to any sling swivel stud or, by using the quick release adapter, can also be mounted to any Picatinny rail. The strong springs enable the legs to be folded back up into position silently. The legs are also notched so they can be set at the press of a button to one of 5 lengths. At the end of the feet are rubber antiskid foot pads.

It should be noted that this bipod does not have any pan or cant capability which means it may be difficult to find a smooth, level surface from which to shoot, something that should be considered if you are thinking of using this for hunting.

ARMSTAC Tactical Bipod OP-I

This is a good quality bipod that is made from aluminum which provides durability without adding a great deal of weight. It is a tactical bipod and is designed to be installed on any Picatinny rail (which could be installed at the sling swivel stud).

This is a folding bipod that only weighs around 8 ounces and would be barely noticeable on your rifle. When deploying the legs they can be set to a variety of different heights to suit the terrain you are on.

The ARMSTAC makes a good hunting bipod with the legs capable of adjusting at ranges starting at 9 inches out to 11 inches. This has proven to be a good height for hunters who are not inclined to use a bench rest. The legs are spring powered for quick deployment and their stability is enhanced by the rubber feet.

This is an appropriate bipod for the Savage Axis set-up and it should figure prominently in the decision making process, particularly if price is going to be a factor.

Leapers UTG Tactical OP-1 Bipod

The Leapers UTG Tactical OP bipod is a good stable bipod that is available at a reasonable price and is built with the types of features that the majority of hunters will be happy with.

The bipod features Picatinny and Swivel Stud mounts that ensures it can be easily mounted to the Savage Axis with or without the need for an adapter. It is made from a combination of high tech durable aluminum and a steel top platform ensuring a sturdiness that will remain reliable over a period of years.

The bipod has panning functionality which will allow it to provide a level platform when positioned on uneven terrain. The legs are extendable through a range from 7.9” to 12.7” and they feature a Posi-lock Wheel and a quick retraction button for fast deployment. At the end of the legs are rubberized feet for better stability when deployed.

This bipod is another of the lower priced options that is available that makes sense for using with a low-cost hunting rifle such as the Savage Axis.

Barska Spring Loaded Bipod

This bipod is a compact shooting platform made from aluminum for a good combination of lightweight strength. The main selling point highlighted by the manufacturer is the fact that it is a quick-deploying bipod thanks to the spring loaded legs that can be retracted quickly.

The legs feature a posi-lock wheel as well as a quick retract button. When they are deployed the legs have a minimum height of 8 inches and can extend out to a maximum height of 11 inches. At the end of the legs are rubberized feet to help create a more stabilized shooting base.

The bipod has a dual mounting capability, being able to use it with the supplied Picatinny rail mount or the supplied swivel stud mount.

This makes a good no-nonsense bipod for the Savage Axis for those who would like a low cost straight forward shooting platform. It doesn’t contain the additional features of some of the higher priced bipods but it locks tightly and reliably.

Just as a brief bit of background, the Savage Axis rifle is an updated version of the Savage 110 bolt action rifle and has been created as a low cost option for shooters looking to get the benefit of the highly accurate Savage design.

The rifle is considered to be a good one of the beginner to start out with and makes a very serviceable hunting rifle. It is known as a dependable, accurate and low-cost option and as far as bolt action rifles go will give you good results. The inclusion of a reasonably priced bipod to improve accuracy further is wholly justified.

We have consciously offered bipods with a height maximum of 13” because these are the sizes that hunters have mentioned as their preference when shooting the Savage Axis. Shorter bipods are also available with a height range that is invariably 6 - 9” and they are just as appropriate for the job, it all depends on how low you wish to lie if you aren’t benchrest shooting.

Attaching a Bipod to the Savage Axis Rifle

The Savage Axis does not come with rails to attach accessories and so, if you are planning to get a bipod that requires a Picatinny / Weaver rail mount you should consider buying a sling swivel to Picatinny rail adapter. This is a very inexpensive little system that can convert the sling mount to a rail section. Something like the Lion Gears Swivel Stud Picatinny Rail Adapter which can be purchased for around $10 or the Blackhawk Swivel Stud Picatinny Rail Adapter which is available for a little bit more would be the perfect upgrade.

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