Arrows are a significant investment for any bowhunter. Reflective arrow wraps are self-adhesive sleeves that coat the hunter’s arrow. Many bowhunters like them because they make it easier to see their arrows in dark or low-light conditions.

In addition, reflective arrow wraps make it easier for bowhunters to retrieve their arrows. They’re also practical in that they provide a surface that makes the fletching process easier.

white reflective arrow wrap for high visibility

They are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Some bowhunters like them for aesthetic reasons and enjoy customizing their arrows to their unique tastes.

Visibility of Reflective Arrow Wraps

One of the main intended purposes of arrow wraps is to make fletching easier. However, one of the best side benefits is that reflective arrow wraps improve visibility.

Reflective arrow wraps are available in white, solid, neon, striped, and reflective colors. Some bowhunters prefer white reflective arrow wraps because the white wrap shows blood, helping the hunter determine if they made contact with a major organ.

Visibility in the Dark

Reflective arrow wraps help bowhunters see how and where their arrows are flying and help them recover the arrows after they land. The reflective quality makes the wraps easy to find with flashlights and especially LED flashlights.

These wraps are also helpful for situations when the arrow ricochets off a tree or object, making it difficult to find the arrow.

Visibility in Sunlight

Reflective arrow wraps are bright in the sunlight.

To combat the brightness, some bowhunters place a cover over the fletchings in their quivers during the daylight hours.

This way, the brightness isn’t distracting when the sun is beaming. 

Can Deer See Reflective Arrow Wraps?

According to Hunting Heart, there isn’t much chance that deer will see reflective arrow wrap.

Deer have poor daytime vision and can’t see much red or orange. Due to the anatomical nature of their eyes, they may be able to see some shades of blue.

On the other hand, deer have excellent night vision. However, they don’t rely on their eyes as much as they do on their sense of smell and movement.

Do Arrow Wraps Adversely Affect Arrow Flight?

Some bowhunters dislike arrow wraps because they think the extra weight will adversely affect arrow flight. In particular, they fear a negative impact on speed, traveling height, and distance, so they often wonder, “Do arrow wraps affect flight?”

For example, most bowhunters want weight distributed toward the front of the arrow to get it to fly quickly.

Some hunters are concerned that adding a wrap to the back of the arrow adds weight, reducing the arrow’s ability to penetrate the target.

A reflective arrow wrap adds about one grain in weight per inch of wrap cover. Some think this is negligible, yet others find it unacceptable and don’t want to lose any speed at all.

We delved further into this issue when we examined the pros and cons of arrow wraps.

Other Concerns

In addition, some bowhunters worry that if they use arrow wraps and one fletch gets damaged, they’ll have to remove and replace all of them due to the way the wrap sticks to all of the fletchings.

Another concern is that the wrap might inadvertently hide cracks in the arrow. Cracks could present a dangerous potential situation should the arrow shatter while the bowhunter pulls back the bow.

Other objections are that arrow wraps can be difficult to apply, don’t stick well, and are difficult to remove before refletching.

However, this depends on the product itself and how skilled the bowhunter is at applying and removing them. You can find some handy tips on how to remove arrow fletching.

Finally, the cost is an issue. There are affordable reflective arrow wraps on the market, but some bowhunters would rather spend their money on other hunting gear.

Reflective Tape/Strips – Alternative to Wraps

Bowhunters who don’t want to use reflective arrow wraps for the reasons discussed have another option: reflective tape/strips. 

reflective arrow tape as an alternative to arrow wraps

These strips, which are smaller than wraps and look somewhat like stickers, can be placed anywhere on the arrow, for example, in front of and behind the shaft or above and below the vanes.

Hunters can purchase reflective strips in various colors and patterns, or even as numbers, so they can number their arrows to keep better track of them.


Both reflective arrow wraps and reflective tape/strips offer a way for bowhunters to personalize their arrows.

They also make it easier for bowhunters to fletch their arrows, find their arrows in dark and low-light conditions, and identify where they hit their intended target.

Reflective tape/strips offer an alternative for bowhunters who are hesitant to apply reflective arrow wraps.

Either way, reflective products present an excellent way for bowhunters to keep track of their expensive arrows. Who wants to lose an arrow when they don’t have to?

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